Confession of a Wandering Soul

Ariel Lin plans to break into the Korean market; her Korean major ensures there will be no language barrier

Posted by diopatra on July 12, 2009

Translated by: hazel @

Ariel Lin, female lead of idol dramas such as <It Started With A Kiss> and <Love Contract> that propelled her to fame in Taiwan and Korea alike, will be making a visit to Korea soon, for preparations to kickstart her career there.

According to one industry observer, Ariel is planning to enter the drama scene in Korea very soon. The most crucial language barrier that has plagued other foreign idols will not be a problem to her, since Ariel’s major in university was Korean.

Also, Ariel has always expressed interest in the Korean entertainment industry, and has even specially put in a Korean song in her recently released album, <Meeting Happiness>. If all goes well, Korean viewers will be able to see Ariel on their TV screens very soon.

Both <It Started With A Kiss> and <Love Contract> had high ratings when broadcast in Korea, and this has amassed a relatively large fanbase for Ariel. She even had a fanmeet last year in Korea, together with Joe Cheng, and this has only served to propel her popularity higher in Korea.

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