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Posted by diopatra on July 12, 2009

Title:  City Hall
Director: Shin Woo Chul
Screenwriter: Kim Eun Sook
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS , Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
Broadcast period: 2009-Apr-29


This is a politic romantic comedy drama.
Shin Mi Rae is a level 10 civil servant (the lowest level in the hierarchy). She started as a low-ranking secretary in a local government and works her way up in becoming the youngest City Mayor in Inju City.

Jo Gook is a young elite government official who was raised by a single mother. He dreams of becomeing the President of South Korea after he successfully passed all civil service and law exams.

Jo Gook will easily go straight to the top government official, but because an unexpected incident, he get dispatched as a deputy mayor for a provincial small town, Inju City , when Shin Min Rae was working.

Jo Gook and Min Rae met, then they have to deal with each other personal and social differences , but, will they end up as lovers ?

Credit : Soompi

Main Cast
Cha Seung Won as Jo Gook
Kim Sun Ah as Shin Mi Rae
Choo Sang Mi as Min Joo Hwa
Lee Hyung Chul as Na Jung Do

Supporting Cast
Kim Ah Rang
Cha Hwa Yun

one of the most romantic korean drama i’ve seen. its not the typical love story-drama, it also shows the conflicts on politics and personal life of the characters, and how they fight for their ideals.

the drama is so funny yet leaves you a lasting impression. i feel like falling inlove with love itself all over again. lines are not too wordy romantic scenes are not too fancy, but will make you want to experience the same.

this one of the few drama that makes me watch 20 episodes straight, but of course its not possible since i have to sleep. well, it took me almost two days to finish it.

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