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Shinhwa’s Kim Dong-wan tells Amy to shut the front door

Posted by diopatra on July 12, 2009

Kim Dong-wan, literally tells Amy to shut her mouth already and stop telling stories about her relationship with Min-woo to the media.

As some of you may have already known, Amy and Shinwha’s Min-woo, used to be a pair but broke up not too long ago. Looks like Amy’s been running her mouth off and complaining about what kind of guy Min-woo was. In a recent media interview she stated,

“I’m the type of person that likes to share everything and give everything I can, but he (Min-woo) wasn’t. Later on, he started to say things that weren’t true, seeing him make excuses so often made me decide to end our relationship.”

Min-woo’s good friend and fellow Shinhwa member, Kim Dong-wan, who is currently serving his term in the army, just couldn’t stand Amy running her mouth anymore and left her a detailed message on his blog. In his blog entry titled, “Amy”, stating,

” Even when watching (the way you act) from a far distance, your actions were always different and weird. Forgive Min-woo for not being able to understand the world you live in and try to understand him. Don’t go around telling others, even in a personal conversation, that all Min-woo has been doing is making excuses (in order to absolve himself from the situation). Like you would know (him) better than all of us that have been together (with Min-woo) for the past 12 years. And, to see that, the Min-woo we know, has been giving you excuses, I’m certain and can confide that he felt that much difficult to be around you. In the future, when you have interviews, leave out any topics that have to do with Min-woo. Talking about your estranged lover, publicly, even if the person isn’t a celebrity is not just unsensible and ignorant but sleazy/shoddy behavior.”

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