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Kumi Koda’s first overseas concerts

Posted by diopatra on July 13, 2009

Kumi Koda (26) will finally hold her first overseas concerts later this year. Koda, who is currently one of the biggest names in pop in Japan, is also known throughout the rest of Asia as a top artist. So she will have her chance to perform for her international fans on October 3-4, at the National Taiwan University.

Koda made her CD debut in 2000 with the song “Take Back,” which also got a U.S. release. Starting with that, she has been aiming to becoming an international artist, and has even appeared at events in other countries, including the U.S. and Korea. Surprisingly, though, she has never actually held a concert outside Japan before her upcoming shows in Taiwan. In addition, this will be her first trip to that country.

With roughly 10,000 fans expected to attend the concerts, Koda is said to be preparing a large-scale production, similar to her performances in Japan. Her most recent tour involved about 200 staff members and a budget of about 80 million yen. But Koda stated that she is also looking to make her first Taiwan concerts special in some way.


One Response to “Kumi Koda’s first overseas concerts”

  1. Red Zone said

    Where will Kumi chan be performing in oct. and nov.

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