Confession of a Wandering Soul

Wacoal’s new spokesperson, Li Xiao Ran replaces Ayumi Hamasaki, says Ayumi is weird

Posted by diopatra on July 13, 2009

From Shanghai: All posters of Ayu’s Wacoal had been taken down.

On July 8th, Wacoal held a media conference in Shanghai, that china actress 李小冉, Li Xiao Ran is taking over Ayumi Hamasaki as the new Wacoal spokesperson.

According to details, Wacoal was founded in Japan 1946, it was imported into China in 1986, with the main brand Wacoal, along with Amphi and Salute.

Li Xiao Ran is confident that she’s more elegant than Ayumi Hamasaki.

Since she’s taking over Asia Queen Ayumi Hamasaki, she had been compare by others. Li is very confident that she won’t lose to Ayumi Hamasaki, she stresses that she’s the 2nd spokesperson and not taking over Ayumi Hamasaki.

Li says, “Being a underwear spokeperson is not about having a good figure. Like I know there are different styles of women, of young and old. Like Ayumi Hamasaki has a very weird style, while I’m more elegant. I won’t lose to her.”


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