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Ariel Lin celebrates success of new album by smashing ice; good friend gives bicycle to congratulate her

Posted by diopatra on July 14, 2009

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Source: Hunan TV
Translated by catalie @

Golden Bell queen of acting Ariel Lin has turned her focus to music and released her debut solo album <Blissful Encounter> on July 10. Since preorders began, Ariel has been holding a series of promotional activities, done photoshoots, made appearances on shows and experienced what it’s like to be a singer by being involved in packaging, marketing and other processes! Even though being a singer is much more blissful compared to being an actress, each time she meets fans and holds autograph sessions is like a new test for her because the songs must be performed to perfection in order to deliver a beautiful report card! Furthermore, the very popular Ariel Lin’s debut solo album has had successful sales. The album has only been released for two days and already, she has broken the 20,000 sales mark. To celebrate this success, her record company arranged a smashing ice ceremony, hoping that the results will just get better and better!

At her autograph session, good friend Janet came to give Ariel a bicycle to show her support! Janet and Ariel met because Ariel loves going to class! Previously, Ariel attended classes at Xue Xue Institute and listened to Janet’s lecture. From then on, she fell in love with Janet’s attitude towards life – her vivacious nature and enthusiasm towards life, therefore she took the initiative to exchange phone numbers with Janet and they became really good friends. They’ll often phone each other to share experiences overseas and in life. Furthermore, Janet said she gave Ariel a bicycle because she wants them to go riding at night in Taipei’s Riverside Park! Janet said that she knows that Ariel had to work very hard while filming and now that she’s released an album, it seems like she still doesn’t have much “me time” so she gave her a bicycle so they can invite each other to ride around the riverside park at night, enjoy the wind and chat!

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