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Instead of the “best”, we want to be the “only”

Posted by diopatra on July 14, 2009

Source: 매일경제 &
Translation: chungalung@4-minute

4minute debuted with the song . However, they were very popular before they even debuted because Hyunah had already been a member of the Wonder Girls. Amid the ferocious competition between SNSD, 2NE1, and Kara, Jiyoon said, “We don’t think of it as a competition. Instead of being greedy about being the ‘best’, we want to become the ‘only’ so that it is impossible to compare us with anyone else.”

4minute’s charming points?

ayoon: Jihyun looks pure, innocent, and girly because of her appearance. When she dances, she looks elegant. That is one of her charms. Her forte is that as a leader, she listens to us.

Jihyun: Jiyoon’s charm is her personal “charms” (attractiveness). She’s very devoted. No matter how late we stay up to practice, she always wakes up the earliest in the morning. Her charming point is her exceptional passion for music.

Jiyoon: Although Sohyun is the maknae, her charming point is that she’s like an adult. She’s very thorough with managing herself. She also has a great sense of responsibility.

Sohyun: If you say that Hyunah unni is a charismatic and happy girl, then isn’t that a charm that everyone wants? Hyunah unni’s special forte is trying to make her own style so that she is a unique “item”.

Hyunah: If you see Gayoon singing, then I don’t need to explain anything else. She has a voice that is impossible to not concentrate on.

4minute’s style?

4minute’s style is known as “candy funky”. “Candy funky” expresses 4minute’s music, fashion, and performances. It is a mixture of colorful, conspicuous, and sweet candy with the rebellious, reviving, and free “funky” music. The individual 4minute members all want to invade this summer and become “items”.

Hyunah: If you talk about the summer, then the general feeling is definitely colorful. We’re showing free and unrestrained aspects. Because of this, I wear leggings with holes in them.Although it is quite embarassing, it is still meaningful.

Sohyun: My item is the bag. Nowadays, I have a bag that can carry music. Instead of being flat and simple, I think we can be colorful and brilliant this summer while being loved by fans.

Jiyoon: Sunglasses for me. Of course sunglasses under a hot sun. During the summer and in this kind of situation, I think it’d be good to be so magnificent that it makes people dizzy.

Jihyun: Ribbons. It’s good to be strong, but a girly and lovable item is a ribbon.I think items like ribbons, dresses, shoes, and bags will always be loved.

Gayoon: Leggings with huge prints. It’s a forte for performances. On the stage, my shoe colors are wrongly matched as well. I think this kind of style will be loved this year.

One Response to “Instead of the “best”, we want to be the “only””

  1. NyNy said

    Well, at least they are being truthful.

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