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SunYe: “Studying English is difficult, but we’re working hard”

Posted by diopatra on July 15, 2009

On the 10th and 11th, the Wonder Girls—who are currently the opening act for the Jonas Brothers’ North American tour—performed for Chicago with success two nights in a row. Chicago marked the group’s ninth performance for the tour. However, there was a striking difference between this concert and those that came before it. Not only was it the first major city they have visited so far, but the response from Asian fans was the hottest yet. In addition, they were most productive as they carried out their activities schedule with local media. We met with the Wonder Girls right after they finished performing.

The response from the US? SO HOT!

The Wonder Girls are feeling the response from the audience as they step onstage for consecutive concerts.

The youngest of the members, SoHee, stated, “[The American audience] is in wonder at seeing Asian girls wearing dark makeup with retro hairstyles and wardrobe. It’s a relief that the dance is easy and they have fun doing it.” Sun Mi added, “Our song is based on the Motown style from the 50s and 60s, so it seems like a lot of American parents like it too.”

YuBin, who commented that leaving Korea to perform for an audience that is primarily American was a weight in itself, stated, “I’m not normally the type to get nervous, but I’ve been especially nervous during the recent US concerts. I think it’s because we’re in a different place and the weight that comes with the thought of representing Korean singers and the burden of having to do well.”

“The stages are unfamiliar and there are situations that occur that we’re not used to. But, you know, music is something anyone can come to enjoy—man, woman, young, or old. The 3 minutes spent onstage are the same whether we are in Korea or in America,” stated SunYe.

English is the greatest barrier

They are now in their third month of life in the US. SunYe expressed that English is their greatest task to date. She added, “It’s still difficult carrying out the performance in English. We always double-check our commentary before we step onstage, but it’s not easy. The members are working hard to use English regularly in everyday matters too.”

In order to join the concert tour, some members even decided to interrupt their studies. Sun Mi, who was enrolled in high school, explained “We troubled over it a lot, but my parents advised, ‘If you let go of this opportunity now it might be hard to ever get it back.’ ” Because she has completely given up her studies, she is intent on focusing and devoting herself to the choice she has made. Her thoughtful perspective on the matter was revealed as she commented, “In the future, I can study as I please and learn new things wherever I may be.”

A new beginning in America

The goal of Park JinYoung—head of Wonder Girls’ management company—is to spend the next 3 months trying to get the Wonder Girls to penetrate Billboard’s Single Chart. He considers the 5000 download sales count of ‘Nobody’ in the US a step towards success.

In addition to what remains of the concert tour, the Wonder Girls are also preparing for the release of the group’s official US album. Regarding future plans, YeEun hinted, “It’ll contain ‘So Hot’ and ‘Tell Me’ among other hit songs and new songs as well. It hasn’t been decided yet whether the Jonas Brothers will participate.”

YuBin and YeEun went on to express their individual hopes for the future. “It gives me strength to come so far to the US and see Korean people. I’m trying to work hard. I ask that everyone please continue to send us a lot of encouragement,” stated YuBin. “I’m happy that we were able to connect with Korean people through the news in Chicago. We’re working hard, so we ask for your support and I hope we can see you again in Chicago,” stated YeEun.

As they move forth in America–where both the stage and the food are unfamiliar to them–the Wonder Girls requested a lot of support from Korean fans who they see as a great source of strength.

Source: JoongAng Daily (Chicago) and WGSpectacle

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