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They Kiss Again cast went to Japan; 3000 fans healed from ‘Kiss Syndrome’

Posted by diopatra on July 22, 2009

Source: Mainichi Daily News
Translated by: Notla @ TKA Subbers

Actor Joe Cheng and actress Ariel Lin of the popular Taiwanese TV series “They Kissed Again”, an original Japanese comic, have arrived in Tokyo to face their fans in a “Kiss Consultation”. Getting on stage in a white robe, Joe’s intimate interaction with the 1,500 fans ‘healed’ them from the ‘Kiss Syndrome’.

“It Started with a Kiss” is the last comic that Tada Kaoru produced due to an accident that caused her death in 1999. The story is about a high school girl, Kotoko (Xiang Qin), who fell in love with an all-rounded genius, Naoki (Zhishu) but was rejected by him. By chance, Kotoko (Xiang Qin) moved in to live with Naoki’s (Zhishu) family and that’s how the story began. “They Kissed Again” is the sequel that ended the 5 year love-sick relationship and finally, Naoki (Zhishu) and Kotoko (Xiang Qin) were married. Together with their friends, they grow and learn. It’s this type of love story. In Japan, it’s being broadcasted on local TV and the DVDs are also being sold.

Danson, who plays ‘Gan Gan’ in the series, also attended the 2 functions. A total of 3,000 fans were present. During the function, Joe Cheng who plays Naoki (Zhishu) smiled and said in Japanese, “They Kissed Again is very interesting, you must watch it.” Since arriving in Japan, he hasn’t had time to go shopping in Shibuya and looking disappointedly, he said “What a pity” in Japanese. Ariel Lin who plays Kotoko (Xiang Qin) then said “The malls in Japan are having sales but no time to visit…” and Joe said again “What a pity”. Apart from that, Danson also mentioned that “Initially, I planned to go for a delicious food adventure and as expected, no time”. As soon as this was said, all 3 of them said “What a pity!”. The reporters who were there all laughed.

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