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Kim Beom, “Don’t feel betrayed F4 fans!”,

Posted by diopatra on July 23, 2009

F4 Kim Beom will be acting in a totally different character for his next piece. Kim Beom will be in a new SBS drama, “Dream – Drama” as the character Lee Jang-seok.

Being an actor involves in changing images and transformations into a new person for every piece of work. So, this time Kim will be taking on a new role and hopes that the fans from “Boys over Flowers” will not feel betrayed or disappointed in a different image of Kim through this new drama.

Kim will take a more masculine and tough character because his character is a skilled pickpocket as a teen and a kickboxing athelete as a young man.

This Korean-Japanese drama shows the world of sports business through different characters’ ambitions, despairs, love, and maturity.

The drama will be aired this 27th.

Han Cinema

4 Responses to “Kim Beom, “Don’t feel betrayed F4 fans!”,”

  1. tella said

    i LOVE U kim bum

  2. s2qhguss2 said

    김범은 무엇을하든 짱!~ 힘내세요 오빠!~ 화이팅!~ *^^*

  3. marika said

    kim bum
    very much
    hope u can see,read,and understand this


    Kim BuM

  4. Kj said

    Keep smle alwys kb..saranghaey0″

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