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The Most Frightening Fan Lee Hongki Ever Met

Posted by diopatra on July 25, 2009

Credits: Newsen + ying1005 @ primanoona (translation)

Lee Hongki revealed an episode on the most frightening fan he’d ever met so far.

At the recording of “Star Golden Bell“, MC Kim Jedong asked, “What kind of fan is the most frightening so far?” and Lee Hongki replied, “It’s one of our member Choi Jonghoon’s fan. She’s always seen carrying a placard that says ‘Jonghoon ah, draw out your blood’”.

Following this, they received a present from this particular fan. They opened the box and found a syringe filled with blood inside.

Lee Hongki also said that, “We were very shocked to receive this. But upon realising that it was not blood but ketchup in the syringe, we all gave a sigh of relief,” and created lots of laughter at the studio.

One Response to “The Most Frightening Fan Lee Hongki Ever Met”

  1. JinYo said

    LMAO! I’d be freak out even if it was fake blood but a bit relieved.

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