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[51K] So Ji Sub Message update (100124)

Posted by diopatra on January 27, 2010

안녕하세요. 소지섭 입니다. Hi I am So Ji Sub
음… 넘 오랜만에 인사 드려요. 다들 잘 지내시지요?
Umm… It has been so long time since I greeted you last. Are you doing well?
전 지금 드라마 촬영 열심히 하고 있습니다. I am fliming drama hard.
드디어 여러분과 소통할 수 있는 공간이 생겼습니다.
Eventually the space where I can communicate with you has been made.
홈페이지 오픈 한 날도 반응이 몹시 궁금했는데 현장에 있어서…
I was curious what the response would be at the opening day, but I was on location…
결국 회사로 전화를 걸어 물어봤어요. ^^ At last, I called office to ask how the response is.
정말 입이 얼어 버릴 정도의 추위 속에서 촬영하고 있지만
Really I am filming under the mouth freezing coldness
여러분의 관심의 글들 보면서 힘내고 있습니다. I am getting energy from your comments.
아직은 시작이라 서툴고 부족한 점 있겠지만, 사랑으로 지켜 봐주세요.
It was just begun, so maybe it’s poor and lack of many things yet, but please keep watching us with love.
그럼 다들 감기 조심하시고… Please be careful not to catch cold
건강하고 늘 행복하고 사랑 많이많이 하세요 Be happy and make much much love.
.소지섭. So Ji Sub
2010. 1. 24 일요일 밤에… on Sunday night…

Source: 51k
Translated by: saturn@soompi

Dont take out without proper credits

3 Responses to “[51K] So Ji Sub Message update (100124)”

  1. Margo said

    Thanks so much for the English translation. The only part I didn’t quite get it was “make much much love” (= “having a lot of sex”??? (Wink))

    I guess what it probably meant was as follows:

    “Be healthy and happy,

    much love,
    So Ji-Sub”

    “건강하고 늘 행복하고 사랑 많이많이 하세요 Be happy and make much much love.
    .소지섭. So Ji Sub”


  2. em said

    im sorry ilove you

  3. Elaine Mai said

    I hope your doing well? You do so much for others that are less fortunate and I love that about you:) don’t let anyone or anything stop you from being the giving and loving man that you all! Xoxoxoxoxo

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