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Good ol’ Johnny is Finally Catching Up With the Times

Posted by diopatra on January 27, 2010

Drama Websites Before: Matsumoto Jun replaced by a drawing in “Hana Yori Dango”, while Yamashita Tomohisa replaced by a picture of a bag in “Dragon Zakura”

Now: Yamashita’s clear image in “Code Blue 2”; Kamenashi, Tegoshi, and Uchi’s images in “Yamanade”

Johnny’s Entertainment is known for having used strict upholding of laws relating to copyright and right to use of one’s own image to strictly ban images and photographs of its idols from the internet. Banned on the firm’s official website as a matter of course, their images are banned from news sites – not even the covers of magazines featuring a Johnny’s artist can be shown. Furthermore, on any drama’s official website, only the actor from Johnny’s is missing, represented by a silhouette or illustration. Alternatively, an artificially rendered image of the idol can be given and used in that way.

However, this appears to be in the process of changing dramatically.

“The website of Sakurai Sho (Arashi)’s new drama, Toujou Kabachi! (TBS), originally had, in typical Johnny’s style, Sho’s image rendered as an illustrating. However, on the 15th of January, it suddenly changed into a normal photograph, just like the rest of the cast. Also, the images of Yamashita Tomohisa of ‘Code Blue -2nd Season-‘ (Fuji TV) and Kamenashi Kazuya, Uchi Hiroki and Tegoshi Yuya of ‘Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge’ (TBS) have all become clear photographs. Because of this change in circumstance, it can surely be assumed that the images of the talents are now allowed to be used on drama websites.” (Reporter specialising in Johnny’s Entertainment)

Up until now, Johnny’s Entertainment has said that the reason for the ban has been to uphold ‘copyright and rights to use of image’ laws. However, whenever Johnny’s artists have done commercials, their images have been shown clearly on the client’s website. Furthermore, any movie with the right amount of money or sponsoring behind it has been able to show clear images of the Johnny’s actors on its site. It’s true that this just cause has very large inconsistencies.

“Regarding the approval given to NHK’s Kouhaku Uta Gassen last year, Johnny’s Entertainment explained that, ‘We are taking into account multiple factors – the modern diversification of media, the advancement in security on the internet and the rising public awareness of copyright and image laws’. This change of attitude has probably also led to the allowance on drama sites. Essentially, it has resulted in a ‘lifting of the net ban’.” (Same reporter as above)

Incidentally, the sites with the photographs of the idols have had security improved on their websites so that the images cannot be copied.

This change in Johnny’s Entertainment – a loss or a compromise? At any rate, it’s no mistake that the company is, if belatedly, finally catching up with the times.

Translated by sashwizzled @ arama_translate

One Response to “Good ol’ Johnny is Finally Catching Up With the Times”

  1. jicks said

    lol@ “Pi is a bag” caption xDD

    I can see where Johnny K is coming from but at the same time, it’s quite obvious that it’s the boys’ faces that SELL. I’m glad they’re not as unreasonably strict w/ the use of their images anymore, I mean, as long as we all know not to abuse the rights then it really should be alright.

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