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Spotted: TVXQ in Las Vegas and Featured in CNN!!

Posted by diopatra on January 27, 2010

Las Vegas, enormous HDTV flat screens… could TVXQ really be living it up in Sin City?

With the members scattered across Korea, Australia and Canada, TVXQ has truly gone global. Yesterday, we reported that Jaejoong was recently spotted in Vancouver, Canada (having a little rendezvous with SS501’s Hyun Joong no less), and today, a video capturing the idol lying on a patch of carpet with a glass of wine in Vegas recently surfaced the internet. Wait, carpet and wine… what?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but there currently aren’t any reports of Jaejoong physically being in America. a recent CNN report has caught the attention of many because TVXQ was featured in a video at a huge convention this weekend. the clip, which was featured on CNN’s website, covers the annual Consumer Electronics show (CES), the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow that took place in the new Wynn Hotel on the Las Vegas strip. and yes, this is the same convention that featured 2NE1 as well.

Samsung was one of many corporations to host a booth at the event, featuring new technology and a number of feature products, including the 9000 Series LED HDTV. Guess what Samsung chose as a demonstration video for its gorgeous 1080 HD display?

That’s right, Samsung picked none other than TVXQ’s wrong Number music video, with its focus on cellphones, taste for technology and aura of the high life – probably the look that Samsung was going for. So in a way, TVXQ has reached out to millions more by being in the right place at the right time. who knows, maybe the viewers that were watching CNN’s report got distracted by the hot Asian men in the background… I mean, that the TV-on-a-remote-control thing is pretty cool, but can you really ignore those drippingly hot guys in the background? Seriously?


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