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Boy band 2PM to endorse new Coca-Cola product

Posted by diopatra on January 28, 2010

Top Korean idol group 2PM has been chosen to endorse Coca-Cola’s new product “Mini Coke”.

A representative from Coca-Cola said, “We picked 2PM because they fit Coca-Cola’s image in that they have a positive energy and bring happiness to the audience, which is the message that we want to send out with our new product.”

The commercial, which is set to air in time with the Lunar New Year holiday, will feature the boy band promoting “Mini Coke” to a newly arranged version of a song titled “Open Happiness.”

Numerous world-renowned artists including Gnarls Barkley’s Cee-Lo Green and Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump had teamed up to record the original song released jointly with Coca-Cola last March.

2PM has been considered one of Korea’s most successful idol groups since their debut in 2008. They have released three single albums and their first-ever full-length album last November, all of which have topped local music charts.

Several of the group’s members have branched out to various facets of the entertainment industry including Thai-American heartthrob Nichkhun who has been cast for a film and Taecyeon who is set to appear as a regular in the new season of SBS variety show “Family Outing” and is said to be considering making an acting debut too.

Reporter : Yun Tae-hui
Editor : Lucia Hong

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