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Namie Amuro’s ‘PAST < FUTURE' hits No. 1 in 5 countries

Posted by diopatra on January 28, 2010

Singer Namie Amuro, 32, has created a new record for female Japanese artists after her album “PAST < FUTURE” was listed as number one on the music charts of five countries.

Her previous album “BEST FICTION” made it to the top in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, but her current album – on sale since December – has taken it one step further and has risen to the top in Singapore as well.

“PAST < FUTURE” has already sold over 300,000 copies domestically, the first time in nearly 10 years for the sexy performer. One tabloid magazine recently reported that her relationship with London Boots comedian Atsushi Tamura, 36, had finished just as quickly as it had started, but that appears not to be the case and the pair are more in love than ever.

Amuro is currently busy preparing for her upcoming national tour which starts on April 3, and will see her perform in 73 shows over the course of the year.

Japan Today

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