Confession of a Wandering Soul

Vic Zhou is the sole breadwinner of his family

Posted by diopatra on January 28, 2010

Source : MediaCorp TV

After recently inking a deal with a convenience store to be the newest face for ‘Oden’ (a Japanese winter dish), Taiwanese artiste Vic Zhou revealed at a press event held a few days ago that he is the sole breadwinner of his family. The 28-year-old gave a wry smile and said that his elder brother “is like the young master” of the family who rides on his brother’s wealth to do investments.

Apart from that, Vic also revealed that his sister-in-law handles his finances. He raised an example and shared that he is unsure of the endorsement fees and that the contract for this ongoing endorsement deal with the convenience store was scrutinized and checked by her.

The magnanimous one feels that it is not necessary for a family to be so calculative over money. With a larger income, Vic feels that he should “provide more financial help”. He plans to give his brother “all his support” in his investments.

Vic shared that he does not interfere with his brother’s investments and has no intentions of taking back his money. “I am always trying to guess his newest interest every year. I look forward to the different kinds of experiences and goals his different jobs will bring him. Just like how I decided long ago to make acting my career.”

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