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Jerry Yan & Ella – Both Extremely Busy, Publicity Plans Awaits in Apprehension

Posted by diopatra on January 29, 2010

Source: UDN
Translation by: shyun_y @

CTV and GTV’s latest idol drama – [Down With Love] stars A-listers Jerry Yan and Ella. Prior to the telecast of the drama, the serial’s broadcast copyrights have already sold out in China, achieving high economic returns for the television stations and production team. However it seemed that the publicity plans and coordination would be highly dependant on the “big-shots’ will”, resulting in the crew members having a hard time in scheduling.

According to our sources, just trying to coordinate the schedule of both the male and female leads is a tall order. To date before the drama is aired, only 2 public activities can be arranged. One of the scheduled publicity was cancelled as Ella was supposedly displeased with being maligned by the production team. There were supposedly also restrictions to questions pertaining to romance rumours and playing games , if the cast is to go onto the variety shows.

The TV stations self-mocked that their publicity plans have been “most relaxed”. But in fact, they were filled with anxiety. The viewership ratings of the first 3 episodes of any drama serials are mainly through its publicity efforts. If the publicity to generate awareness is insufficient, even a strong cast would be hard to guarantee high viewership ratings.

In addition, the TV stations must also submit the drafts of their press releases to the celebrities first, as the “PR personnel cannot make groundless statements”. When the artiste managing company or record company has perused the press releases, only then can it be sent to the media.

Meanwhile Hebe was also said to be difficult to work with while filming [Bull Fighting]. The TV station crew explained that usually the record companies would need to first assess the nature of the publicity activities, the partnering artistes, the timing, topics for discussion etc, and still, might not be able to oblige the publicity request, “If romance rumours are spread, we are going to be in trouble.”

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