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Jiro Wang extremely meticulous when choosing motorbike

Posted by diopatra on January 31, 2010

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Source: Liberty Times
Translated by catalie @

Lately “Da Dong” Jiro Wang has been crazy about motorbikes. Da Dong who already obtained his motorbike license last August, couldn’t fulfill his dreams of riding into the wind [on his bike] because he donated his $NT300,000 “motorbike deposit” to the 88 flood appeal. However, he still intended to fulfill this old dream as he was witnessed at a motorbike dealership. There, he was witnessed browsing around the motorbike dealer, making endless careful inspections of the motorbikes, even reaching out to get a feel of them; after a “full body” inspection even took test drives, looking for a motorbike was like picking a wife, revealing his meticulous Virgo personality completely.

Not careless when inspecting motorbikes

On Wednesday (Jan 27) afternoon, a reporter saw Da Dong riding by himself on a friend’s motorbike – a Ducati GT1000 worth $NT700,000 – to a motorbike dealership on Taipei’s Civil Boulevard. As soon as he got off the bike, he made browsed around the whole dealership, then looked at models with the manager. When he was looking at bikes outside the dealership, he even reached out to get a feel of the motorbikes which caught his eyes, then careful looked at them from front to back, like doing a full-body inspection.

Da Dong and the dealership boss talked non-stop for almost an hour and in the end, he liked the 750CC Aprilia worth $NT639,000 after modifications. He couldn’t help but take it for a drive to test its performance. However, in regards to the tall height of this model, even 180cm tall Da Dong could only just touch the ground with his feet.

Must have streamlined appearance and acceleration to stir the blood

According to reports, the TNT worth $560,000 that Da Dong currently has his eyes on, is almost twice as expensive as the $300,000 second hand car that he drives right now. Even though he hasn’t decided on a model, Da Dong wants a motorbike that is streamlined, and the greater the engine displacement, the bigger the internal combustion engine, which would allow his blood to boil [T/N: release energy?]. He hopes that he can look as handsome as Takashi Sorimachi in Japanese drama “Great Teacher Onizuka”. His biggest dream is to be a very cool father in the future and be able to ride his motorbike and deliver a bento [to his kid] at school.

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