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[Down With Love] Debuts with Good Ratings, Peaks at 4.66 with Scene of Ella Kneeling Before Jerry

Posted by diopatra on February 2, 2010

Source: MSN
Translation by: shyun_y @

CTV and GTV’s idol drama – [Down With Love] made its debut telecast last evening. Despite the direct clash with other strong dramas, [DWL] still made good ratings with an average viewership rating of 2.63. During the episode, Ella and Jerry had 3 encounters; and on their 3rd encounter when Ella knelt down before Jerry, the ratings peaked at 4.66. It is evident that this interesting pairing of on-screen couple is well-received by fans and viewers. When contacted, Jerry and Ella are also very happy to learn of the positive ratings. As Ella was working overseas then, she did not manage to catch the telecast. The moment she switched on her mobile phone at the Taipei airport after she returned, she received a text-message from Michael notifying her of the good ratings. She said happily, “[xia gui] (kneeling) is sure worth it! If the ratings can break 10, I will be glad to even [xia dan] (lay eggs).” When asked about Jerry’s response, as Ella has just touched down, she shared that they have not had time to contact each other as yet.

Before [DWL] was aired, the public buses with advertisements of Jerry and Ella’s characters have already been seen everywhere on the streets of Taipei. There were times when Jerry caught sight of some of these buses all at one go when he was on the streets and given the large numbers, he joked, “I tend to get confused seeing so many of the advertisements. It felt as if I was running about on the streets of Taipei and it must be very tiring.” When Jerry heard the good news on the ratings, he said humbly, “I hope that everyone will be able to see a different Jerry, and Ella is fantastic.”

The night before, [DWL]’s director Ke Han Chen gathered Xiao Xian, Michael Zhang, Amanda Zhou etc at his house to watch the debut telecast together. Xiao Xian said, “Everyone was laughing throughout as we watched the telecast, and that includes the advertisements as well.” Starring as Ella’s elder sister in [DWL], Xiao Xian gave a convincing portrayal of the scrooge-like sister who views money as her life. Her performance is a pleasant surprise to many viewers. In the particular scene whereby Xiao Xian and Ella had interactions from the living room to the kitchen was a totally one-shot complete scene filmed. This won the praise of the director, saying, “Very soon, others will be approaching you (Xiao Xian) to star in other serials too.” Xiao Xian shared that all the cast had put in a lot of efforts during the few months of hectic filming and she is confident of the ratings. This week, the 2nd episode of [DWL] will be aired. She hoped that all the cast can gather together to enjoy this episode together.

When Michael first learnt of the viewership ratings in the morning, he was pleasantly surprised, and exclaimed, “I must go give thanks!” It turned out that earlier on he had made a wish before the deities for [DWL] to achieve good ratings. Now with such encouraging results, Michael expressed that he will find a day to give thanks properly no matter how busy his schedule may be.

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