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Ikuta Toma Confident with His First Movie ‘Ningen Shikkaku’

Posted by diopatra on February 2, 2010

The actor Ikuta Toma attended the preview of his first starring movie “Ningen Shikkaku/人間失格 (lit.No Longer Human)” at Tokyo International Forum.
This is the first time for the controversial book of Dazai Osamu to be adapted into a movie. Ikuta plays the main character who can not get used to the human world and indulges in alcohol and women. “I am very confident with this work. I appreciate a lot your coming to watch this movie.” Ikuta sounded faithful of his own.

However, during the preview event, Ikuta was quite nervous. And he wrote down his comment after the event.
“The preview event was succeeded. Thank you all. I am very happy to have a lot of people coming to watch the movie. Thank you indeed. I will try my best to promote the movie and send message to as many people as possible. Please do it with me!”

As an actor, Ikuta is now taking active part in dramas, CMs, movies and stage productions. Meanwhile, a photo book of “Ningen Shikkaku/人間失格” will be published as well.
“Please come with me!” as Ikuta says, don’t take your eye off him!

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