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SHINee in Singapore for drama concert

Posted by diopatra on February 2, 2010

K-pop boy band SHINee is now in Singapore to perform at the “Oh Joonsung Drama Concert,” which will be a tribute to Korean dramas that have swept viewers, especially in Asia.

The concert will be held at Esplanade on Feb. 1 and 2. According to Esplanade, concertgoers can expect to hear songs and instrumental pieces from soundtracks of Korean drama series written by the Korean composer, arranger and lyricist, Oh Joonsung.

Songs like “Boys Over Flowers,” “My Girl,” “Shining Inheritance,” “My Love,” “Witch Amusement,” “The King and I,” “Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung,” “Dream,” “The Queen Returns” and “Heading for the Ground” will surely excite the fans.

Music videos of some of the Korean dramas will also be shown during the concert.

SHINee arrived on Jan. 29 and held a press conference on Jan. 30 at Esplanade.

Oh will direct his nine-piece band called Green Cacao, as well as a 23-piece orchestra. Oh is one of Korea’s top drama music composers whose credits include music scores for “My Girl” and “Boys over Flowers.”

Meanwhile, SHINee will perform together with K-pop artists Bobby Kim, a Korean-American who debuted in 1994, and Mario.

Esplanade stated, “Over the years, Kim has since risen in popularity in the both hip hop and ballad music. His amazing and soulful voice has brought him everywhere in the Korean entertainment industry, ranging from commercials to sound-track albums for TV dramas.

“It is time to relive fond memories of these dramas. Complementing heart-wrenching, humorous and happy-ending storylines, the music of Oh Joonsung will tug and touch your hearts. If you are ardent fans of these endearing and internationally renowned drama series or would like to listen to some of the most beautiful music to be written, these performances are not to be missed!” according to Esplanade.

SHINee has ended their promotion of their hit songs “Ring Ding Dong” and “Jojo” on Korean music TV programs.

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