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100206 4minute @ Wowowee

Posted by diopatra on February 6, 2010

the girls did a great job on their performance.

as expected the audience so stiff. majority of the audience are adults, and never heard of 4minute. im sure most of them, the only kpop group they know is wonder girls.

why am i defending those people, they hardly cheer even on local artist.

as for the host, she should atleast made sure to pronounce their name properly, but then what can you expect of Mariel.

hope they were more welcomed by fans on their mall tour. i was not able to attend in megamall, but i’ll make to be in SM north edsa tomorrow.

2 Responses to “100206 4minute @ Wowowee”

  1. pace13 said

    as for Mariel shes fine pronouncing their names It just that she never heared of Korean names or language so its kinda hard to pronounce their names if u arent heared their korean accent though.

  2. diopatra said

    she’s a host, atleast research basic information of your guest.

    and their names is the most basic one.

    but as ive said since bulol si mariel, dont expect much from mariel

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