Confession of a Wandering Soul

Ella is one of the candidates for being a girlfriend, Wu Zun discusses criteria for his other half.

Posted by diopatra on February 6, 2010

(excerpt from Chun’s Exclusive Interview With

translated by : babyval22 @ CEFC
original source :…27/311942.shtml

Being in the industry for a few yrs, Wu Zun’s rumoured girlfriends are ever changing. From Ariel Lin to Ah Sa, to Angela Zhang, even Wu Zun laughed and said, “Who i’m supposed to have, I have all of them already.” No matter if she’s funny or cute, seems like all the different sort of characters a female is supposed to have, she’s included in the list already. And recently, the one that is most exposed would be the “rather boyish” Ella. Ella, who seemed as though she can only be “good brothers” with Wu Zun, can also actually be one of the candidates of being his girlfriend. He said, “Actually, she is a very caring and responsible girl. It’s not definite that being friends is the only option.” Not only Ella, Wu Zun expressed that actually, other female artistes can also be possible of being a girlfriend. “Actually, all of them can have the possibility of being a girlfriend, it’s only depending on whether I have the feel.”

Even though the rumours haven’t stopped, ever since Wu Zun entered the industry, he has been single. However, Wu Zun, who has been having a good career doesn’t feel any regrets on being single. “My schedules are already packed to the brim, and moreover, there are very few girls who would be able to accept being together with her boyfriend, seeing him for less than a month in a year. Even on Valentine’s Day, we’re unable to spend it together, so let nature take its course .” He who has good looks, admits that when choosing a girlfriend, he doesn’t really look at the appearance of a girl. Being honest and responsible is more important to him. He said, “Because i don’t like girls who are pretentious, being a little innocent would be better, she would then be willing to share with me anything.”

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  1. where are the wu chun movie collection?

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