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Aaron Yan dishes advice for preparing a bed scene

Posted by diopatra on December 8, 2010

What does it take for one to prepare for a bed scene? For Aaron Yan, all it took was five simple steps.

In his recent drama Gloomy Salad Days, the story described Aaron and co-star Serena Fang falling in love with each other during their past lives.

On the day of the shoot, the singer-actor dived straight to the set of the drama after completing overseas commitments and filmed his first bed scene for the drama. While it might have looked like an easy scene, Aaron was actually stressed out.

“I didn’t know where to put my hands, or how much body contact we should have,” said the idol.

The director Zero Chou however told Aaron to “give himself to Serena Fang”.

Aaron undertook the scenes responsibly and even came up with five steps of preparation, namely “brushing teeth, putting on perfume, doing push-ups, wearing swimming trunks and taking in a bit of alcohol”.

Apart from brushing his teeth for at least 10 minutes in order to retain the freshness of his breath, he even sprayed on perfume, which was said to excite female hormones. The actor demanded Serena to grade him and his co-star gave him “face”, by replying “not bad” shyly.

As the singer-actor also wanted to look great on television, he did a couple of push-ups before the actual filming.

He explained, “I wasn’t sure which part of my body was going to be revealed, so I trained up my back and arm muscles.”

Furthermore, Aaron wanted to wear only underwear for the scene, but added an extra pair of swimming trunks after the production crew warned him about accidentally exposing more than he should.

Lastly, to relax his nerves, Aaron drank some alcohol before the shoot, only to fall asleep while the director was adjusting the camera. She shook him for a period of time before he woke up.

“I wanted to just take away my nervousness initially, but I guess I ended up being too relaxed,” said Aaron in embarrassment.

Aaron’s courage boosted after this experience, claiming that he would “take more clothes off the next time”.

Source: MSN Entertainment

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FTIsland to perform in Manila

Posted by diopatra on February 8, 2010

MANILA, Philippines – Rising South Korean boy band FTIsland (FTI) performs at the Plenary Hall of the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) on March 6.

SpinManila, Inc., an events and concerts company brings the first all-out live KPop music experience to the Philippine stage.

FTIsland Manila 2010 Showcase is a two-part limited engagement for devoted FTI fans, a.k.a. “Primadonnas.” Just before the boys hit the center stage, 50 lucky Filipino “Primadonnas” will have a chance to get up-close with the FTIsland members in an exclusive fan meet.

The Manila showcase is part of the popstars’ major Asian tour that started last month in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

FTIsland is short for “Five Treasure Island” where each member is considered a treasure. The group started in 2007 and its members are Lee Hong Ki, Choi Jong Hoon (leader, guitar, keyboard), Choi Min Hwan (drums), Song Seung Hyun (guitar, vocal, rap) and Lee Jae Jin (bass, vocal rap).

Touted by Arirang as “Korea’s one and only idol band with a combination of talent and skills,” FTIsland’s members not only sing and dance but play their own instruments as well. Their debut album Cheerful Sensibility earned the sixth slot in South Korea’s best-selling albums in 2007.

Their leader, Choi Jong Hoon plays the piano and the guitar. Lee Hong Ki is the group’s lead vocalist. Bassist Lee Jae Jin became popular when he was cast in a prominent role in the drama Unstoppable Marriage. The youngest in the group, Choi Min Hwan plays the drums. Song Seung Hyun is FTIsland’s latest member, having replaced former member Oh Won Bin.

Their first album Cheerful Sensibility has 13 songs divided into two parts, the Emotional Chapter that is more inclined to rock ballad and FTIsland Chapter that includes upbeat pop and rock songs. The debut sold around 80,000 copies, making it the sixth best-selling album of 2007 in Korea. They won more music awards within their debut year, which includes Best New Male Group in M.Net/KM Music Festival and Best New Group in Asia Song Festival.

The FTIsland Manila 2010 Showcase is sponsored by SpinManila, Inc. and, co-presented by Datzentertainment, FNC Music and North Park Group of Companies. Media partners are MYX, the official music channel, U92 and Jam 88.3.

Ticket prices are P2,500, P3,500 and P5,000. Ticketing is open at and

Philippine Star

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Ranking of Male and Female Idol Groups by 30 Entertainment Reporters

Posted by diopatra on February 8, 2010

Public Recognition
2. Big Bang
3. 2PM
4. Super Junior
5. SS501
6. 2AM
7. SHINee
8. FT Island
9. U-Kiss, BEAST

1.Girl’s Generation
3.Brown Eyed Girls
4.Wonder Girls
8.After School

2. Big Bang
3. Super Junior
4. 2PM
5. SS501
6. FT Island
7. SHINee
8. 2AM
9. U-Kiss, BEAST

1.Girl’s Generation
3.Brown Eyed Girls
5.Wonder Girls
6.After School
7. Jewelry

Vocal Skills
2 2AM
3 Big Bang
4 FT Island
5 SHINee
6 2PM
7 Super Junior
8 SS501
10 U-Kiss

Dancing Skills
1 2PM
3 Super Junior
4 Big Bang
5 SHINee
6 SS501
8 U-Kiss
9 2AM
10 FT Island

1. Girl’s Generation
2. 2ne1
3. After School
4. 4minute
5. Brown Eyed Girls
6. Wonder Girls
7. Kara
8. F(x)
9. Jewelry
10. T-Ara

Fashion Sense
1 Big Bang
3 2PM
4 SHINee
5 Super Junior
6 SS501
7 2AM
8 FT Island
9 U-Kiss, BEAST

1.Girl’s Generation
3.Brown Eyed Girls
4.Wonder Girls
7.After School

Overall for male idol groups
2 Big Bang
3 2PM
4 Super Junior
5 SHINee
6 SS501
7 2AM
8 FT Island
10 U-Kiss

1.Girl’s Generation
2.Wonder Girls
5.Brown Eyed Girls
6. Jewelry
7.After School

Source: [tvn enews+Naver Blog (screencaps)+Yuaerubi]
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Super in More Ways Than One

Posted by diopatra on February 8, 2010

If you can rattle off the names of the 13 cuties comprising the popular Korean Pop Group Super Junior (SuJu for short) without missing a beat, then you are a Certified KPop Devotee.

Try it (at random): Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Han Geng, Yesung, HeeChul, Sungmin, Donghae, Kangin, Kibum, Siwon, Ryeowook, Shindong and Kyuhyun.

Got it? Congratulations!

Of course, you know that not all the members were discovered in Korea in a relentless recruitment that took almost a decade, starting in the late ‘90s, around Asia. Auditions kicked off in the early 2001. Han Geng was discovered in Beijing and Kibum in L.A. The group was completed only in 2006, with Kyuhyun as the 13th recruit.

SuJu outnumbers Slipknot by four members. SuJu membership equals the members of Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC and April Boys put together.

Observed a KPop fan, “The (SuJu members) sing and dance, and kiss flowers, and giggle, and apply astringent,” and even dress up in girlish attires but make no mistake about it, they are not gay. “They are just whiny people screeching songs about heartbreak and pain,” added the KPop fan. “They just want to give out love and free hugs…”

Initially known as Super Junior 05, the group took a bow on Korean television in 2005 with its debut album SuperJunior05 (TWINS) that sold over 28,000 copies.

The group’s second album, Don’t Don, was released in 2007, followed by the third, Sorry, Sorry in March 2009.

Good news for SuJu fans: The group is coming to Manila as part of its Asian Tour: Super Show 2 set for April 10 at the Araneta Coliseum.

Your third album, Sorry, Sorry, is well received all over Asia and with it you also have gained a bigger fanbase which makes you the greatest boy group in Asia. So what can we expect from your fourth album?

“We are really glad to have an opportunity to reach as many listeners as we can all over the world with Sorry Sorry. It drew huge support from the fans as well as other music lovers. We will try our best to live up to that enthusiasm. Please be ready for our new album which surely will show another best performance and colorful music styles. Thanks.”

(For all the members) Do you guys ever sleep? A lot of you regularly attend and record shows, fly to different countries for guestings, film dramas. But you all still manage to smile and look happy. What’s your secret in having such a positive outlook in life despite all the hardships?

“We consider the tight schedules as the proof of the fans’ love and support. We are enjoying it. We sometimes feel exhausted and yet as soon as we feel the fans’ encouragement, we forget about all the fatigue. Definitely, the love and support of the fans are the motivation for us to run and smile more.”

(For Siwon) A lot of your fans notice you take photos of members all the time with your camera. Would you consider releasing a photobook of your pictures soon?

“Glad to hear that! At the moment I’m taking pictures as just my hobby to keep the remembrance of the people around me, so they are not that professional at all but just keeping the pieces of my private memories. If I have the chance to learn more with my camera, and if there is any opportunity to release a photobook, I may go for it (or may not).

What I can clearly say at this moment, is that taking pictures is one of my favorite hobbies.”

(For Ryeowook) Given an option to release a solo album, would you go for ballads or something different like a song-dance album like Insomnia, the one you will perform at the Super Show?

“If I have the chance to release a solo album, I would try to produce the album with all my best efforts to represent more of my personality and color.”

Do the members have any favorite artists that are not Korean?

Ryeowook: I listen to all kinds of music. I like Craig David a lot, so I decided to do a solo performance of Insomnia in this Super Show 2. I hope you like it.

What does Super Junior think of SHINee?

“SHINee is like the good younger brother whom we consider very talented and special in terms of musical ability. We actually do a lot of sports together and got to know each other better. We have been watching them even before their debut, we feel very proud of them whenever we see them trying their best on and off the stage.”

Who among the Super Junior members has the best command of English?

“Probably it’s Siwon because he’s always reading English newspapers
and books, so he might be the one who could speak English the best.”

Have you ever thought that you would visit the Philippines?

“We have heard that Sorry, Sorry has reached the top of Philippine charts, so we were really glad and wanted to visit as soon as possible. We are a bit nervous but very excited to think of visiting Philippines and we like to see all the fans during the Super Show 2 concert.”

What type of girls do you like?

“We all have different tastes. Shindong likes someone who is cute and adorable, and Siwon likes someone who he can communicate with very well. Leeteuk likes someone who is innocent and understanding; Kyuhyun and Sungmin like someone who is nice and charming. But ideal types of girls tend to change a lot, so I think that it changes depending on what kind of people you meet.”

How do you feel about being with Super Junior and being so famous all over the world?

“I’m happy that I’m one of the members of Super Junior. The teamwork is good and individually the members are good. Also, we are happy that not only Koreans but many other people outside Korea are cheering for us. If we get the chance, we want to visit more countries and meet all kinds of people. To all the fans who are giving much love even from abroad, thank you again.”

If you were not with Super Junior, what do you think you would be doing?

“It depends on each member. If I were not with Super Junior, how would I be? Hmmmm…I think this is a difficult question. I think we would be just ordinary students or maybe not members of Super Junior but still a celebrity. But we think being Super Junior is the best. We can’t think of anything else.”

What are some of your most memorable performances?

“The most memorable one is the Asian concert tour. There’s a time when we feel that we are united with the audience. We enjoy every show in every city. I think the second half or the encore part is the most exulting moment. We feel really good with all our songs and we feel really good when our audience responds to our performance positively. That’s when we feel our best.”

What are your favorite songs and why?

“We love all the songs, but the performance of Sorry, Sorry is very memorable. It is the creation of the global dancer, Nick Bass. He visited Korea and coached us in our choreography. We learned many things by being together and we had so much fun because it’s new compared to the performance that we’ve done before, and there were many changes in the choreography. And also, not only Korean but many other Asian fans loved our song and the choreography of Sorry, Sorry. There were parodies and many UCC videos regarding that. We love it as much as many people loved our performance.”

Why do you think Super Junior is a huge success?

“This is a difficult question since we are still on our way to our goal. First, our first step was something new. There were not much groups that had lots of members like us back then, and there were no group that sings, acts and at the same time works as a DJ, MC and in many other fields. So I think that is why as soon as we had our debut, we had a chance to show our individual appeal and that each of us was active in different fields. I think the reason why not only Korean but other Asian fans love us is because we are active both as a group and individually. It creates a synergy effect.”

(Note: The Super Junior Concert at the Araneta Coliseum on April 10 is produced by PULP LIVE headed by Vernon Go. Tickets are priced at P7,500, P6,500, P4,500 and P1,000, available at PULP [telephone 687-1709] and through TicketNet [911-5555].)

(E-mail reactions at or at

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Fans Cry, SJ To Arrive In Taiwan On 19th

Posted by diopatra on February 6, 2010

For Super Junior’s first concert in Taipei, Super Show 2, at the Taipei Arena, the organizers, Super Dome, has confirmed with the Korean side and made an official announcement that only 10 members will be going. Hangeng, Kangin, and Kibum are confirmed to be absent. As soon as the news was released yesterday, fans on PPT’s website flocked together howling in grief and wanting to cry. They were heart-broken as Hangeng will not be able to realize his agreement to come to Taiwan to celebrate his birthday.

With the February 20th and 21st performance by SJ, at the Taipei Arena, on the horizon, Super Dome confirmed the performing members with South Korea and made an official announcement about the reply on their website. Even though he participated in the original tour and had fans strongly hoping for his appearance, Hangeng is determined not to go to Taiwan. Though the three members did not attend the previous Beijing concert, thus preparing the fans, they were still extremely sad as when Hangeng visited last year, he had promised to go to Taiwan in February to celebrate together with the fans. It was unexpected that the promise will be unable to be fulfilled leading to fans “crying” and “collapsing.”

Fans excited about SJ’s visit have even stated that after receiving their New Year’s money (Chinese New Year) they will head straight for the airport. Taking fan’s security into considering, Super Dome is keeping the flight information of SJ to Taiwan a secret. Right now, they have only revealed that they will be arriving on the 19th and the exact flight will be announced closer to the date.

Credits: CpopAccess
Original Article: UDN

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