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TVXQ chosen by American viewers as ‘the foreign artiste who should be introduced to Ellen Degeneres’

Posted by diopatra on February 6, 2010

TVXQ has been chosen by viewers of a famous American talk show as ‘the foreign artiste who should be introduced to Ellen’.

In the ‘Send Ellen Your International Music Suggestions!’ event that began on NBC’s ‘Ellen Degeners Show’ homepage in January, TVXQ received over 20,000 suggestions and was recorded as the artiste most suggested by netizens. This was achieved by a collaborative effort of fans in Korea as well as in Asia.

Many of the suggestions included the popularity of TVXQ/Tohoshinki in Japan and in Asia in general. This seems to be the work of fans across Asia coming together for a common cause.

With TVXQ being chosen as the singer with the most suggestions, many wonder if TVXQ will appear on the ‘Ellen Degeneres Show’. The ‘Ellen Degeneres Show’ is a representative talk show in America alongside ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ and is popular with around 10 million households tuning in. Even just appearing on the show will be a strong foundation for an entry into the American music market for TVXQ. The Ellen Degeneres Show homepage did state that the singer with the most suggestions may be asked to appear on the show.

Regarding this, TVXQ’s agency SM Entertainment stated, “We did hear about this but we have not yet received an official invitation.” He also continued to say, “Currently, TVXQ is split between U-Know Yunho-Choikang Changmin, and Xiah Junsu-YoungWoong Jaejoong-Micky Yoochun. At the current situation, it would not be easy for the five members to appear on the show together.” Currently, TVXQ is performing only in important events in Japan.

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Actor Kwon Sang-woo injured while filming fight

Posted by diopatra on February 6, 2010

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Source: JoongAng Daily

Korean actor Kwon Sang-woo is reported to have been injured yesterday while shooting his latest movie, “Into The Gunfire.” Kwon was immediately brought to the nearest hospital for treatment in Hapcheon, South Gyeongsang, but when he continued complaining of pain, he was transferred to a larger hospital in Seoul.

Kwon was filming a fighting scene with the rapper T.O.P, a member of idol group Big Bang, who is also starring in the movie. While they were rolling around in rough dirt, Kwon’s right cheekbone is said to have become swollen.

According to Kwon’s manager, “Kwon’s injury isn’t fatal but as the actor wants an exact diagnosis after feeling continuous pain, he is now at a hospital in Seoul.” After a thorough examination, Kwon will be back on set to resume shooting. The hospital has not yet released the results of its examination and Kwon has been prescribed antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication.

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U-KISS “Bingeul Bingeul (Round And Round)” Comeback…First “Strong Guy” Dance, Now Blasting With Whirlwind Dance

Posted by diopatra on February 6, 2010

‘Am I That Easy’ U-KISS returned with ‘Bingeul Bingeul’.

U-KISS made their comeback on the February 5th broadcasting of KBS Music Bank, performing their title track ‘Bingeul Bingeul’ taken from their 1st full album ‘U-KISS 1st ONLY ONE’.

U-KISS who gained popularity with their strong guy dance through ‘Man Man Ha Ni’, will continue striving to the top with ‘Bingeul Bingeul’. This time, their title track is accompanied by more intense dance steps called Whirlwind Dance which already caught people’s attention.

In the waiting room, U-KISS’s Soohyun told the reporters about their comeback performance after the pre-recorded session “Looks like we didn’t do well if to be compared with what we had practiced. We prepared really hard but too bad, we wanted (to show) more.”

U-KISS first released their music video on the same day as their comeback stage. There are two versions being released, the tattoo version (released on cable channel) and the clean version. The cable released MV contained the close-ups of each member’s topless upper body with tattoos, showing their masculinity.

Sources:Conti U-kiss

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Ella is one of the candidates for being a girlfriend, Wu Zun discusses criteria for his other half.

Posted by diopatra on February 6, 2010

(excerpt from Chun’s Exclusive Interview With

translated by : babyval22 @ CEFC
original source :…27/311942.shtml

Being in the industry for a few yrs, Wu Zun’s rumoured girlfriends are ever changing. From Ariel Lin to Ah Sa, to Angela Zhang, even Wu Zun laughed and said, “Who i’m supposed to have, I have all of them already.” No matter if she’s funny or cute, seems like all the different sort of characters a female is supposed to have, she’s included in the list already. And recently, the one that is most exposed would be the “rather boyish” Ella. Ella, who seemed as though she can only be “good brothers” with Wu Zun, can also actually be one of the candidates of being his girlfriend. He said, “Actually, she is a very caring and responsible girl. It’s not definite that being friends is the only option.” Not only Ella, Wu Zun expressed that actually, other female artistes can also be possible of being a girlfriend. “Actually, all of them can have the possibility of being a girlfriend, it’s only depending on whether I have the feel.”

Even though the rumours haven’t stopped, ever since Wu Zun entered the industry, he has been single. However, Wu Zun, who has been having a good career doesn’t feel any regrets on being single. “My schedules are already packed to the brim, and moreover, there are very few girls who would be able to accept being together with her boyfriend, seeing him for less than a month in a year. Even on Valentine’s Day, we’re unable to spend it together, so let nature take its course .” He who has good looks, admits that when choosing a girlfriend, he doesn’t really look at the appearance of a girl. Being honest and responsible is more important to him. He said, “Because i don’t like girls who are pretentious, being a little innocent would be better, she would then be willing to share with me anything.”

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4 Minute in Manila

Posted by diopatra on February 2, 2010

MANILA, Philippines – Ji Hyun, Ga Yoon, Ji Yoon, Hyun A, So Hyun, collectively known as 4 Minute will be in Manila on Feb. 4 to 8 for mall shows and autograph signing sessions.

Their schedule
is as follows: Feb. 5, 6 p.m. at SM Mall of Asia Main Mall Atrium; Feb. 6, 5 p.m., SM Megamall New Event Center; and Feb. 7, 5 p.m., SM North EDSA Annex Event Center.

4 Minute has received awards such as Cyworld’s Rookie of the Month from Korea’s Cultural, Physical Education and Tourism Bureau: the Rookie Music Award, SBS Power Rookie (August) and Golden Disk Awards Newcomer Award (shared with T-ara). CA Music, which partnered with CUBE Entertainment in Korea will release 4 Minute’s first mini-album titled For Muzik. Its hits Hot Issue, Muzik and What A Girl Wants have enjoyed heavy airplay on top music channels and radio stations — making the group one of the most popular Korean acts in the country.

Get your copy of Limited Tour Edition For Muzik albums at the mall tours and the chance to have the group sign them. A tour poster will be given away.

For Muzik comes in CD and DVD format with free limited edition posters and a K-Pop surprise per copy. It is available at Odyssey and O Music stores nationwide.

Philippine Star

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