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UAAP Season 72 Openning Ceremony

Posted by diopatra on July 12, 2009

one of my “guilty pleasure”, especially men basketball tournament

University Athletic Association of The Philippines (UAAP) season 72 opening ceremonies took place at Araneta Colliseum 1 pm this afternoon, and this years host is my school Far Eastern University (FEU).

if there’s are things people most look forward to during the season, its the OPENING CEREMONY, CHEER DANCE COMPETITION, HALF TIME CHEER DANCE EXHIBITION, LASALLE VS ATENEO GAMES, MEN BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP, OVER-ALL CHAMPION. I missed the opening ceremony but read some bad reviews. now watching it on youtube, well, its not as bad as i first thought. maybe not too flashy like the previous season, just nice and simple. maybe a bit boring but atleast its just a short ceremony.

anyweiz, congratulations to those who work hard for this and good luck to all the participating schools. i have a very good feeling that FEU will take the men basketball championship crown

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Wonder Girls – Nobody (English Version)

Posted by diopatra on June 26, 2009

just being real, it doesnt sound good.

wonder girls really against all odds on this current activity.

1. the fact that they are asian, lets accept it, how many asians made it to the mainstream?
2. wonder girls music is not the kind of music mainstream music fans into. yes its catchy, it may attract curiousity of few, but i doubt if it will last.
3. language barrier. the girls may have improved, but its far from good. and literally translating the korean version doesnt help at all. as i’ve commented before, i wish they rearrange the song differently but with the same meaning like Wheesung did to Craig David’s Insomia.

well, i still wish they’ll be successful. i love their korean songs, there’s no doubt about that

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Battle of “numbered” girl Group for the Rookie of the Year: 2NE1 vs 4minute

Posted by diopatra on June 16, 2009

anyone agrees with me?

the boys didnt do much so i think one of the girl groups will take the rookie award.

2ne1 have debut with all the hype as the female big and catchy songs, they doing okay, though in my opinion they didnt live up with the tagged “female bigbang”

4minute debut stage will be on MCD this thursday. though they initially tagged as hyun a’s group, which is i dont exactly know what to expect from them. recently they release online their debut song and top the chart on the first day. im beginning to like the song, and looking forward for debut stage.

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kpop: weekend diet

Posted by diopatra on May 15, 2009

i’ll probably die boredom tomorrow. for the whole day i cant update on my blog.

can you imagine being in front of the computer and cant even peek on any updates?

i have work to do and be back by sunday. though i’ll try to be back by tomorrow evening.

good thing i have pictures printed and attached it to my organizer.

ss501 pic and of course my baby.

see yah later, i cant stay late coz i have to be early tomorrow.

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2NE1 accused of plagiarism by netizens

Posted by diopatra on May 12, 2009

As if talking about it for once is not enough, netizens continue ona spree about the plagiarism issues on YG upcoming 2NE1’s debut.

Previously, there were talks about how their ‘Fire’ MV plagiarises singer M.I.A ‘Jimmy’ MV concept, now they are moving on to say that the group even copy of M.I.A’s fashion concept.

Netizens comparing the fashion concept of M.I.A with that of 2NE1.

There are also talks about how the ‘diaper suit’ that Park Bom was in for their new photoshoot is a ripoff from M.I.A’s during Grammy Awards 2009 video provided by BOMtarat.

Netizens say:

* “I mean there are always times when things look a little alike”
* “This is irritating. All the comparisons and accusations of plagiarisms. This is Korea. And these girls are trying to debut, give them a break”
* “Gosh. To be honest. This is getting worse and worse.”
* “This is not plagiarising, but parody?”
* “You guys have just a lot to say about these girls debuting?”
* “They really look alike”
* “It’s the stylists’ fault! Copycats”
* “Aigoo can’t our country come up with some idea special to our own?”
* “Instead of plagiarising, isn’t this more like inspiration?”

credits: kbites

i dunno whats more insulting being accused of plagiarism or making a parody.

now im seeing what netizens are pointing out, there similarities of concept, what so funny is, i think im going to agree with the parody comment. damn, now that im hearing the song of M.I.A, there’s even similarities on “FIRE”.

i like the song “FIRE” but i think there’s a lot of similarities that a person cant help but notice. legal wise, i dont think someone will file a lawsuit of plagiarism against YG, maybe the other party will just take it as “parody” or “cover”.

though the netizens cant do anything but accuse. if they dont like it then dont support it. as for me, i reserve my judgment after their live performance. coz seriously, i myself having doubts on them. the mv are too “digitalized”, and its obvious that some parts of the audio were “cured”.

too much of the “female bigbang” hype eh?

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