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Aaron Yan dishes advice for preparing a bed scene

Posted by diopatra on December 8, 2010

What does it take for one to prepare for a bed scene? For Aaron Yan, all it took was five simple steps.

In his recent drama Gloomy Salad Days, the story described Aaron and co-star Serena Fang falling in love with each other during their past lives.

On the day of the shoot, the singer-actor dived straight to the set of the drama after completing overseas commitments and filmed his first bed scene for the drama. While it might have looked like an easy scene, Aaron was actually stressed out.

“I didn’t know where to put my hands, or how much body contact we should have,” said the idol.

The director Zero Chou however told Aaron to “give himself to Serena Fang”.

Aaron undertook the scenes responsibly and even came up with five steps of preparation, namely “brushing teeth, putting on perfume, doing push-ups, wearing swimming trunks and taking in a bit of alcohol”.

Apart from brushing his teeth for at least 10 minutes in order to retain the freshness of his breath, he even sprayed on perfume, which was said to excite female hormones. The actor demanded Serena to grade him and his co-star gave him “face”, by replying “not bad” shyly.

As the singer-actor also wanted to look great on television, he did a couple of push-ups before the actual filming.

He explained, “I wasn’t sure which part of my body was going to be revealed, so I trained up my back and arm muscles.”

Furthermore, Aaron wanted to wear only underwear for the scene, but added an extra pair of swimming trunks after the production crew warned him about accidentally exposing more than he should.

Lastly, to relax his nerves, Aaron drank some alcohol before the shoot, only to fall asleep while the director was adjusting the camera. She shook him for a period of time before he woke up.

“I wanted to just take away my nervousness initially, but I guess I ended up being too relaxed,” said Aaron in embarrassment.

Aaron’s courage boosted after this experience, claiming that he would “take more clothes off the next time”.

Source: MSN Entertainment

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Fahrenheit: hotter together

Posted by diopatra on July 2, 2009

Yahoo! News

Wu Chun, Jiro Wang, Aaron Yan and Calvin Chen may have achieved amazing results and individually in their various dramas and movies but they still say singing as boy band Fahrenheit is what they enjoy most. Their latest album Love You More and More seeks to express their inner most gratitude to the fans. We catch up with them to pose some questions.

Q: The four of you are by now very familiar with Singapore. You’ve been here a few times to promote your albums and concerts, so what do you like most about Singapore?

Wu: Singapore is probably the country I visited the most since I was a child because it’s nearer (to Brunei). So I have many childhood memories about Singapore! Shopping and food. It’s a luxury to be here!

Wang: I like Singapore for its clean air and environment. Public toilets, floors and roads are very clean and well maintained.

Yan: I hope to be able to spend Christmas here. The festive atmosphere is great and the environment, clean and beautiful.

Chen: I like the clean streets, multiracial society, skyscrapers, and cosmopolitan city. Singapore is also very well connected with the world.

Q: Similarities and differences are probably a test of the band’s chemistry. How do you usually get along?

Fahrenheit: I think communication is the key, especially when we come from different walks of life. Chemistry definitely takes time to build up, but stage performances have indeed helped us become better partners and put up better performances.

Q: In this process, are there any conflicts? Four of you are all brilliant young fellows, each with eagerness and vigour, are there conflicts?

Fahrenheit: I think one benefit of being an all boys group is that big boys speak their minds. If there’s any displeasure, just voice it. It’s all for the better of our performances.

Q: You have been busy with your own dramas and movies in recent years but surprisingly you all are still tightly connected.. How do you guys keep in contact without any public awareness?

Fahrenheit: That is what the media portray us to be; as if we have disbanded. The truth is that the four of us always gather in private. We are only working individually when each of us has to promote our dramas, but when we release an album, we will be tied together for three to four months. It is not like what the media says about us, each developing our own career.

Q: Let’s talk about the album Love You More and More. This is an interesting name. Is there any special meaning?

Fahrenheit: This is our third album and also is an establishment of the foundation, hoping that our fans will love us more and more. It is also an expression of our loves and passion for this job. The same-titled hit song is a bridge between the fans and us.

Q: You have also visited the Down Syndrome Association at Bishan to visit the patients this time round. Everyone has different understanding of charity purposes; some thinks it is a big thing, others may think it begins with you. What is your understanding about charity?

Chen: We don’t have to shout out when we do charity, but I think as public figures, we are also public role models. When we start doing it, our supporters will follow our footsteps, and I think that’s great. There is no need to join any community organizations, charity organizations, and so on. It can begin around you.

Q: I believe you also mean caring for your family. How do you communicate with your family when you are so busy? Especially Wu Chun, you are so far apart from them.

Wu: I can only give them a call whenever I’m free. When I go home every year, it’s usually for less than a month, so time is always very precious. I will ask my company to inform me of any short breaks so that I can make a trip home.

Wang: I grew up with my mother, so whenever I travel, I’ll get very uptight and I have to call her several times a day.

Yan: I’m usually very relaxed and happy when I’m with my family because time spent with them has decreased so I try not to show my stressed up emotions at home.

Chen: My elder sister got married last October and I’m the only boy left at home now. My parents seem to think that their boy has grown up and can be depended on. So I am now responsible for my parents and am their anchorage.

Q: Fahrenheit have let their warmth and also the strength of love show in their music. We hope this sincerity will lead to smoother careers. Thank you.

Fahrenheit: Thank you!

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Taking the risk of the epidemic in Hong Kong to shoot an advertisement, Fahrenheit wear a face mask to prevent catching it

Posted by diopatra on June 19, 2009

Source Yule Tom
Translated by Elvenstar @

The amount of confirmed cases of H1N1 virus is rapidly increasing in Hong Kong, gradually outbreaks are spreading to surrounding areas. Fahrenheit yesterday (18th June) secretly travelled from Taiwan to Hong Kong to shoot an advertisement, for the whole journey the face mask did not leave them, making them fully equipped to battle with the virus! Yesterday in the early morning Fahrenheit members Jiro Wang, Wu Chun, Arron Yan and Calvin Chen travelled by Cathy pacific airline CX407 landing in Hong Kong’s international airport at 9:45, getting to the airport lobby at 10:20, where almost 200 infatuated fans who heard the news waited for their idols to appear.

Fahrenheit’s company also had prepared in advance, because knowing their infatuated fans they especially organised 18 security guards to pick them up at the airport. Receiving loads of presents to take care of their health so that it won’t effect their work, Fahrenheit’s 4 members came out to the airport lobby wearing face masks, taking good measures to prevent catching the virus. Even thought the confirmed outbreaks of the H1N1 virus is rapidly increasing, but Fahrenheit was still extremely friendly towards their fans, continuously waving to everyone and continuously receiving big and small presents from fans, the 4 members both hands full of presents looked like they had all just finished shopping.

Among them Wu Chun had the most amount, there were so many presents that he had no way to hold any more of the fans gifts, while the fans couldn’t take their eyes off the idols, many people accidentally bumped into the stone pillar, Arron seeing this held his hand to pull the fan up reminding them to be careful. The fans chased after the cars where the 4 members split into 2 cars to leave the airport, the crowd of fans had already rented about 10 or more to follow the idols. However, seen along the way the vans following the 2 cars, dangerous situations constantly occurred, not only swerving to the right and left and also from time to time crossing the double white lines, it was extremely dangerous. At approximately 10.15, Fahrenheit’s car arrived at Chai Wan quickly entering a car park of a big building, the fans could only painstakingly wait outside the building.

The reporters running into the car park, discovered the staff and the security guards that accompanied Fahrenheit to the car park, where they were unloading their suitcases out of the trunk

Apparently, Fahrenheit’s main mission is to shoot a clothing advertisement, only staying for 2 days, last night they shot until the early morning. The 4 have paid attention to Hong Kong’s H1N1 virus situation, while staying in Hong Kong, most of the time will be spent in work, it is reckoned that they will not go out, but Fahrenheit has encouraged their fans to be careful of their health and to take all preventative measures.

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Abiguity Developments; Aaron Brings Qiao Qiao Home

Posted by diopatra on June 19, 2009

Source: Yam
Translated by Cmiley @

Aaron Yan exposed taking Qiao Qiao home! Aaron is often said by others that he and the Lollipop group boys getting together, he and Qiao Qiao acting in “Love Buffet”, suddenly “changed towards” with Qiao Qiao going closer, the two are developing quickly, rumours says last weekend the two intimately were going out in Tianmu’s Sogo, later he brought her to his Tianmu home, really ambiguis.

Towards this, Arron’s manager Li says: “The two both live in Tianmu, Aaron said that day after they went out they went to his place to only eat fruits la.” Because that day the media was following the whole event, since Qiao Qiao leaving from Aaron’s place, and confronted directly by the media, Aaron was purposely planned it with Qiao Qiao? As for this, Li said: “Its not necessary for us to do this.”

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Arron Yan and Calvin Chen breakthrough, idol drama with both as male lead

Posted by diopatra on May 18, 2009

source : Liberty Times
translation bu elvenstar87 @

Wu Chun has switched to the big screen to develop, Jiro Wang’s ratings are out of control, Fahrenheit’s eldest brother and second brother have temporaily stopped filming idol dramas. Arron Yan, Calvin Chen breakthrough in the big upcoming drama [parfait tic] both as male leads. While the female lead in the drama has been changed from Selina to [Qiao Qiao] Joanne Tseng as a replacement

Adapted from a Japanese Manga [parfait tic], originally Selina, Mike He and Jiro Wang were selected, but once the male and female lead list came out, the Mike, Jiro and Selina grouping changed to Joanne , Calvin and Arron. Forming the new combination of the 2 males fighting for the girl. The producer ah Ken said :[ because the previous people selected had busy schedules, there was no way to cooperate, so we had to find other suitable people.], He is also unwilling to start the official shoot on the 20th until they have discussed it further

Although the production team are unwilling to clarify, the present 3 leads have already been confirmed. As the Manga is based on senior high school students, and dramas about the innocent love of high school students are not well recieved, and in addition the 3 lead, apart from the 20 yr old Joanne Tseng who is the closest in age of a senior high school student. Calvin Chen and Arron Yan playing university students would be more fitting, therefore the age of the main characters in the story has been raised therefore the criteria increased, especially within the drama, the role of the playboy who cannot love [DiaYa]. In his 1st role as a male lead, Calvin Chen has revealed on the official website his anticipation, hoping this time he can give a different performance.

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