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Moon Geun-young celebrates 22nd birthday

Posted by diopatra on May 4, 2009

source: E Daily
translations: dramabeans

Moon Geun-young (Tale of Two Sisters, Painter of the Wind) celebrated her 22nd birthday with a group of 700 fans, and it sure looked like she had a good time.

The birthday fanmeeting took place on May 2 in Seoul at Moon’s current school, Sungkyunkwan University, where she studies Korean literature. Moon Chae-won, with whom Moon Geun-young acted in Painter of the Wind, was also a special guest at the fanmeeting.

The event was divided into two parts: In Part 1, she was presented with gifts and received “Happy Birthday” messages from fellow actors Kim Tae-hee, Kim Joo-hyuk, Kim So-eun, Kim Ji-soo, Ryu Deok-hwan, Ryu Seung-yong, Bae Soo-bin, and others.

Moon Geun-young is known as a “donation angel” for her charity work, such as furnishing rural schools with educational supplies. In the spirit of that, members of her fan café “Angels” prepared a surprise, raising funds for books, bookshelves, toys, and other school materials to give to a schoolroom in Haenam (to whom Moon had previously donated funds). The children recipients of the donation sent along a happy birthday video message, at which Moon teared up to watch.

For Part 2 of the event, the actress prepared a dance, which she performed with a professional dance team “Friends.” She also acted as informal DJ in sharing some of her favorite songs with fans.

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Joo Ji Hoon Admits to Drug Use

Posted by diopatra on April 26, 2009

Actor Ju Ji Hun (commonly spelled Joo Ji Hoon) has been booked without physical detention on charges of taking drugs, and admitted to the crime. He is one of a few acting or modelling celebrities who were caught importing drugs from Japan or taking the illegal drugs.

On April 26,the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency filed arrest warrants for movie actress Yoon Seol Hee, 28, and actor-model Ye Hak Young, 26 on the basis of smuggling narcotics into Korea. (Yoon’s and Ye’s full names were not originally released; however, recent articles have identified them.) The police also booked Ju Ji Hun along with two non-celebrity civilians for taking the illegally imported drugs. The police are reportedly charging Ju for two instances in March of 2008 when he took drugs while with the others. All five individuals will be sent to the public prosecutor’s office in the beginning of May.

According to the police, Yoon purchased drugs from an acquaintance in Japan and hid them in her underwear to take them illegally through customs. For a year from August 2007, Yoon received one million won from selling the drugs to buyers such as Ye. Yoon is suspected of importing 280 tablets of ecstasy and 280 grams of ketamine through 14 trips back and forth from Japan. Ju acquired an amount from Yoon, and proceeded to take some two or three times at Ye’s home in March of 2008.

A representative of the police agency stated that this is the first time a celebrity has been caught directly importing, selling, and taking narcotics. They suspect that there are others who were involved (financially or through intake), and will continue to investigate the situation.

Yoon has appeared in minor roles in various films such as Tazza and A Good Day for an Affair. Ye most recently participated in the music video for Seo Taiji’s “Juliet”. It is yet to be known how this will impact Ju’s pending Japanese fan meetings and Tokyo Tower drama project.

KP’s Note:

Sorry our title was wrong earlier – Ju wasn’t arrested, just charged.

For those of you who are thinking, “Drugs – big deal” because you’re so used to reading about Hollywood drug scandals – it’s a huge deal in Korea. Drugs are extremely hard to come by and dealt with harshly there.

Originally, Yoon’s and Ye’s identities were not revealed. We suspected that “Ye” was Ye Hak Young – he was part of Men Management with Lee Min Ki, Lee Chun Hee, and other now-famous actor-models.


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