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100328 U-KISS in Manila (SM North – Annex)

Posted by diopatra on March 28, 2010

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just got home from the last leg of U-KISS promo tour @ SM North Annex. seriously got an overdose of the boys especially soo hyun fanservice. he’s such a flirt (in a good way) and he really knows what makes the fangirls faint. actually someone fainted on our side of the event hall where soohyun doing his fanservice.

i was too starstrucked with the boys that i cant take a decent video or picture. sorry about that i have nothing to share because i got all giddy and almost fainting everytime the boys faces our side of the event hall.

i think the boys had a great time here. they are all smiling despite of fatigue im sure. but really they are super nice especially soo hyun. when there no one infront of him during the fan signing he goes to the crowd and get their album and sign it. kevin is supposed to be my fave but i think im shipping to soohyun.

i was so envious of the little girl who was able to sit on ELI’s lap. dont need to hate her be cause she’s only about 9 or 10 years old.

funny thing is the organizer keep reminding the fans that no hugging no kissing, but the boys are the one initiating the kinship.

i think one reason why everyone had fun was, the boys can directly communicate with us, since they are fluent in english. no need for translator.

my feet felt numb, had a sorethroat, starved and had an overdose…………. of U-KISS, but its all worth it. looking forward for their concert on May 29

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U-KISS “Bingeul Bingeul (Round And Round)” Comeback…First “Strong Guy” Dance, Now Blasting With Whirlwind Dance

Posted by diopatra on February 6, 2010

‘Am I That Easy’ U-KISS returned with ‘Bingeul Bingeul’.

U-KISS made their comeback on the February 5th broadcasting of KBS Music Bank, performing their title track ‘Bingeul Bingeul’ taken from their 1st full album ‘U-KISS 1st ONLY ONE’.

U-KISS who gained popularity with their strong guy dance through ‘Man Man Ha Ni’, will continue striving to the top with ‘Bingeul Bingeul’. This time, their title track is accompanied by more intense dance steps called Whirlwind Dance which already caught people’s attention.

In the waiting room, U-KISS’s Soohyun told the reporters about their comeback performance after the pre-recorded session “Looks like we didn’t do well if to be compared with what we had practiced. We prepared really hard but too bad, we wanted (to show) more.”

U-KISS first released their music video on the same day as their comeback stage. There are two versions being released, the tattoo version (released on cable channel) and the clean version. The cable released MV contained the close-ups of each member’s topless upper body with tattoos, showing their masculinity.

Sources:Conti U-kiss

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Suju Hankyung, leveled with Kara Nicole?

Posted by diopatra on April 24, 2009

On the 21st of March, the recently came back Super Junior came out on KBS 2TV’s ‘Star Golden Bell’ and met Kara’s Jung Nicole.

On ‘Level With Me’, Nicole has gained a lot of popularity with her witty and creative hints.

On this day, Super Junior had to guess whose name that Nicole was referring to.

Unlike Siwon, who was able to get the correct answer fast, the Chinese member, Han Kyung, had a hard time understanding Nicole’s hints.

The hint that Nicole gave to Hankyung was “Your Boss!”. All of the guests were able to know that she was referring to Lee Soo Man, but Hankyung replied with, “teacher?”

So, Nicole gave “Two (pronounced as Lee/Yi in Korean) in English”, “Monday, Tuesday, and then? (Wednesday in Korean is Soo yo il), and “more expensive than 5,000 Won (the paper money with a higher value than 5,000 won is 10,000 won, pronounced as Man won)” as hints, but Hankyung was still clueless and replied with “6,000 Won?”

Following Hankyung, Alexander from U-Kiss also had a hard time getting the right answer. His word was “To Home.”

Even though they took a lot of time, they were able to get the right answer. The viewers thought that Nicole was very cute getting frustrated with these two guests who were not very fluent in Korean.

On the other hand, it has been four years since Hankyung came to Korea and a part of Super Junior, while Alexander from U-Kiss was born between a Hong Kong dad and a Korean Mother. Because he came to Korea in 2008 to debut as U-Kiss, he is not very fluent in Korean. Nicole came to Korea four years ago from America, making her not as fluent in Korean as other celebrities, as well.

Source: newseen
Tip Off: Mae
Translated by: hopelesshong@Karaholic

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