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They Kiss Again cast went to Japan; 3000 fans healed from ‘Kiss Syndrome’

Posted by diopatra on July 22, 2009

Source: Mainichi Daily News
Translated by: Notla @ TKA Subbers

Actor Joe Cheng and actress Ariel Lin of the popular Taiwanese TV series “They Kissed Again”, an original Japanese comic, have arrived in Tokyo to face their fans in a “Kiss Consultation”. Getting on stage in a white robe, Joe’s intimate interaction with the 1,500 fans ‘healed’ them from the ‘Kiss Syndrome’.

“It Started with a Kiss” is the last comic that Tada Kaoru produced due to an accident that caused her death in 1999. The story is about a high school girl, Kotoko (Xiang Qin), who fell in love with an all-rounded genius, Naoki (Zhishu) but was rejected by him. By chance, Kotoko (Xiang Qin) moved in to live with Naoki’s (Zhishu) family and that’s how the story began. “They Kissed Again” is the sequel that ended the 5 year love-sick relationship and finally, Naoki (Zhishu) and Kotoko (Xiang Qin) were married. Together with their friends, they grow and learn. It’s this type of love story. In Japan, it’s being broadcasted on local TV and the DVDs are also being sold.

Danson, who plays ‘Gan Gan’ in the series, also attended the 2 functions. A total of 3,000 fans were present. During the function, Joe Cheng who plays Naoki (Zhishu) smiled and said in Japanese, “They Kissed Again is very interesting, you must watch it.” Since arriving in Japan, he hasn’t had time to go shopping in Shibuya and looking disappointedly, he said “What a pity” in Japanese. Ariel Lin who plays Kotoko (Xiang Qin) then said “The malls in Japan are having sales but no time to visit…” and Joe said again “What a pity”. Apart from that, Danson also mentioned that “Initially, I planned to go for a delicious food adventure and as expected, no time”. As soon as this was said, all 3 of them said “What a pity!”. The reporters who were there all laughed.

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Ariel Lin celebrates success of new album by smashing ice; good friend gives bicycle to congratulate her

Posted by diopatra on July 14, 2009

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Source: Hunan TV
Translated by catalie @

Golden Bell queen of acting Ariel Lin has turned her focus to music and released her debut solo album <Blissful Encounter> on July 10. Since preorders began, Ariel has been holding a series of promotional activities, done photoshoots, made appearances on shows and experienced what it’s like to be a singer by being involved in packaging, marketing and other processes! Even though being a singer is much more blissful compared to being an actress, each time she meets fans and holds autograph sessions is like a new test for her because the songs must be performed to perfection in order to deliver a beautiful report card! Furthermore, the very popular Ariel Lin’s debut solo album has had successful sales. The album has only been released for two days and already, she has broken the 20,000 sales mark. To celebrate this success, her record company arranged a smashing ice ceremony, hoping that the results will just get better and better!

At her autograph session, good friend Janet came to give Ariel a bicycle to show her support! Janet and Ariel met because Ariel loves going to class! Previously, Ariel attended classes at Xue Xue Institute and listened to Janet’s lecture. From then on, she fell in love with Janet’s attitude towards life – her vivacious nature and enthusiasm towards life, therefore she took the initiative to exchange phone numbers with Janet and they became really good friends. They’ll often phone each other to share experiences overseas and in life. Furthermore, Janet said she gave Ariel a bicycle because she wants them to go riding at night in Taipei’s Riverside Park! Janet said that she knows that Ariel had to work very hard while filming and now that she’s released an album, it seems like she still doesn’t have much “me time” so she gave her a bicycle so they can invite each other to ride around the riverside park at night, enjoy the wind and chat!

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Ariel Lin plans to break into the Korean market; her Korean major ensures there will be no language barrier

Posted by diopatra on July 12, 2009

Translated by: hazel @

Ariel Lin, female lead of idol dramas such as <It Started With A Kiss> and <Love Contract> that propelled her to fame in Taiwan and Korea alike, will be making a visit to Korea soon, for preparations to kickstart her career there.

According to one industry observer, Ariel is planning to enter the drama scene in Korea very soon. The most crucial language barrier that has plagued other foreign idols will not be a problem to her, since Ariel’s major in university was Korean.

Also, Ariel has always expressed interest in the Korean entertainment industry, and has even specially put in a Korean song in her recently released album, <Meeting Happiness>. If all goes well, Korean viewers will be able to see Ariel on their TV screens very soon.

Both <It Started With A Kiss> and <Love Contract> had high ratings when broadcast in Korea, and this has amassed a relatively large fanbase for Ariel. She even had a fanmeet last year in Korea, together with Joe Cheng, and this has only served to propel her popularity higher in Korea.

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Ariel Lin’s CD holds a hidden surprise, Joe Cheng scrambles to buy it

Posted by diopatra on July 8, 2009

Source Liberty Times
Translated by Elvenstar @

For the release of Ariel Lin’s solo album, Liu Yue openly ordered 100 copies, Figaro showing his support ordered 50 copies and her “on screen lover” Joe Cheng has also expressed his support!

Personally packaging CD randomly sending out happiness

Ariel Lin’s album “meeting happiness” will be released on the 10th, yesterday she headed to the CD packaging factory to personally write out 10 small cards, randomly putting them into the CD’s to give her lucky fans a surprise, she said “these cards were collected one after the other, and I spent a whole afternoon on them, in every card the written content is different, I hope the fan that buys it will get a surprise and the feeling of happiness,”

The first time seeing her own completed album, Ariel was ecstatic, it was written all over her face, she couldn’t resist and begged the staff to allow her to bring a copy of the album back home early as a commemoration.

Liu Yue and Figaro disregards everything buying 150 copies

For her album, her best friends spare no efforts, her and Liu Yue in “my secret garden” had acted as sisters, Liu Yue openly ordered 100 albums, and also within the same management company Figaro was also willing to buy 50 albums to give to family and friends. While Joe Cheng also supported his “on screen lover” Ariel, how much albums he bought remains a secret but it must be enough to satisfy his good friend.

As to releasing the album, up on stage she will try to do numerous promotions but off stage is the opposite, Ariel Lin expressed she was really embarrassed phoning up her family and friends to tell them she would be releasing a CD, “the pressure is really big, so embarrassing!”

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Ariel Lin gets too into character and hurts her hand; SJ’s Donghae tenderly puts on a plaster for her

Posted by diopatra on July 7, 2009

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Source: Yahoo! Taiwan
Translated by: hazel @

Ariel Lin, who is slated to release her first album on the 10th of this month, was filming her MV with popular Korean group Super Junior’s Donghae and Siwon earlier this month. When news of this spread, not only has enquiries about this song risen to a new high, preorders of her album have gone up accordingly as well.

This led Ariel to happily exclaim; “I can’t wait to share my music world with everyone!”

In , Ariel who is nicknamed “The Drama Queen”, got the chance to show off her acting chops. Not only did she do so, she was so into character that in one scene when she had to slam a door shut, she ended up hurting her hand.

Donghae, who was on the other side of the door, heard of it and immediately asked for a plaster from the stylist, and even helped her to put it on, making Ariel feel touched and grateful all at the same time.

Because they had to finish filming all of their scenes in one day, Ariel, Donghae and Siwon had to be up at 4 AM to allow shooting to proceed. They filmed from that morning all to the way till the next morning, and it even poured at the most crucial moment, making the co-workers happily exclaim, “The album will sell well!” **

From today onwards, will be broadcasted on all major Taiwanese media channels.

**This is based on the belief that one will strike it rich when they encounter water, or in this case, rain. Derived from the saying 「遇水則發」

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