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100207 4minute experience in Manila

Posted by diopatra on February 8, 2010

[FANCAM] Hot Issue

[FANCAM] Muzik

[FANCAM] Stick with you (cover)

[FANCAM] Hot Issue Remix

*post fancam of “Won’t Give You” and “What a girl wants” later.

just come home from 4minute meet and greet in SM North Edsa Annex.

i had a blast. the girls were great on their performance, and they all look gorgeous.

im really bias fan of jiyoon, gawd, she looks great.

after seeing their tv appearance, i feel sorry for them. i assume that 4minute-ph were not able to enter the studio since almost no one cheering for them.

first on a noontime gameshow last saturday, were almost audience are adults, only kpop group they know is wonder girls.

and a noontime variety show today. cant see any 4minute fans cheering. audience cheering on cue. well atleast the hosts are a bit better.

so when i went to meet and greet i really cheer for them. the audience response on their mall tours is better. fans are screaming their name, singing and dancing while their performing. i hope they feel more welcome.

and seen other kpop FC’s on the event giving support to the girls. Well at least seen fellow members of SJUPH.

a bit disappointment on the MCs of the event, comparing them to Super Junior. Saying that 4minute surpasses super junior on sales. not sure what sales are they talking about, is it the over all sales or the monthly sales. if its the over all sales, i really doubt it. but if its the monthly sales, the super junior were release last month. and they were no. 1 upon release and still on the chart. one thing is not also sure is, what super junior are they talking about, is it the suju’s sorry sorry album or the suju-m album?

promoters, organizers and other people behind the event should put in mind that this (kpop) is different from others. other FCs are also there, so saying something like that would destroy the artist your promoting. they should be more careful next time and research more on the artist.

all in all its a great experience and wish they comeback next time for a concert.

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4minute’s Hot Issue performed on ASAP

Posted by diopatra on January 25, 2010

dont be too excited because its done badly.

why do they try too much to do their “own” thing.

kpop songs are performed as it is. because every dance songs have a signature choreo. its either you can do it or not.

if this is a promotion for the mall tour of 4minute, i dont think its good.

these girls are talented but they should stop performing these kind of songs.

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Charice, Rap, Zsa zsa singing Barry Manillow Medley @ASAP 090621

Posted by diopatra on June 22, 2009

still amaze on Rap voice, though i doubt if his voice be the same after puberty stage.

and as always Charice is very comfortable performing with him.

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Charice @ ASAP 090614

Posted by diopatra on June 16, 2009

her performance is good, but she really needs to fire her stylist in philippines.

her outfit is too old for her age, even her make up.

and she must not overworked, especially her concert is near already.

anyweiz, congratulations to charice, for her

debut album reach platinum

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WG’s Nobody on Philippine TV

Posted by diopatra on June 8, 2009


its an english version, and cant even recognize who sang it. one of the youtube covers?

the girls are gorgeous but please, the dance step are so cheap.

and i doupt JYP will be so please with this especially WG’s official english version will be release soon.

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