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Boy band 2PM to endorse new Coca-Cola product

Posted by diopatra on January 28, 2010

Top Korean idol group 2PM has been chosen to endorse Coca-Cola’s new product “Mini Coke”.

A representative from Coca-Cola said, “We picked 2PM because they fit Coca-Cola’s image in that they have a positive energy and bring happiness to the audience, which is the message that we want to send out with our new product.”

The commercial, which is set to air in time with the Lunar New Year holiday, will feature the boy band promoting “Mini Coke” to a newly arranged version of a song titled “Open Happiness.”

Numerous world-renowned artists including Gnarls Barkley’s Cee-Lo Green and Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump had teamed up to record the original song released jointly with Coca-Cola last March.

2PM has been considered one of Korea’s most successful idol groups since their debut in 2008. They have released three single albums and their first-ever full-length album last November, all of which have topped local music charts.

Several of the group’s members have branched out to various facets of the entertainment industry including Thai-American heartthrob Nichkhun who has been cast for a film and Taecyeon who is set to appear as a regular in the new season of SBS variety show “Family Outing” and is said to be considering making an acting debut too.

Reporter : Yun Tae-hui
Editor : Lucia Hong

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[CF] RC Cola – Kim Bum & Maja Salvador

Posted by diopatra on October 18, 2009

i know its a bit late, but really cant believe i missed this news.

i didnt know he came here. seen all his tv appearance here in philippines through YT. and seriously he’s so cute.

i love this new CF.

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Ueto Aya with an apron, feeding reporters

Posted by diopatra on July 14, 2009

Written by:
Sources: Sanspo, TokyoWalker

Actress Ueto Aya is going to be in the new commercial for Sanyo Foods, it has been announced at a PR-Event on Monday. The new commercial is called “Durum Obasan’s Cup Pasta” and will go on-air on August 03, the same the pasta itself will go on sale.

Of course she attended the PR-Event as the image character of Sanyo and got inaugurated as the “Titular Commander in Chief of the Apron Corps” (lol wut?), a title that comes with an apron you have to wear at PR-Events, it seems. “It’s a bit embarrassing, isn’t it…” Ueto commented on her apron. On stage she then demonstrated the making of cup pasta. “I worked really hard to make it, so someone has to eat it now!” Ueto became all playful and walked towards one cameraman, “Say Ah!” She sure had all laughs on her side, not only from the men…

Ueto herself started cooking at the age of 19, but the question is what would she like to cook for her future husband? “I’d like to make him quick things like Hamburger, curry or pasta. He should tell me his thoughts about the meals, but one ‘this wasn’t good’ and I won’t ever cook for him again in my whole life.” The reporters kept asking, “How about a man as popular and known as pasta? (read: a celebrity)” – “I might become lonely with a popular person. It rather should be someone I haven’t seen before. However, he shouldn’t lack the firmness of pasta, that would be a problem!”

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[CF] Trugen “Style or Die” – Lee Minho

Posted by diopatra on July 14, 2009

so cute, i love his smile

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Sony Chooses 4minute’s song as MP3P’s Theme Song

Posted by diopatra on July 7, 2009

Source: INews24
Translations: chungalung@4-minute

On July 6, Sony Korea chose the new 5-member girl group 4minute’s song, “Music”, as their MP3-player Walkman’s theme song. Sony’s recent Walkman brand chose the actor Ryu Seungbum.
They used the slogan “Walkman goes crazy because of the music” to capture the hearts of consumers and show a positive outlook.

Sony Korea’s Walkman product manager Lee Sangwoon said that “We’re looking for many ways for the Sony Walkman brand to provide the best mood for enjoying music.”
He also said that he’s “looking forward for 4minute’s fresh, friendly image and their music to match well with the company’s aim.”

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