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100328 U-KISS in Manila (SM North – Annex)

Posted by diopatra on March 28, 2010

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just got home from the last leg of U-KISS promo tour @ SM North Annex. seriously got an overdose of the boys especially soo hyun fanservice. he’s such a flirt (in a good way) and he really knows what makes the fangirls faint. actually someone fainted on our side of the event hall where soohyun doing his fanservice.

i was too starstrucked with the boys that i cant take a decent video or picture. sorry about that i have nothing to share because i got all giddy and almost fainting everytime the boys faces our side of the event hall.

i think the boys had a great time here. they are all smiling despite of fatigue im sure. but really they are super nice especially soo hyun. when there no one infront of him during the fan signing he goes to the crowd and get their album and sign it. kevin is supposed to be my fave but i think im shipping to soohyun.

i was so envious of the little girl who was able to sit on ELI’s lap. dont need to hate her be cause she’s only about 9 or 10 years old.

funny thing is the organizer keep reminding the fans that no hugging no kissing, but the boys are the one initiating the kinship.

i think one reason why everyone had fun was, the boys can directly communicate with us, since they are fluent in english. no need for translator.

my feet felt numb, had a sorethroat, starved and had an overdose…………. of U-KISS, but its all worth it. looking forward for their concert on May 29

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