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Jerry Yan is Super Slow to Warm Up, Michael Zhang Spent 10 Years to Become Buddies

Posted by diopatra on February 2, 2010

Translation by: shyun_y @

CTV and GTV’s [Down With Love] has formally joined in the weekend idol dramas viewership ratings fight. Main casts – Michael Zhang, Xiao Xian, Amanda Zhou etc gathered to watch the debut telecast at the director’s house on 31 Jan 2010. Up against strong opponent – TTV and SET’s [Autumn Concerto], Michael who is starring as Jerry’s buddy since primary school to university, said confidently, “Jerry’s popularity in Asia is akin to Heavenly King Bae Yong Joon’s. I believe the viewers will support their idols.”

Michael and Jerry have known each other for ten years. Earlier on, they had worked with each other in [Hot Shot], but it was only until in [Down With Love] that they both became good friends. Michael laughed and said, “Jerry is one who is slow to warm up to others. So now you know how powerful Ella is to have won his trust in just a matter of days.” Off-screen, the two big boys would often meet to play basketball and Lin Youwei would join them too. Michael added, “Guys always like to sweat it out. That adrenaline high is a good way to release stress.”

With their new drama’s telecast, Michael felt excited and anxious, hence he made arrangement earlier with Xiao Xian, Yan Yi En and Amanda Zhou to gather at the director’s house to watch the debut. He revealed while hosting outdoors for another programme, he once made a wish before the Taichung temple and his wish came true. This time, he also wished for [DWL]’s debut telecast viewership rating to break 3. If his wish comes true, the producer Ke Yi Qin and him will go give thanks at the temple again.

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[Down With Love] Debuts with Good Ratings, Peaks at 4.66 with Scene of Ella Kneeling Before Jerry

Posted by diopatra on February 2, 2010

Source: MSN
Translation by: shyun_y @

CTV and GTV’s idol drama – [Down With Love] made its debut telecast last evening. Despite the direct clash with other strong dramas, [DWL] still made good ratings with an average viewership rating of 2.63. During the episode, Ella and Jerry had 3 encounters; and on their 3rd encounter when Ella knelt down before Jerry, the ratings peaked at 4.66. It is evident that this interesting pairing of on-screen couple is well-received by fans and viewers. When contacted, Jerry and Ella are also very happy to learn of the positive ratings. As Ella was working overseas then, she did not manage to catch the telecast. The moment she switched on her mobile phone at the Taipei airport after she returned, she received a text-message from Michael notifying her of the good ratings. She said happily, “[xia gui] (kneeling) is sure worth it! If the ratings can break 10, I will be glad to even [xia dan] (lay eggs).” When asked about Jerry’s response, as Ella has just touched down, she shared that they have not had time to contact each other as yet.

Before [DWL] was aired, the public buses with advertisements of Jerry and Ella’s characters have already been seen everywhere on the streets of Taipei. There were times when Jerry caught sight of some of these buses all at one go when he was on the streets and given the large numbers, he joked, “I tend to get confused seeing so many of the advertisements. It felt as if I was running about on the streets of Taipei and it must be very tiring.” When Jerry heard the good news on the ratings, he said humbly, “I hope that everyone will be able to see a different Jerry, and Ella is fantastic.”

The night before, [DWL]’s director Ke Han Chen gathered Xiao Xian, Michael Zhang, Amanda Zhou etc at his house to watch the debut telecast together. Xiao Xian said, “Everyone was laughing throughout as we watched the telecast, and that includes the advertisements as well.” Starring as Ella’s elder sister in [DWL], Xiao Xian gave a convincing portrayal of the scrooge-like sister who views money as her life. Her performance is a pleasant surprise to many viewers. In the particular scene whereby Xiao Xian and Ella had interactions from the living room to the kitchen was a totally one-shot complete scene filmed. This won the praise of the director, saying, “Very soon, others will be approaching you (Xiao Xian) to star in other serials too.” Xiao Xian shared that all the cast had put in a lot of efforts during the few months of hectic filming and she is confident of the ratings. This week, the 2nd episode of [DWL] will be aired. She hoped that all the cast can gather together to enjoy this episode together.

When Michael first learnt of the viewership ratings in the morning, he was pleasantly surprised, and exclaimed, “I must go give thanks!” It turned out that earlier on he had made a wish before the deities for [DWL] to achieve good ratings. Now with such encouraging results, Michael expressed that he will find a day to give thanks properly no matter how busy his schedule may be.

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Autumn’s Concerto and Down With Love go head to head

Posted by diopatra on January 31, 2010

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Source: UDN, Chinatimes
Written By PA @

Jerry Yan’s new drama is set to make its entry in the highly competitive Sunday night idol drama battle. Down With Love will be going up against Autumn’s Concerto, which has been in the number one spot for 17 weeks in a row, as well as a 45 minutes finale of Hi! My Sweetheart. A behind the scenes special of Down With Love was aired last week after an approval delay. Compared to the rating of 7.64% for Autumn’s Concerto and 5.14% for Hi! My Sweetheart, the special brought in a decent rating of 0.98% considering the Momo Love finale was only at 0.69%. All eyes will be on Jerry Yan and Van Ness Wu as the former F4’s battle for the top spot in the ratings. Coincidentally, both stars will be going to Japan for promotions after the Chinese New Year.

In the midst of all this competition, one man/boy will be the ultimate winner regardless of which drama comes out on top. Child star Xiao Xiao Bin has been charming audiences with his acting in Autumn’s Concerto over the past few months. He had even outdone Van Ness Wu when it comes to baring it all on TV. Xiao Xiao Bin will also be seen on Down With Love playing Jerry Yan’s adopted son. The drama will showcase a younger Bin as it was filmed prior to Autumn’s Concerto last year. With a combined rating of 8.62% from both dramas last week, no F4 will even come close to challenging Xiao Xiao Bin for The King of Sunday night TV.

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Ella’s On-Screen Kiss with Jerry Has Most “Feel”, I’ve Really Gotten A Big Advantage

Posted by diopatra on January 31, 2010

Source: China Times
Translation by: shyun_y @

CTV and GTV’s idol drama – [Down With Love] will be telecast this evening at 10 pm. Accordingly to [Shi Bao Magazine Vol 1667], Ella is most proud of her on-screen kiss with Jerry Yan, despite having kissed many male idols in her past serials and joked, “To have kissed such a big handsome idol, I’ve really gotten a big advantage!” Since starring in idol drama serials, she has on-screen kisses with Blue Lan, Jerry Huang, Wu Chun etc. However it was the on-screen kiss with Jerry that she felt was the most real, with emotions, natural and at ease.

Funny-Effect Kiss with Wu Chun, Nerve-Racking Kiss with Blue Lan

She shared on her past kissing scenes, “The kiss with Wu Chun in [Hana Kimi] was one for funny effects. The kiss with Jerry (Huang) in [The Rose] felt dreamy and unreal. My first on-screen kiss was in [Magical Love] with Blue Lan. During then, I was a pack of nerves.” She was also in the disguise of a boy in her on-screen kiss with Wu Chun, hence it was like a “boy-boy-kiss”.

Having filmed in a few drama serials and been through a few love relationships respectively, Ella has derived her very own “Love Evolution Theory”. She said, “In my past love relationships, I was indulged in the feeling of romance. And when this feeling has faded gradually, I ended up breaking off, thus, hurting the other parties in my younger days. Now, I’ve learnt for a love relationship to foster, both parties have to understand each other well. If you feel that the person is the right one for you after being together for some time, then you need not set requirements upon him such as occupation, appearances etc. What is most important is for both parties to really love each other.”

Hardships or Ugly Duckling, She Does it in a Breeze to Successfully Own Her Stage in Idol Drama Arena

In her drama serials over the years, Ella had attempts to disguise as a boy, braved the rain for kissing scenes, and carried a prop fridge of over ten kilograms along a bustling street. Given her high endurance and resilience, not minding less than pretty disguises, and good health condition, everyone has given her the tile of “Oshin”. Relative to Selina and Hebe, Ella is better able to adapt to exposure of harsh weather conditions while filming outdoors, hence, Ella is the most successful amongst S.H.E members to have developed her career beyond singing, and into the acting arena.

Ferrying First Love Girlfriend on Bicycle, Ended Up with Sore Leg Muscles

Jerry and Ella are acting as bickering couple who turned into lovers eventually in [DWL]. Off-screen Jerry and Ella are great Machi and Ella shared, “He would even take my shoe off to do foot massage for me.” Meanwhile Jerry shared, “In the past, I assumed I was being thoughtful when I was riding a bicycle with my ex-girlfriend sitting behind me, and singing for her. But in the end, I ended up with very sore muscles for my legs.” As to what songs did he sing then, he joked, “It’s [Meteor Rain]!” Meanwhile Judy Zhou Ding Wei is acting as the boyfriend who has forsaken Ella in the debut episode and she has a scene whereby she was drowning her sorrows in drinks and cried very bitterly. Ella shared that she had looked very ugly in that particular crying scene.

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Jerry Yan & Ella – Both Extremely Busy, Publicity Plans Awaits in Apprehension

Posted by diopatra on January 29, 2010

Source: UDN
Translation by: shyun_y @

CTV and GTV’s latest idol drama – [Down With Love] stars A-listers Jerry Yan and Ella. Prior to the telecast of the drama, the serial’s broadcast copyrights have already sold out in China, achieving high economic returns for the television stations and production team. However it seemed that the publicity plans and coordination would be highly dependant on the “big-shots’ will”, resulting in the crew members having a hard time in scheduling.

According to our sources, just trying to coordinate the schedule of both the male and female leads is a tall order. To date before the drama is aired, only 2 public activities can be arranged. One of the scheduled publicity was cancelled as Ella was supposedly displeased with being maligned by the production team. There were supposedly also restrictions to questions pertaining to romance rumours and playing games , if the cast is to go onto the variety shows.

The TV stations self-mocked that their publicity plans have been “most relaxed”. But in fact, they were filled with anxiety. The viewership ratings of the first 3 episodes of any drama serials are mainly through its publicity efforts. If the publicity to generate awareness is insufficient, even a strong cast would be hard to guarantee high viewership ratings.

In addition, the TV stations must also submit the drafts of their press releases to the celebrities first, as the “PR personnel cannot make groundless statements”. When the artiste managing company or record company has perused the press releases, only then can it be sent to the media.

Meanwhile Hebe was also said to be difficult to work with while filming [Bull Fighting]. The TV station crew explained that usually the record companies would need to first assess the nature of the publicity activities, the partnering artistes, the timing, topics for discussion etc, and still, might not be able to oblige the publicity request, “If romance rumours are spread, we are going to be in trouble.”

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