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Ethan Ruan, Mark Zhao discusses fashion, girlfriend

Posted by diopatra on July 2, 2009

Source : UDN
translated by fewfew @

Although and did not go head to head, both super popular male leads, Ethan Ruan and Mark Zhao, appear on July fashion magazines. Xiao Tian (Ethan) wears Adidas, being fashionable and sporty. Mark Zhao on the other hand wears Prada to show his handsomeness. The two of them compete to see who is manlier.

Questions regarding their love life are unavoidable. Mark Zhao, who has a face full of integrity, reveals that he actually also like sexy women. Whenever a woman lifts her hair up while with her back facing him, her elegant back figure accompanied by her long neck, it would always make his heart beat faster. Xiao Tian, who is in a steady relationship with Tiffany Xu, complements himself proudly for being an outstanding boyfriend, saying that he would always do anything for his girlfriend.

The two dramas, and , which aired back to back, both did very well, making Ethan Ruan a star who guarantees to draw in ratings. Although he has become a hot star now, his ex-girlfriend exposes his private life, yet he openly admits his past relationship with her. He expresses sincerely, “Everyone needs love, especially when you’re an actor. How could you possibly not have any love relationships? The least I can say is that for every girl I’ve been with, I’ve tried my hardest. I dare to say that I’m a super outstanding boyfriend. There’s nothing that I can do if the other party must say anything about our relationship after it’s over.”

Ethan Ruan says that because he has worked with Director Niu Cheng Ze in before, he has gained a lot. This time, he accepts the role in (/Moungar) without even reading the script first. He has been studying for his role. Other than taking Taiwanese language lessons, he has also observed the location, taken a look at how the leader of Mankah plays chess, and has gone to Taichong to consult with people who know the story of Mankah.

Mark Zhao, who has become famous overnight, wishes everyone to pay more attention to his inner qualities, and not just his appearance. His own personal goal is to become Takuya Kimura, whereby his performance would spark everyone’s eyes every time.

Love rumors regarding Mark Zhao come one after another. He takes this opportunity while shooting for the fashion magazine to express his criteria in looking for a girlfriend: “She doesn’t need to be too skinny. She must know how to cook and know how to tie a tie so that there can be more intimate interactions.”

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Taiwanese TV star Ethan Ruan, known for his bedroom scenes, says his smooches reveal much about his feelings

Posted by diopatra on June 27, 2009

HE BLUSHED when reminded that the Chinese media has been calling him King Of Bed Scenes and Taiwan Stallion.

‘I’ve only had bed scenes in two dramas, how can that make me king?’

That was the shy reaction from Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan.

The scenes in question are a steamy romp with actress Chen Qiao En in last year’s Fated To Love You, and an equally hot scene with Cheryl Yang in Queen Of No Marriage.

The first was only 10 minutes long, but it was enough to make Fated To Love You Taiwan’s most watched drama of all time.

Since they were aired, netizens have flooded Internet forums with gushing and even lustful comments.

Even his co-stars have joined in the praise.

Taiwanese online news portal Liberty Times recently reported that Qiao En praised Ethan for his ‘exciting kisses’, saying he was the best smoocher when compared with other actors such as Blue Lan and Ming Dao.

Cheryl too, reportedly said she she enjoyed Ethan’s ‘playful kisses’ as opposed to those she shared with one of the series’ supporting actors, Wen Sheng Hao.

Ethan first burst into showbiz in a music video for singer Penny Tai and subsequently made a name for himself starring in music videos for artistes like Stefanie Sun, Jolin Tsai, Fish Leong and S.H.E.

His pretty boy looks soon moved him into the drama scene, with his first series, Michael The Archangel’s Dance five years ago.

First leading role

But it was only last year that he won his first leading role, in Fated To Love You.

And it has made him one of the top Taiwanese stars today.

The 1.84m-tall actor is also a model who has graced the covers of magazines like Elle, GQ and Harper’s Bazaar.

Despite all the blushing at last weekend’s media appearance, Ethan revealed he was comfortable when shooting the scene.

‘A veteran actress once told me that you can never be too into a scene,’ he said.

He added that as long as he is professional about it, he would put his heart and soul into the scene so that the chemistry between the two actors is believable.

But does he carry that ‘electricity’ into real life?

Said Ethan: ‘Taiwanese girls are shy by nature so I’ve honestly never heard any comments from my girlfriends.’

‘When I kiss someone I am always communicating something. It could be asking her if she likes me or telling her how much I love her. Maybe that’s what makes them feel special,’ he added.

As to how he keeps girlfriend Tiffany Hsu’s jealousy in check when he canoodles his leading ladies, he put it down to the Eurasian model-actress’ ‘trust in my professionalism’.

That’s probably the easy part.

The difficult part would be to deal with the numerous proposals – many of them indecent – that total strangers have made to the actor.

He’s been getting them since he was 16, he said, when women in their 20s would offer to buy him luxury items such as cars in return for his ‘company’.

‘I thought they were out of their minds. I told them that I was satisfied with my financial situation and didn’t need or want their money,’ he said.

He also added that although he doesn’t mind his fans’ amorous comments, he would always treat their interactions ‘with respect’.

‘For some strange reason, my fans are very pretty. But I believe in engaging in proper behaviour at all times,’ he said.

Having said that, he also admitted to always having been long-time friends with his love interests first, before jumping into a relationship.

‘But when I commit and we are a couple, let’s just say I’m not the kind to procrastinate,’ he said with a grin.

The quiet confidence that Ethan exudes, however, has less to do with his toned physique than his increasing popularity.

He confessed that he hates going to the gym and relies only on his favourite sport, surfing, to stay in shape.

Numerous acting opportunities and endorsement deals have come knocking on his door, with the latest being from American fast food conglomerate McDonald’s.

He recalled how he had a small part in a McDonald’s commercial seven years ago, which coincidentally was shot in Singapore.

But the NT$20,000 ($890) he was paid then is a far cry from the NT$1 million endorsement deal he recently signed with the burger chain.

Said Ethan: ‘I am very grateful to (Taiwanese TV station) Settv for producing two excellent dramas (Fated To Love You and Queen Of No Marriage) and casting me in them.’

Addressing rumours that the TV station had written the series with the idea of milking his sex symbol image, Ethan remained ambivalent as ‘that is indeed one side of me’.

‘However, I do hope people get to see my multi-faceted personality. I’m one of the goofiest geeks around as well,’ he said with a laugh.

The New Paper

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Ethan Ruan surprisingly hit on; Cheryl Yang happily smacks butt

Posted by diopatra on June 23, 2009

Source: Liberty Times
Translation: Sarah @

Ethan Ruan & Cheryl Yang earlier went to Singapore to promote their drama ‘My Queen’ and met with over 2000 fans. However, one female fan said to Ethan: “Come back to my house,” and this shocked Ethan so much that he fell back and ended up sitting on the stage. He laughed saying: “She looked so serious, so bold, really scared me there.”

As soon as the 2 got off the plane, there were hundreds of fans waiting for them at the airport. During the 3 days of promotional activities, everyday, there would be fans renting out vans to follow them. Outside their hotel, there would also be fans waiting 24 hours around the clock. Fans even provided whiteboard pens so that when the 2 were rushing off to their notices, they could communicate ‘via writing’.

2000 fans were present at the fan-meet event, and the 2 each acted out roles with fans. Cheryl and her fans acted out the part when Dan Wu Shuang found out about Luca’s age, she immediately kicked him out. So to ‘kick Lucas out’, Cheryl kept smacking the male fan’s butt, and this made everyone in the audience laugh.

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Ethan Ruan grabs a fortune, reaping tens of million with 4 commercials

Posted by diopatra on May 18, 2009

Source : UDN
translation by karened @

After his 「性癖好」(1) was disclosed, Ethan Ruan became even more popular. However, in spite of the spike in popularity, his income was not proportional. This year, because his role in “My Queen” was too heavy, he didn’t even have time to participate in events and activities. However, after filming was finished, he started grabbing a fortune, finally ending the period of “Zero commercials”. He filmed a shower gel commercial two days ago and will be filming another 3 soon, raking in tens of million dollars.

“My Queen” brought Wen Sheng Hao(2) to fame, just like how “Fated To Love You” helped Ethan Ruan create a turning point in his career. Having them two on the same drama, it is inevitable for comparisons to be made. During a handphone promotional event Cheryl Yang was invited to, the partner by her side was Wen Sheng Hao and not Ethan Ruan, and some people saw that as the senior’s fame rising quickly against the strawberry’s.

Now that Wen Sheng Hao’s relationship with his girlfriend is disclosed, he was branded as the “fake senior” – a price for fame. As someone who went through this before, Ethan Ruan said, “He did call me up to grumble, but I think this needs some time to get used to.” Regarding the possibility that senior could be his strongest competitor, Ethan Ruan was nonchalent because he still had a lot of things to complete.

With the wrapping up of filming for “My Queen”, he immediately moved on to prepare for the filming of Doze Niu’s new film Monga, undergoing classes to prepare for his character. It has also been confirmed that he will be undergoing training at a film/drama academy in Bei Jing at the end of the year so as to improve his acting. Last year, only Joe Chen was nominated in the Golden Bell Award. This year, his co-actress in “My Queen” is also a strong competitor. Also, Wen Sheng Hao may get nominated as well. The motivation behind Ethan Ruan’s desire to improve further is definitely not a weak one.

With such a huge increase in his income, Ethan Ruan has already bought a Gucci bag for his mother. Not just that. He has also not forgotten his girlfriend Tiffany Xu’s mother. When asked what he got for his “Mother-in-law”, he replied, “Let me keep it a secret! Otherwise, there won’t be any surprise.”


Translator’s notes
(1) Not sure what it meant coz I don’t follow his news, but literally means “sex fetish”
(2) The guy acting as Leslie Sung
(3) LOL just my comments. I really think Ethan’s acting is above average….and I look forward to him challenging the role of a triad boss. Hopefully it’ll be impactful but not too shocking. I was quite surprised to read so much comments on My Queen supporting the senior. But I can see why so. I guess this drama has really boosted the popularity of that actor. The article killed me at the end. A fact I never wanted to face…Joe!! (But well, she has a bf too so…)

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Ethan Ruan replaces Jay Chou as triad member in new film

Posted by diopatra on May 13, 2009

Source: Yahoonews
Taiwanese pop idol Ethan Ruan will be replacing Jay Chou to play a triad member in a new action movie Monga.

Set in the 80s in the Taipei Wanhua district, the movie, directed by Doze Niu, will commence shooting in August after a delay of four years. Ruan said he was hoping to be in the movie but never dreamt that he would be the male lead.

With a fee that has escalated more than three times, Ruan told Director Niu forthrightly, “I’m willing to be cast in this movie for any amount!” On hearing that, the producer of the film joked, “I think I have to relook at the price then!”

Though the usually sunshiny boy will be taking on the role as a triad member for the first time – a character very different from his actual self and previous characters – Director Niu has absolute confidence in him. The latter has also planned for Ruan to take on action training and hook him up with a real triad leader to observe their behaviour and speech after they return from the Cannes Film Festival’s Taiwan Night.

The film, which was originally planned for collaboration with Jay Chou five years ago, is targeted for screening for Chinese New Year next year. It will go head on with Chou’s new movie Ci Ling, which may be awkward for Niu.

Niu thanked Chou for his support back then, but since Monga is the only Taiwanese film to be screened during the festive season in recent years, Niu has decided to go up against Chou at the box office, regardless of the result.

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