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SJ’s Beijing concert draws crowd, showing off the aspects of an Asian star

Posted by diopatra on January 26, 2010

With the song that seize the world, ‘Sorry Sorry’, Super Junior held concerts in Seoul, Hong Kong Shanghai, Bangkok, Nanjing and now, Beijing’s ‘Super Show 2’ finished, it has once again showed the overwhelming power this Asian Star group possess.

On the 23, at around 7:30pm (Beijing time), at China Beijing’s Wu Ke Song Basketball Court, for Super Junior’s The 2nd Asia Tour Super Show 2’ in Beijing, Super Junior gave their first concert in Beijing, with the fans screams and shouts filling the whole place.

Super Junior performed ‘U’, ‘Don’t Don’ and ‘Sorry Sorry’, and others like Super Junior- K.R.Y, Super Junior- T, Super Junior-M, as well as members also performed their solo acts. Super Junior rocked the stage, and with 35 songs, the whole place was simply bursting with excitement.

KyuHyun also gave the Chinese fans a surprise, by singing Jam Xiao’s原谅我 (Forgive Me), gaining positive feedbacks from the Chinese fans. All of the members also communicated with the audiences in Chinese, and with such acts, it is not surprising that ‘Super Show 2’ is garnering a lot of interest.

The Chinese fans lighted the whole stadium with pearl blue glow sticks, and when each member had their solo stage, their own fan signs would light up as well, all made with LED lights and gorgeous banners, catching the members’ attention.

Meanwhile, Super Junior will be holding their Super Show 2 in Taiwan on the 20, 21 of February at the Super Dome.

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Boys Generation – Gee

Posted by diopatra on June 26, 2009

Super Junior – Yesung, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Shindong
2pm- Jaebum, Taecyeon, Nickhun
Shinee- Key
2am – Jo Kwon

i’ve anticipated the skinny jeans, key as representative of shinee. vocals, better than the original. not as hilarious as wonder boys but they all did great. i think they concentrated om vocals than on the dance step.

jokwon, hilarious as usual, yesung, jaebum, taecyeon and eunhyuk is too manly for this kind of thing. sungmin can’t not his performance level, i heard he injured himself before the show. though nothing serious but he had few stitches.

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090610 Super Junior

Posted by diopatra on June 20, 2009

credits: ELSubs@yt

seriously one whole episode of a program is not enough. can you imagine if heechul is with them. they can do a marathon program and viewers, wont get tired of them.

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090607 Super Junior – It’s You @ Inkigayo

Posted by diopatra on June 7, 2009

call me old fashion but i prefer the boys’ hair color black

they are still hot though.

seeing leeteuk outfit, i remember one of his conversation with hyukjae in sukira during DBSK promotion of mirotic. they were talking about yoochun hairstyle and dbsk outfit during “hey, dont bring me down” performance and how they, leeteuk and hyukjae wish to wear that outfit.

and look at leeteuk his wearing a sleeveless though i cant see him with yoochun’s hairstyle since leader-sshi so vain with his hair.

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Super Junior To Be In The June Issue Of Cosmopolitan

Posted by diopatra on May 21, 2009

Super Junior members chose Eunhyuk to be the one that they dont want to be in the same team with most.

Super Junior will talk about the difficulties when making the 3rd album “Sorry sorry” and the good friendship among the members on June issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.

Super Junior members said that before debut, when were asked which member they dont want to be in the same team with, they all chose Eunhyuk. Leeteuk said “The first time time I saw Eunhyuk, it was said that if I want to debut in 3 months, I’d have to try so hard. People said he was very good at rap, dancing and had a lot of friends”

Eunhyuk talked about the awkwardness between him and some members in the group “Actually we are like that. In fact, I dont know/realize there had been awkward times between me and Heechul hyung. Of course now it’s no longer like that.”

Also, the June issue of Cosmopolitan will reveal that among the members, between love and friendship, who will choose love.

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