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Wonder Girls to have 3rd Anniversary fan meeting

Posted by diopatra on February 2, 2010

JYP Entertainment has announced on the 29th that they would be organizing a fan meeting this coming February to celebrate the Wonder Girls 3rd anniversary.

With February 10th marking the Wonder Girls 3rd anniversary, JYP Entertainment is preparing for a special fan meeting to celebrate the occasion with Wonderfuls. But most importantly, it will be an important channel for fans to communicate with the Wonder Girls about their doubts/queries, regarding Sunmi’s withdrawal especially.

A JYPE representative expressed that the exact date has yet to be fixed as they needed to notify and discuss with the Wonder Girls and their family members. But the fan meeting will definitely be held within February.

SOURCE: allkpop
CREDIT: wgspectacle!

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Jang Keun-suk successfully wraps up his fan meeting in Korea

Posted by diopatra on February 2, 2010

Korean actor Jang Keun-suk held his second fan meeting in Korea over the weekend, attracting scores of domestic and overseas fans to the event.

The actor met with some 3,000 fans — including 700 people from eight countries overseas — at his fan event, held at Seoul’s Olympic Park Olympic Hall on Sunday.

Jang performed songs from the soundtrack to his recent TV series “Minamishineyo” as well as past hits by other K-pop artists including “It’s Raining” by Rain and “Heartbeat” by 2PM.

The actor also displayed his deejaying skills and unveiled a series of personal photographs and videos from his childhood days up to the present.

Jang, 23, has appeared in several notable television dramas including “Beethoven Virus” (MBC, 2008), “Hong Gil-dong” (KBS2, 2008) and popular sitcom “Nonstop 4” (MBC, 2003). He has also done some acting work on the big screen, most recently “The Case of Itaewon Homicide” last year.

He became a phenomenon in Korea and throughout Asia after starring in “Minamishineyo”, in which he portrayed an eccentric lead singer of idol group A.N.JELL.

He is scheduled to tour four Asian countries — namely China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore — by March 5.


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Young Saeng Dances Gee Again

Posted by diopatra on July 2, 2009

if only someone can compile all these cute moments.

i say i like the version during romantic sky event. the way he deliver the dance is flawless.

but love this vid, its so clea. can see the other boys at the back laughing.

in no time he’ll learn again the new GG dance. i want to see him doing the “leg step”

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SS501 in HongKong, Trapped in Crowd, Had to Run out of “Danger”…Kim HyunJoong praises Barbie Xu

Posted by diopatra on July 1, 2009

Credits : taiyang bao + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Korean group SS501 came to HongKong 2 nights ago, making the airport chaotic with about 500 fans in the arrival hall. The 5 of them were trapped in the crowd, unable to move. Member Park JungMin was in a difficult situation as he had to run under the protection of the security guards to go ‘out of danger’.

Popular Korean group SS501 arrived from Taiwan to HongKong 2 nights ago, attracting 500 fans at the airport to see their idols. Members Kim HyunJoong, Kim HyungJoon, Kim KyuJong, Park JungMin and Heo YoungSaeng appeared at the arrival hall at 10.30pm. Even though the company already arranged more than 10 security guards to maintain the order, but the enthusiastic fans still get into their way. When the 5 of them came out of the arrival gates, the enthusiastic fans closed in immediately, some of them even went into the restricted area, while others got a bird’s eye view by standing on the escalator. For their safety, the airport authorities stopped the 2 escalators near the arrival gate immediately. There are fans who fell and some pushed the security guards, the situation is chaotic. Some fans spontaneously shouted for everyone to calm down, but is not much efficient.

SS501 were stuck inside the crowd, not being able to move anywhere, however they did not forget to still wave to their fans and allow them to take photos. The security guards tried to open the path for them but to no avail. At this moment, someone suddenly pulled Park JungMin to run towards the staff passageway, though he has successfully ran out from ‘danger’, Park JungMin’s unglamorous and funny moment was caught on TV! The other 4 members had to wait at a shop nearby the arrival hall. They waited for about 30mins before finally being able to get on to their car to leave for the hotel. When they arrive at the hotel, there are about 3~4 cars following them, and some fans attempted to give a huge soft toy as a gift to their idols.

Kim HyunJoong praises Barbie Xu

Talking about their Taiwan trip, Kim HyunJoong, who acted as Hanazawa Rui in Korean version of ‘Boys Over Flowers’, praised Taiwan version of Makino Tsukushi, Barbie Xu as pretty, and hopes to see her in person. He also mentioned about the donation of NTD100,000 which they’ve raised through the photo-taking session with fans. They also mentioned their likings on Taiwan’s xiaolongbao. They are touched by the enthusiasm of Taiwan fans, promising to return for a concert between October to December.

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Joe Cheng picking actors in Guangzhou; reveals that he has a ‘secret mission’

Posted by diopatra on June 30, 2009

Source: Sina
Translated by: Kassy @

Taiwan’s popular idol Zheng Yuan Chang appeared in Guangzhou to attend the “GIFTOUR —- Creative Competition Fan Meeting in Guangzhou”. Zheng Yuan Chang turned himself into GIFTOUR team leader and picked out 30 team members, together they will complete the short clip of his first internet reality show. During the event, he gets a taste of being a ‘director’, currently busy with stage play performances and doesn’t have any filming jobs has reveals that he will be having a ‘secret mission’ soon.

Once recorded a creative horror story
Attending the event held by the creative brand, Zheng Yuan Chang can’t help but revealed some of his creative ideas in his daily life, for example during special events or anniversaries he will create special drinks or delicacies, when talking about creative presents, Zheng Yuan Chang reveals that when he was small he and his older sister will record a story together for their parents, introducing his own life, sometimes he will make sounds effect, telling ghost story and using his mother’s high heels to make walking sounds. Among the presents given by his fans, Zheng Yuan Chang said that the self made cards made by the fans are the most unique, making a mini size of himself with a cardboard and recording his journey in the entertainment industry, very thoughtful.

About Japanese fans giving him a star, Zheng Yuan Chang gives recognition for their ideas and also curious to know the price that they have paid for the star. You can’t measure creativity with money, it’s the heart and thoughts that are most important. When asked what kind of creative present he will give to the girl that he likes, Zheng Yuan Chang reveals that he will pick something that is very useful, like fridge, home appliances etc but he will wrap them up in a very creative way.

Will be having a cross domain [secret mission]
When talking about his next job, Zheng Yuan Chang introduces his stage play [Design for Living] that he is going to have in Hong Kong this coming July, as for movies and tv series, he can only have more general plans at the end of the year. But Zheng Yuan Chang also excitedly said that at this moment he has a cross domain [secret] mission, it is something that he has never experience before for the past 5 years in his career, it allows him to enhance his senses more fully, as for what kind of job it is, Zheng Yuan Chang asked us to anticipate for it.

As for why he still hasn’t has any new filming productions, other than busy with stage play tour performances, rumor has it that Zheng Yuan Chang is also very picky with the script. With this, Zheng Yuan Chang said that actually his demand for the script is very simple, as long as the story is touching then he will take it, choosing a script is like getting a girlfriend, depends on fate, once both sides are match, it will receive the blessing and well-loved by everyone.

Once think of Ariel Lin as a killer mechanical doll
Been filming so many idol series, when asked which one will the his signature character, Zheng Yuan Chang thinks that every character is his signature character, and probably the fans will have their own too but if he really has to pick one, he will more favor on his first tv series [The Rose], the feeling is like first love, very refreshing.

Rose to fame while working with Lin Yi Chen in [It Started With A Kiss] series, when talking about having future collaboration with Lin Yi Chen, Zheng Yuan Chang said that Yi Chen is a very very important working partner for him, and believe that in the future they still have a lot of opportunities to work together. And not necessary just be acting, maybe some time in the future, both of them will get to work together under a wider working field. Actually during their normal conversation Zheng Yuan Chang has once imagine Lin Yi Chen as a totally different character, for example being a very cute mechanical doll but it’s actually a cold-blooded killer. As for his own imagination character, Zheng Yuan Chang reveals that he would often imagine unrealistic characters, for example able to fly or having special powers like telepathic etc.

During the night he had attended a competition in Guangzhou, the organizer has especially arranged the fans to sing birthday song to Zheng Yuan Chang, he was especially touched by it. After [GIFTOUR — Creative Competition] in Guangzhou the same events in Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenyang and Beijing are going to start soon. The team mates of these 5 cities will be competing against each other, getting 30 team mates from the 1500 GIFTOUR contestants of each city. Then the 30 team mates will have to create a creative and fun clip within a week, in the clip, the team mates has to show a nice interaction and interest with the creative products by GIFTOUR, then the clips will be uploaded to the event website organized by GIFTOUR. After going through 2 weeks of reviewing and voting by the professionals and netizens, they will then pick out the top 5 to go for the final round [GIFTOUR Team]. In this round the fashion icon celebrities like Zheng Yuan Chang, KIMI Qiao Ren Liang, Wang Yue Xin, Ma Tian Yu, Zhang Jie will be included for the filming of this event, they will be leading their [GIFTOUR Team] to challenge the last mysterious mission.

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