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Lee Min Ho feeds instant noodles to Taiwanese girl

Posted by diopatra on June 5, 2009

Source : Chinatimes
translated by fewfew @

<Boys Over Flowers> broke the record of receiving highest ratings when it was broadcasted in South Korea. When Lee Min Ho and Koo Hye Sun went on <100% Entertainment>, ratings for the show also peaked at 0.99%. However, chairman of production company <Group 8>, Song Bing Zhun, revealed that he has no plans of filming a sequel, making it hard to see “Goo Joon Pyo” and “Geum Jan Di” again.

Three thousand fans crowded; Accident with hand-shaking event

On June 2nd, a fan meeting for Lee Min Ho and Koo Hye Sun was held at the living mall. Approximately three thousand fans crowded at the event. Fans screamed non-stop when Lee Min Ho fed a female fan some instant noodles and caringly wiped her mouth, which had green onions stuck on it. But the fan said after finishing her noodles, “I want to hug Koo Hye Sun,” making Lee Min Ho speechless. Afterwards, when Lee Min Ho and Koo Hye Sun shook hands with 160 lucky fans, fans broke the barrier, which had been set up by the staff to guard the fans. As a result, the handshaking event was ended due to the accident.

Dining at San Want Hotel; Fans lined up to welcome

<Boys Over Flowers> has become a huge hit, and fans’ craze over the drama is more than anyone could imagine. When Lee Min Ho and Koo Hye Sun were heading to San Want Hotel to eat, fans chased after them and lined up at the entrance to welcome them. Lee Min Ho was shocked, “Incredible!” During the filming of <Boys Over Flowers>, many car accidents occurred with the filming crew, where people called it the “curse of Meteor Garden”. In hope to avoid any further accidents, the production crew issued a notice to the actors/actress’ agency and requested that neither their managers nor assistances can drive for more than 7 hours a day.

<It Started With a Kiss> will soon to have a Korean Version

After production company <Group 8> filmed <Goong> and <Boys Over Flowers>, both idol dramas became a huge hit. But chairman Song Bing Zhun revealed that he doesn’t like to do the same things twice, and that he would only use the same actors once. He has no plans of filming a sequel for <Boys Over Flowers> at the moment. He also revealed that he has already bought the rights to <It Started With A Kiss> and plans to start filming the Korean version in next year’s winter, but the cast has not been set.

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Goo Hyesun Debuts as Artist and Music Composer

Posted by diopatra on May 24, 2009

Actress Goo Hyesun, who has published a novel and debuted as a filmmaker, is poised now to make a foray into painting and music composing. She will hold an exhibition late next month in Insa-dong to showcase some 40 of her works.

Goo is also preparing a new-age album slated for release late this year. The album contains compositions that she has personally written. She has written 11 compositions so far and is currently recording them. Originally, they were intended for a movie that she has been in preparations to produce.

Last year, Goo drew the covert art for singer Gummy’s fourth album and included more than 40 of her illustrations in her first novel, “Tango,” which was published last month.

On May 17, Goo received the Audience Award at the Busan Asian Short Film festival for a short film that she had directed and for which she wrote the script.

The versatile and talented actress says she has many dreams and wants to try many things.

source: KBS

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‘Boys Over Flowers’ star to debut film at PiFan

Posted by diopatra on May 18, 2009

Koo Hye-sun’s debut film has been chosen to screen at this year’s 13th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival.

She is among 35 Korean filmmakers chosen to screen short films at the festival in Bucheon, Gyeonggi.

The actress, who recently starred as Geum Jan-di in KBS-2 TV’s drama “Boys Over Flowers,” does not appear in the film. Instead she was busy behind the scenes, writing, directing, editing and even playing the piano for the film’s soundtrack.

The 14-minute film, “The Cheerful Helper,” follows a week in the life of a young man who goes to church in hopes of salvation.

PiFan will be held from July 16 to 26.

source: Joong Ang Daily

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Controversy over Goo Hyesun and Yoona having a Grandmother Image?

Posted by diopatra on May 15, 2009

source: yahoo

“Ulzzang” turned actress, Goo Hyesun (25) and SNSD’s Yoona’s (19) faces have been analyzed as to having a “Grandmother Image” and netizens have begun with their criticism.

On the 13th, the media said, “Goo Hyesun and Yoona have similar faces” and “They both have somewhat pursed lips and when they talk, at the first glance, you are aware of a grandmother impression.” They also said, “With their fateful wrinkles, skin, and thin jawbones, they really resemble the image of an old woman.”

After the release of this news, the netizens’ reactions were divided over. Some of the contents were agreeable, but to compare two young stars with grandmothers was uncalled for.

Some netizens say, “It wasn’t only me who thought they resembled grandmothers. When Goo Hyesun talks while she eats, you can really associate her with an old lady.” Others say, “They feel like grandmothers” and have agreed with the news report. Some others say, “Yoona is only 20 years old. If you call her a grandma, don’t you think she’ll be hurt?”

The fans of both stars have also started forming their own opinions. “How dare you compare Koo Goddess (Goo Hyesun) with Yoona? It makes no sense” and “How do you see Yoona as a grandma? There’s nothing similar about these two people” and many people are posting on the Internet to defend the two stars.

Also, netizens have been posting witty comments such as “If my grandma looked like that, I would be spending the rest of my life filming ‘The Way to Home'” and “Are grandmothers ulzzangs?” Another comment that gave laughter was “Even if people say they look like grandmas, if they look the way they do, they won’t have any wishes.”

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Goo Hye sun Shows Versatile Talent on “Literature With A Voice”

Posted by diopatra on May 13, 2009

Actress Goo Hye sun, 25, who played a leading role in the TV drama “Boys over Flowers”, will display her versatile talent on the KBS TV1 show “Literature With A Voice”, which will air May 12 at 11:30 p.m.

The production team says that during the recording of the show, the actress played the piano on a stage decorated with her own drawings. She also recited extracts from the novel “Haak Haak” by Lee Oi-soo, Koo’s debut novel “Tango”, which was published last month, and the essay “Then I Didn’t Say Anything” by Chun Hye-rin.

The actress also spoke about her efforts to gain recognition for more than ten years and public misunderstanding that she rose to stardom solely because of her pretty looks. She also expressed gratitude to her parents for trusting her.

sOURCE: Han cinema

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