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Sunye’s earlier return was to meet Haelim

Posted by diopatra on January 31, 2010

The American-based WONDERGIRLS have secretly returned to South Korea. The short homecoming is facilitate China promotions during early February. But because of the related problem of SunMi’s departure, whether the fans can meet with WONDERGIRLS has become a focus of attention.

WONDERGIRLS’s return is receiving media interest because this China activity is the beginning of newest member HaeLim taking over from SunMi. To this end, group leader SunYe was the first to return home this January 25, in order to meet with HaeLim. 3 other members YeEun, Yoobin & Sohee followed her back on January 27. Excluded from the China activity is SunMi, who remained behind in New York for the purpose of WONDERGIRLS’s [additional] American activities through end-February.

Originally, JYP Entertainment allowed SunMi to remain an active member of WONDERGIRLS for February, before letting HaeLim take over in March. With regards to the speedier personnel change, JYP explained, “Because this China visit is for expeditiously shooting a CF, the CF will be broadcast [only] after SunMi has stopped her activities. As far as WONDERFULS’s overseas pacts, such activities were signed for as a 5-member combination. Hence, the earlier switch to HaeLim.”

They disclosed that SunYe returning 2 days earlier than the other group members was also to meet with HaeLim. Purportedly after meeting her, SunYe painstakingly instructed HaeLim on the complete WONDERGIRLS activities.

Whether WONDERGIRLS & their fans can meet during their domestic stay is also a focus of attention. The “Keep SunMi” activists among the fan clubs proposed to JYP to “let us see the WONDERGIRLS.” Their stated wish is to hear the truth of SunMi’s withdrawal from the team members’ mouths instead of via a formal company announcement.

In reply, a high-level JYP cohort plainly stated, “The issue of meeting the fans will be entirely settled by staff members.”

The WONDERGIRLS fan clubs have jointly submitted to JYP a public chargesheet concerning the mutual arrangements of SunMi’s withdrawal & HaeLim’s inclusion. They also hope a heart-to-heart meeting can be convened. In reply, JYP communicated in written form to the fan clubs on January 28 the reasons for SunMi’s withdrawal & why WONDERGIRLS should validly remain a 5-member group.

Source: JoongAng Ilbo Chinese Web
Trans: qoxie @ WGSpectacle

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