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Song Hye-kyo, HK’s Favorite Korean Star

Posted by diopatra on July 8, 2009

Residents of Hong Kong selected actress Song Hye-kyo as their favorite Korean star.

Song topped the popularity ranking in a survey conducted on 1,145 Hong Kong citizens at the International Travel Expo at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from June 11 to 14, according to the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) Tuesday.

In the survey which allowed multiple replies, 40.4 percent picked the 27-year-old actress, who gained popularity there through soap operas “Autumn in My Heart” and “Full House.”

Actress Lee Young-ae, the star of the drama “Jewel in the Palace,” who took first place last year, took second this year, with 40.2 percent.

Trailing her were Jun Ji-hyun, also known as Gianna Jun with 31.2 percent; Bae Yong-joon, better known as “Yonsama” with 16.2 percent; singer and actor Rain with 14.4 percent; and actor Ji Jin-hee with 12.9 percent.

The surveyed people also said if they have a chance to visit Korea, they’d like to visit Seoul, followed by Jeju Island and Gangwon Province. Those who have traveled Korea said they liked shopping the most, as well as the food and natural scenery.

source: Koreantimes

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SS501 HK Interview on CEN

Posted by diopatra on July 8, 2009

just a short interview, but gawd the boys are so HOT on cam.

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Young Saeng Dances Gee Again

Posted by diopatra on July 2, 2009

if only someone can compile all these cute moments.

i say i like the version during romantic sky event. the way he deliver the dance is flawless.

but love this vid, its so clea. can see the other boys at the back laughing.

in no time he’ll learn again the new GG dance. i want to see him doing the “leg step”

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SS501 in HongKong, Trapped in Crowd, Had to Run out of “Danger”…Kim HyunJoong praises Barbie Xu

Posted by diopatra on July 1, 2009

Credits : taiyang bao + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Korean group SS501 came to HongKong 2 nights ago, making the airport chaotic with about 500 fans in the arrival hall. The 5 of them were trapped in the crowd, unable to move. Member Park JungMin was in a difficult situation as he had to run under the protection of the security guards to go ‘out of danger’.

Popular Korean group SS501 arrived from Taiwan to HongKong 2 nights ago, attracting 500 fans at the airport to see their idols. Members Kim HyunJoong, Kim HyungJoon, Kim KyuJong, Park JungMin and Heo YoungSaeng appeared at the arrival hall at 10.30pm. Even though the company already arranged more than 10 security guards to maintain the order, but the enthusiastic fans still get into their way. When the 5 of them came out of the arrival gates, the enthusiastic fans closed in immediately, some of them even went into the restricted area, while others got a bird’s eye view by standing on the escalator. For their safety, the airport authorities stopped the 2 escalators near the arrival gate immediately. There are fans who fell and some pushed the security guards, the situation is chaotic. Some fans spontaneously shouted for everyone to calm down, but is not much efficient.

SS501 were stuck inside the crowd, not being able to move anywhere, however they did not forget to still wave to their fans and allow them to take photos. The security guards tried to open the path for them but to no avail. At this moment, someone suddenly pulled Park JungMin to run towards the staff passageway, though he has successfully ran out from ‘danger’, Park JungMin’s unglamorous and funny moment was caught on TV! The other 4 members had to wait at a shop nearby the arrival hall. They waited for about 30mins before finally being able to get on to their car to leave for the hotel. When they arrive at the hotel, there are about 3~4 cars following them, and some fans attempted to give a huge soft toy as a gift to their idols.

Kim HyunJoong praises Barbie Xu

Talking about their Taiwan trip, Kim HyunJoong, who acted as Hanazawa Rui in Korean version of ‘Boys Over Flowers’, praised Taiwan version of Makino Tsukushi, Barbie Xu as pretty, and hopes to see her in person. He also mentioned about the donation of NTD100,000 which they’ve raised through the photo-taking session with fans. They also mentioned their likings on Taiwan’s xiaolongbao. They are touched by the enthusiasm of Taiwan fans, promising to return for a concert between October to December.

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Taking the risk of the epidemic in Hong Kong to shoot an advertisement, Fahrenheit wear a face mask to prevent catching it

Posted by diopatra on June 19, 2009

Source Yule Tom
Translated by Elvenstar @

The amount of confirmed cases of H1N1 virus is rapidly increasing in Hong Kong, gradually outbreaks are spreading to surrounding areas. Fahrenheit yesterday (18th June) secretly travelled from Taiwan to Hong Kong to shoot an advertisement, for the whole journey the face mask did not leave them, making them fully equipped to battle with the virus! Yesterday in the early morning Fahrenheit members Jiro Wang, Wu Chun, Arron Yan and Calvin Chen travelled by Cathy pacific airline CX407 landing in Hong Kong’s international airport at 9:45, getting to the airport lobby at 10:20, where almost 200 infatuated fans who heard the news waited for their idols to appear.

Fahrenheit’s company also had prepared in advance, because knowing their infatuated fans they especially organised 18 security guards to pick them up at the airport. Receiving loads of presents to take care of their health so that it won’t effect their work, Fahrenheit’s 4 members came out to the airport lobby wearing face masks, taking good measures to prevent catching the virus. Even thought the confirmed outbreaks of the H1N1 virus is rapidly increasing, but Fahrenheit was still extremely friendly towards their fans, continuously waving to everyone and continuously receiving big and small presents from fans, the 4 members both hands full of presents looked like they had all just finished shopping.

Among them Wu Chun had the most amount, there were so many presents that he had no way to hold any more of the fans gifts, while the fans couldn’t take their eyes off the idols, many people accidentally bumped into the stone pillar, Arron seeing this held his hand to pull the fan up reminding them to be careful. The fans chased after the cars where the 4 members split into 2 cars to leave the airport, the crowd of fans had already rented about 10 or more to follow the idols. However, seen along the way the vans following the 2 cars, dangerous situations constantly occurred, not only swerving to the right and left and also from time to time crossing the double white lines, it was extremely dangerous. At approximately 10.15, Fahrenheit’s car arrived at Chai Wan quickly entering a car park of a big building, the fans could only painstakingly wait outside the building.

The reporters running into the car park, discovered the staff and the security guards that accompanied Fahrenheit to the car park, where they were unloading their suitcases out of the trunk

Apparently, Fahrenheit’s main mission is to shoot a clothing advertisement, only staying for 2 days, last night they shot until the early morning. The 4 have paid attention to Hong Kong’s H1N1 virus situation, while staying in Hong Kong, most of the time will be spent in work, it is reckoned that they will not go out, but Fahrenheit has encouraged their fans to be careful of their health and to take all preventative measures.

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