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Super in More Ways Than One

Posted by diopatra on February 8, 2010

If you can rattle off the names of the 13 cuties comprising the popular Korean Pop Group Super Junior (SuJu for short) without missing a beat, then you are a Certified KPop Devotee.

Try it (at random): Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Han Geng, Yesung, HeeChul, Sungmin, Donghae, Kangin, Kibum, Siwon, Ryeowook, Shindong and Kyuhyun.

Got it? Congratulations!

Of course, you know that not all the members were discovered in Korea in a relentless recruitment that took almost a decade, starting in the late ‘90s, around Asia. Auditions kicked off in the early 2001. Han Geng was discovered in Beijing and Kibum in L.A. The group was completed only in 2006, with Kyuhyun as the 13th recruit.

SuJu outnumbers Slipknot by four members. SuJu membership equals the members of Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC and April Boys put together.

Observed a KPop fan, “The (SuJu members) sing and dance, and kiss flowers, and giggle, and apply astringent,” and even dress up in girlish attires but make no mistake about it, they are not gay. “They are just whiny people screeching songs about heartbreak and pain,” added the KPop fan. “They just want to give out love and free hugs…”

Initially known as Super Junior 05, the group took a bow on Korean television in 2005 with its debut album SuperJunior05 (TWINS) that sold over 28,000 copies.

The group’s second album, Don’t Don, was released in 2007, followed by the third, Sorry, Sorry in March 2009.

Good news for SuJu fans: The group is coming to Manila as part of its Asian Tour: Super Show 2 set for April 10 at the Araneta Coliseum.

Your third album, Sorry, Sorry, is well received all over Asia and with it you also have gained a bigger fanbase which makes you the greatest boy group in Asia. So what can we expect from your fourth album?

“We are really glad to have an opportunity to reach as many listeners as we can all over the world with Sorry Sorry. It drew huge support from the fans as well as other music lovers. We will try our best to live up to that enthusiasm. Please be ready for our new album which surely will show another best performance and colorful music styles. Thanks.”

(For all the members) Do you guys ever sleep? A lot of you regularly attend and record shows, fly to different countries for guestings, film dramas. But you all still manage to smile and look happy. What’s your secret in having such a positive outlook in life despite all the hardships?

“We consider the tight schedules as the proof of the fans’ love and support. We are enjoying it. We sometimes feel exhausted and yet as soon as we feel the fans’ encouragement, we forget about all the fatigue. Definitely, the love and support of the fans are the motivation for us to run and smile more.”

(For Siwon) A lot of your fans notice you take photos of members all the time with your camera. Would you consider releasing a photobook of your pictures soon?

“Glad to hear that! At the moment I’m taking pictures as just my hobby to keep the remembrance of the people around me, so they are not that professional at all but just keeping the pieces of my private memories. If I have the chance to learn more with my camera, and if there is any opportunity to release a photobook, I may go for it (or may not).

What I can clearly say at this moment, is that taking pictures is one of my favorite hobbies.”

(For Ryeowook) Given an option to release a solo album, would you go for ballads or something different like a song-dance album like Insomnia, the one you will perform at the Super Show?

“If I have the chance to release a solo album, I would try to produce the album with all my best efforts to represent more of my personality and color.”

Do the members have any favorite artists that are not Korean?

Ryeowook: I listen to all kinds of music. I like Craig David a lot, so I decided to do a solo performance of Insomnia in this Super Show 2. I hope you like it.

What does Super Junior think of SHINee?

“SHINee is like the good younger brother whom we consider very talented and special in terms of musical ability. We actually do a lot of sports together and got to know each other better. We have been watching them even before their debut, we feel very proud of them whenever we see them trying their best on and off the stage.”

Who among the Super Junior members has the best command of English?

“Probably it’s Siwon because he’s always reading English newspapers
and books, so he might be the one who could speak English the best.”

Have you ever thought that you would visit the Philippines?

“We have heard that Sorry, Sorry has reached the top of Philippine charts, so we were really glad and wanted to visit as soon as possible. We are a bit nervous but very excited to think of visiting Philippines and we like to see all the fans during the Super Show 2 concert.”

What type of girls do you like?

“We all have different tastes. Shindong likes someone who is cute and adorable, and Siwon likes someone who he can communicate with very well. Leeteuk likes someone who is innocent and understanding; Kyuhyun and Sungmin like someone who is nice and charming. But ideal types of girls tend to change a lot, so I think that it changes depending on what kind of people you meet.”

How do you feel about being with Super Junior and being so famous all over the world?

“I’m happy that I’m one of the members of Super Junior. The teamwork is good and individually the members are good. Also, we are happy that not only Koreans but many other people outside Korea are cheering for us. If we get the chance, we want to visit more countries and meet all kinds of people. To all the fans who are giving much love even from abroad, thank you again.”

If you were not with Super Junior, what do you think you would be doing?

“It depends on each member. If I were not with Super Junior, how would I be? Hmmmm…I think this is a difficult question. I think we would be just ordinary students or maybe not members of Super Junior but still a celebrity. But we think being Super Junior is the best. We can’t think of anything else.”

What are some of your most memorable performances?

“The most memorable one is the Asian concert tour. There’s a time when we feel that we are united with the audience. We enjoy every show in every city. I think the second half or the encore part is the most exulting moment. We feel really good with all our songs and we feel really good when our audience responds to our performance positively. That’s when we feel our best.”

What are your favorite songs and why?

“We love all the songs, but the performance of Sorry, Sorry is very memorable. It is the creation of the global dancer, Nick Bass. He visited Korea and coached us in our choreography. We learned many things by being together and we had so much fun because it’s new compared to the performance that we’ve done before, and there were many changes in the choreography. And also, not only Korean but many other Asian fans loved our song and the choreography of Sorry, Sorry. There were parodies and many UCC videos regarding that. We love it as much as many people loved our performance.”

Why do you think Super Junior is a huge success?

“This is a difficult question since we are still on our way to our goal. First, our first step was something new. There were not much groups that had lots of members like us back then, and there were no group that sings, acts and at the same time works as a DJ, MC and in many other fields. So I think that is why as soon as we had our debut, we had a chance to show our individual appeal and that each of us was active in different fields. I think the reason why not only Korean but other Asian fans love us is because we are active both as a group and individually. It creates a synergy effect.”

(Note: The Super Junior Concert at the Araneta Coliseum on April 10 is produced by PULP LIVE headed by Vernon Go. Tickets are priced at P7,500, P6,500, P4,500 and P1,000, available at PULP [telephone 687-1709] and through TicketNet [911-5555].)

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Posted by diopatra on January 27, 2010

News from:,

Both Andy Lau and Barbie Hsu are the mass dream lover, they collaborate in a new film Future X-cops and appeared on the cover for February’s Marie Claire magazine, of course other than taking photographs, they also accepted interviews about love. With different backgrounds, full of experiences in love, with regards to love, what are their experience?

In 2009, since his marriage with Carol Zhu Liqian was exposed, other than posting two posts to explain the matter on his website, Andy Lau had not talked about it, he exclaimed: “To explain, only to one person, I’ve done that.” Although the readers and audience has the rights to know, very interested to know the truth, but when two persons decided when to get married, their life after marriage does not need to tell everyone. Therefore I did not continue asking, if I anger a person and resulting him to say some unhappy words. Then, on the Internet everything is being revealed, the most exciting part is the person reply: “Don’t ask me again.” Everybody made different choice with regards to love, what others are saying will be decided between the two of them. After months of holiday, Andy will make a fresh start in the new year, walking into his 29th year in showbiz. To him, the road ahead is still unknown. He said: “In my life, there is no festive day or view on festive. Never felt that there is any special about Valentine Day. With regards to birthday, I only celebrate my birthday after I entered showbiz, before entering showbiz I can’t remember how I celebrate each birthday.”

On the last day of 2009, Andy was busy promoting his soon-to-be-screened film Future X-cops, that day Andy attended many activities, did many interviews until past midnight, he collaborate with Barbie Hsu for the photograph taking of Marie Claire February Valentine Day cover.

Having his hair cut short and wearing a checker shirt, Andy walked into the studio carrying a haversack, having a “local kind person won’t got bully” image, his charisma is not lost and still full of smiles. After he sat down, with the assistance of the hair stylist, he carefully combed his hair and accepted the interview by Marie Claire.

Q: “In 2009, how do you think of the year?”

Andy was smiling and blowing his hair, looking at the mirror, he gave a thought and said: “Many people would thought that it’s a shocking year, I feel that 2009 is the year that allow me to quiet down and restart myself.”

He said that if he could return to the past. He also won’t go back to that is in the most critical decision (which include the decision to get married) to remind myself of certain period. “I feel that it’s useless, this is not fun, I don’t even believe in fortune telling.” How is he uninterested in his future? He answered: “Knowing too much would not be fun. What to expect is not what I wanted.”

Dream of becoming a director and sports fan wish

Andy is a sports fan, other than his beloved bowling, he love all sports. In the next 10 years, he had 30 big plans, one of them is to get close to sportsmen. “I love sports as I watch all sports programs, even some that I don’t understand, I will still watch them. In the next 10 years, I hope that I can become a film director, direct a musical, the dream that I most wanted to fulfill, that is following Mr. Timothy Fok Tsun-Ting, promoting Hong Kong sportsmen.”

He feel that the career of sportsmen are limited, need someone to plan their future, allow the new generation to feel that being a sportsman has future and hope, take Lee Lin for example, after finishing his sportsman career and still have other areas to develop. With regards to becoming a director, I sow the seeds when I’m still studying in Ke Li Secondary School. “Since secondary three, I have started writing stories, when I was in secondary four, Tok Wok Wai is my class form teacher, he taught geography, he form a drama club in the school, I have more interest in scripting than acting. Being a director is far worst than being an actor, to become a director is because I want to have my own production.”

To do well own bit rather than excel

People think that Andy Lau had done everything, how to be refreshing? With regards to this question, he also thought for a long time: “I also wanted to know what else can Andy Lau do? Therefore I’ll tell the director that I’m a flexible actor, you have to tell what you wanted me to do, I will go and study, if I feel that I’ve confidence, I will do it for you, take for example wanting me to be a muscleman, fatso, elderly, I don’t think that in Hong Kong showbiz have any artist that could withstand that kind of hardship.”

He exclaimed that it doesn’t matter to what character he’s given, if it’s the current trend, he will do it and willing to try and does not force to make a breakthrough: “Only to do well your own bit. I believe that time create hero rather than hero create time, the time is yours will be yours, if not it belongs to others. Every period of time, a hero is created, is it only him could do that? Not so, but only him waited for this time. I think that everyone is well prepared, I feel that there won’t be chance that is given to someone that is not prepared. For every successful person, not one depended on sheer luck.”

In the year 2011 is Andy’s 30th year in showbiz, he exclaimed that no matter it’s singing or acting, if one is to enjoy his own creation space, one would not be tired and continue. “I don’t like to count how many years I’m in showbiz, how long in showbiz does not have any representation, what’s important is what I’ve done during this time, what hard work had I put in for my career.”

Do you feel that everyday is like going to battle? “I don’t think so.” But work had taken up most of his time, he gave a thought and answers: “Do you love your job? Johnnie To once told me: “There is no wrapped up time for movies.” If you love your job, you will naturally fall into it, nobody will force you, it’s of your own will. Going battle is fighting with others, but I never fight with anybody. I also won’t fight with myself, when I know that I did my best today, even though it’s not as good as yesterday, I won’t be disappointed.”

“Romantic is a feeling not a method, only two person feel that it’s romantic then it’s romantic…. living together! Allowing the other party to feel that we would age together, this is most romantic.”

Romantic is lover aging together

Having sang numerous romantic love songs, acted numerous love horn characters, it’s hard to believe that there is no Valentine Day and festive view for Andy. “In my life, there is no festive day or view on festive. Never felt that there is any special about Valentine Day. With regards to birthday, I only celebrate my birthday after I entered showbiz, before entering showbiz I can’t remember how I celebrate each birthday. After entering showbiz, it became more exciting.”

Even it’s feeling the existence of Valentine Day, it’s also work related

“In 1995, I shot a commercial for To You chocolate in Korea, it’s a limited edition chocolate for Valentine Day, black and white chocolate, it’s top selling in Korea. Many male and female in Korea love this chocolate, when one gave you a black chocolate, if you’re interested in the other person, you will gave him a white chocolate in return, that’s a very good campaign, the first one was shot by Chow Yun Fat, followed by Leslie Cheung, then me. That’s the first time I feel the existence of Valentine Day.”

He self exclaimed that he does not celebrate Valentine Day, but never fixed romantic in love, because in font of love, everyone is equal, no matter rich or poor, everyone can enjoy romantic. “Bringing her to the beach for a stroll at night is also romantic, sometimes one chocolate is enough.”

The acting experience all these years gave him another kind of romantic experience

“When you understand the requirement of the other party, getting along together would be easier and feel what is romantic. So what is romantic, every person would have different definition and requirement, some would feel candle light dinner, gave flowers as romantic, to me they are just pattern. Romantic is a feeling and not pattern, romantic does not require too many things, when two person feel that it’s romantic then it will be romantic. Maybe two person sitting on the sofa watching TV would also be romantic, there is not specify definition for romantic.”

What’s the most romantic moment for Andy?

He answer this question faster than any other question: “Living together! Allowing the other party to feel that you will age together, I feel that this is most romantic.”

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SS501 Taiwan Magazine COLOR Interview

Posted by diopatra on July 14, 2009

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Credits : Color Magazine July issue (pic credit on pic itself) + (English Translation) xiaochu @

SS501 Exclusive Interview, Confession of Secrets!
Exclusive Q&A!
Love’s Discussion – What type of girls would attract them?

Q: Among the members, who is the most shy and introverted? Who is the most active and extroverted? Who likes playing jokes? Who cries the most? Who loves looking into the mirror?
They were all talking at the same time, but they came to an agreement: YoungSaeng, he’d become shy when he knows that the camera is shooting him and he doesn’t know what he has to say.
(YoungSaeng: I don’t know why but I would become nervous! Once I’m nervous, I will become expressionless! Hah!)
KyuJong, HyunJoong: Most active and extroverted must be JungMin, and the person who likes to joke around is also him!
HyungJoon: As for the person who cries the most, I have to confess that it is me. Sometimes when I receive an unexpected gift, for example cards which fans made themselves, I would be so touched that I would cry.
Everyone: Who loves looking into the mirror? (Everyone points to YoungSaeng)
YoungSaeng: Is that so? I don’t think so myself!

Q: If god gives you a chance to exchange your identity with one of the 4 members for one day, who would you choose? Why?
(In the end, JungMin received the most number of votes! JungMin is so happy that he stood up and wave!)
Everyone: Why JungMin? Because he is eloquent, not shy with strangers, quick witted, he possess characteristics which are so different from the other members, which makes us felt that if we were him, we would be able to make a lot of good friends, getting our way wherever we may be!
(JungMin: Haha! Thank you everyone. After listening to them, I think I should continue to be myself!)

Q: What is the thing that all 5 of you want to do in the future?
Everyone: We thought of this before, we want to act in a movie together! Because we acted as killers in one of our music video previously. We spent a week to film the 20-minute long music video. In the music video, we acted as a ruthless killer for the first time, we felt very excited about it. (HyunJoong: JungMin and I pointed guns at each other to get back our lover. We also have another exciting fighting scene with KyuJong.) Such a collaboration is really fun so we hope to film a movie together in the future!

Q: Since SS501 debut, when is it that you felt that you’ve achieved the biggest achievement?
HyunJoong: When we won the best newcomer award, we were really very touched at that moment!

Q: What type of girls would attract you at first sight?
Everyone: It’s hard to say! (Then which type of dressing style?) We prefer decent dressing, we are not used to girls who dress too sexy, we would feel weird (about it), we prefer girls who dress more decently.

Q: In the next 5 years, what is the target that SS501 wish to achieve the most?
They began to discuss enthusiastically, and finally came to a conclusion: We hope to get a DaeSang (the most prestigious music award) as a confirmation for ourselves!

Q: What does a girl does that will make you change your opinion of her?
They laughed after listening to the question, and started to discuss once again. Leader HyunJoong: Mostly are fine, except that all of us don’t like girls who use uncouthly speech and likes to scold people.

Q: If you have to put up an advertisement of “Notice to recruit a lover” for the other 4 members, what are the merits of that person would you put in?
JungMin: HyunJoong is very MAN (masculine), he is very responsible as a leader, so he would be very sensitive towards his girlfriend.
KyuJong: JungMin has a strong touch of humanity, he is very warm at heart.
HyunJoong: KyuJong is very kind and easy-going.
YoungSaeng: HyungJoon is very lively, you will not feel bored with him around.
HyungJoon: YoungSaeng has loyalty and is very responsible.

Q: What are the differences between Taiwanese girls and Korean girls that you felt?
Everyone: Taiwanese girls are more enthusiastic which makes us very touched. (I heard you are amazed by the fact that most Taiwanese girls can drive a motorbike?) Yes, because there are not many Korean girls who know how to drive a motorbike.
HyunJoong: Actually, I would love to go around Taiwan on a motorbike! Personally, I love motorbike, so I think it would be very interesting to visit attractions and night markets on a motorbike!

Q: Has everyone seen ‘Boys Over Flowers’? What do you think?
HyungJoon: This drama is already very popular around Asia. Leader is as handsome as per normal, I think it is a good drama.
KyuJong: I watched the Japanese version of ‘Boys Over Flowers’ too. I think the Korean version is a little different and has its own individuality.

Q: If you can take a part in F4, who would you like to be?
HyungJoon: I want to be Goo JoonPyo. Ah~ Sorry! Is it weird?
YoungSaeng: So YiJung! He is similar to me? Right?
JungMin: If I can take a role, that would be Yoon JiHoo (laughs)!
KyuJong cannot decide and was being make fun that he wanted to take the role of the Chinese friend in Macau who is secretly in love with Yoon JiHoo. He even said the dialogue lines of this role in Korean, making everyone laugh!

Very Close Up! Off-screen Directly at the Hotel!

Additional! Stalking SS501 in Taiwan
The moment SS501 arrives at Taiwan, fans’ enthusiasm created a human traffic jam in the airport ! And for their first dinner in Taiwan, 6 trays of xiaolongbao were finished up the moment it reaches the table! After they finished their fan meeting, they also held a commemoration press conference!

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SS501 HK Interview on CEN

Posted by diopatra on July 8, 2009

just a short interview, but gawd the boys are so HOT on cam.

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Jiro Wang: Straightforward – The Key To My Life

Posted by diopatra on July 7, 2009

Source: Color Magazine, July 2009
Translated by catalie @

Working with Cyndi Wang

Lately, Jiro Wang has been busying filming the idol drama <Momo Love>. After a few days’ rest, Da Dong went from a pale look due to suffering from gastro-enteritis, back to his energetic expressions, “Everyone, there’s no need to worry!” Furthermore, lately he has had to start practising judo for the drama and feels that he looks very man! The more he learns, the more interested he becomes. During his leisure time, he’ll even show the actions to his colleagues, “Doesn’t it look [like the real thing]? It’s been a long time since I’ve been so interested in these sports! I didn’t think I’d enjoy flipping people and getting flipped!” He laughed very happily!
Jiro, who started learning judo for the first time, actually started sweating not long after. He said, “I don’t feel very tired. I hope that in the first lesson, I’ll be able to master the basic movements.” For the new drama, Da Dong cut his hair short. This is the first time his hair has been cut so short since he started out in showbiz. Even though it was heartbreaking, as soon as the director requested, he listened and got it cut. His new hairstyle has been getting quite good comments from his friends and hearing everyone say, “You look so much younger, like you’re only around 20,” maked Da Dong very happy.
Speaking of what knowledge he has gained from filming lately, Da Dong said, “This is the third time I’ve worked with Director Qu [Winnie]. Each time, he teaches me lots of things like patient work makes a fine product. So I’m really looking forward to working with him again.” Furthermore on the set, there has been the non-stop sound of laughter from Da Dong and Cyndi Wang. it turns out, their cold jokes are very compatible; no-one else understands them. They can both laugh in high spirits with tacit understanding, “Even though we haven’t worked together for long, we immediately understand each other’s humour. This is really miraculous!”

I haven’t changed at all…

Although <Momo Love> started filmed not long ago, as soon as they started at the end of last month, they had to do a “triathlon” type scene. It turns out, Da Dong’s character has to display his heroic qualities, rescuing someone in the river. This scene seemed simple but actually took an entire day to film. First, Da Dong had to ride for 5-6 hours then from the river, run back before jumping into the river to save someone, it was like travelling from the cradle to the grave. Even though he ended up with a couple of cuts and grazes, Da Dong said, “It felt like we were filming a police action film, it felt very cool!” Having filmed many romance dramas, Da Dong was very enthusiastic about being able to test the limits of his physical strength, “Now when I’m working, I feel full of energy. In the past, I felt troubled my rumours and gossip but not anymore. I feel that entering showbiz makes one stronger.”
What rumours have troubled you the most? “Probably the type that say I’ve changed! Because I don’t think I’ve changed at all; I still have the same ways of thinkings and the same goals.” To the current Da Dong, what are those goals? “Actually, they’re still the same as before. I hope I can let my Mama have a happy life; that I can try different roles; and the rocker dream I will never give up on! It’s just that I find it very strange, why do people think I’ve changed?”

Misses carefree days of the past

“Over time, some aspects of one’s personality change while other aspects don’t; what about you?” He thinks about it and says, “What hasn’t changed is that I still push myself! Now, I still call my Mama everyday to let her know I’m well. Even if I’m unhappy that day, I’ll still tell her, ‘Don’t worry! Your son is very man!’ What’s changed is perhaps I think more! I didn’t have that many worries before! Sometimes I really miss playing in a band, having no more than $3000, a guitar with soundbox, having band rehearsals and performing with everyone; even when we were on the roadside and there were only 10 or so people watching, we were still really happy. At the time, we didn’t have much money but we didn’t have to think too much. As long as we were striving towards our goals, we were fine! Now, deep inside I’m still that kid that loves rock music but in showbiz, you have to force yourself to grow up quickly. I also hope that I can pass each day with no stress but I chose my career as an artist so I have to take responsibility for [my actions].”

Love: Can Mention; Can’t Let Go

Lately, is there anything you really want to do, but can’t? Da Dong says very straightforwardly, “Yes! Falling in love! (Ha) Actually, I really do want to find love, really. I want to but I don’t dare to. First, I think, will I have the time to be with her? Secondly, right now I just work everyday. I’m surrounded by the same people, will I have the chance to find this person?” As he is being interviewed, Da Dong is eating the strawberry toast we prepared for the photoshoot, “I really love eating this! Simple things are the best!” He smiles happily saying, “Falling in love ah! Previously I had my heartbroken really badly. At the time, I’d often call my friends up at 3 or 4 in the morning and talk until I’d be choking with sobs. But unless I did this, I really couldn’t sleep. Or else I’d ride my motorbike while crying and shouting. I’m a person who falls very deeply in love; the type that will actively really want to be with her always. Sometimes I feel that I’m really naïve like that, so perhaps it’s a good thing I don’t have a chance to fall in love! That’s just so ironic…” Da Dong’s straightforward nature has never changed. He’s still that boy that once wished to become a Super Sayan. Just like he said, he’ll always be thinking too much in the middle of the night, the more he thought, the more troubled he’d become. In the end, it became a habit to just think about the occurrences of that particular day. “Once, I almost got depression,” he says. Both strong and weak, Jiro Wang just pushes himself but in the end, he hasn’t changed.

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