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“IRIS” set to air during prime time in Japan

Posted by diopatra on February 2, 2010

Korean blockbuster drama “IRIS” is set to air during prime time on Japanese television, according to the show’s producer Taewon Entertainment on Monday.

Taewon said Japanese broadcaster TBS announced the Korean TV series will run Wednesday evenings at 9 p.m., a slot usually assigned to domestic TV dramas.

Artist View, the show’s marketing promoter in the country, explained that such programming is proof that Japanese people are looking forward to watching a Korean blockbuster action drama, not just Hallyu fans expecting to watch a Korean dramas and its cast.

“We expect the airing of ‘IRIS’ to appeal to the general mass in Japan and be the driving force in re-establishing the position of Korean dramas in the country,” an official at Artist View was quoted as saying.

“IRIS”, which originally aired in Korea from October 2009 thru December 2009, starred a handful of top Korean actors including Lee Byung-hun, Kim Tae-hee, Jung Joon-ho, Kim So-yeon and T.O.P. of idol group Big Bang. The action and romance-filled espionage drama was a smash hit, scoring a viewership rating of nearly 40 percent and dominated the small screen throughout its run.

“IRIS” is scheduled to air on Japan’s TBS satellite channel starting March 6 and on public networks starting mid-April.


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Rain’s boy band MBLAQ gaining popularity in Japan

Posted by diopatra on January 28, 2010

Korean idol group MBLAQ’s popularity in Japan and Korea has been on the rise since their performance at Rain’s Osaka concert over the weekend, according to a press release by their agency on Wednesday.

The quintet’s opening performance at the “Legend of Rainism” tour on January 23 and 24 caught the attention of major record company executives in Japan, J. Tune Camp said in the statement.

“We are discussing the [contract] terms in detail with several companies,” an official at J. Tune was quoted as saying. “We will work out the best possible terms and prepare their Japanese debut step by step.”

Their increasing popularity appears to have carried over to Korea as well; the group has been racking up album sales in Korea, according to estimates released today by Hanteo Chart — which uses a sampling method to predict online and offline record sales in the country.

For the week of January 19 thru 25, the group’s first single “Just Blaq” sold 2,267 copies, ranking third in weekly album sales behind boy bands TVXQ and CNBLUE. The feat may be regarded as unusual, considering it was released three months ago and the group is currently on a break, preparing to come out with a new single.

MBLAQ — which stands for “Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality” — was created and trained by Asian superstar Rain for two years. They debuted in October 2009 as the first group that Rain introduced to the public since he turned producer.


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They Kiss Again cast went to Japan; 3000 fans healed from ‘Kiss Syndrome’

Posted by diopatra on July 22, 2009

Source: Mainichi Daily News
Translated by: Notla @ TKA Subbers

Actor Joe Cheng and actress Ariel Lin of the popular Taiwanese TV series “They Kissed Again”, an original Japanese comic, have arrived in Tokyo to face their fans in a “Kiss Consultation”. Getting on stage in a white robe, Joe’s intimate interaction with the 1,500 fans ‘healed’ them from the ‘Kiss Syndrome’.

“It Started with a Kiss” is the last comic that Tada Kaoru produced due to an accident that caused her death in 1999. The story is about a high school girl, Kotoko (Xiang Qin), who fell in love with an all-rounded genius, Naoki (Zhishu) but was rejected by him. By chance, Kotoko (Xiang Qin) moved in to live with Naoki’s (Zhishu) family and that’s how the story began. “They Kissed Again” is the sequel that ended the 5 year love-sick relationship and finally, Naoki (Zhishu) and Kotoko (Xiang Qin) were married. Together with their friends, they grow and learn. It’s this type of love story. In Japan, it’s being broadcasted on local TV and the DVDs are also being sold.

Danson, who plays ‘Gan Gan’ in the series, also attended the 2 functions. A total of 3,000 fans were present. During the function, Joe Cheng who plays Naoki (Zhishu) smiled and said in Japanese, “They Kissed Again is very interesting, you must watch it.” Since arriving in Japan, he hasn’t had time to go shopping in Shibuya and looking disappointedly, he said “What a pity” in Japanese. Ariel Lin who plays Kotoko (Xiang Qin) then said “The malls in Japan are having sales but no time to visit…” and Joe said again “What a pity”. Apart from that, Danson also mentioned that “Initially, I planned to go for a delicious food adventure and as expected, no time”. As soon as this was said, all 3 of them said “What a pity!”. The reporters who were there all laughed.

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Big Bang press conference is revealed

Posted by diopatra on May 25, 2009

Sources: bobogd
Translation: ming^ming@soompi (chi to eng)

[great interest in Japan’s hot spring]

Korean popular group Big Bang will release their single ‘My Heaven’ on 24th June and make their major debut in Japan, and now we are about to reveal their press conference that is hold on 13th May in Japan.

#Big Bang’s press conference will be revealed from the moment of [Kinda nervous due to those dazzling photoflash]

— Don’t you feel tired as you just arrived in Japan?

VI & Sol: We directly came here once we reached Japan, it’s our pleasure to be standing here and have interview with you all, therefore we don’t feel tired at all.

— What do u like about Japan, and what are you interested in?

Sol: Every member in Big Bang likes Japan very much, not to mention about the Japanese cuisine, but we are also having great concern toward the culture and such, therefore we hope to come across and get to know more about these kinds of things in the future.

D-Lite: I have a great interest in hot springs, Japanese hot springs are really amazing.

TOP: I like sushi and wine, and since the other members love shopping, so I like ‘green mountain’ very much. (I’m not so sure what’s the green mountain, it can be either a brand o really a mountain =.=)

Sol: I heard that Japan has large ski resorts, and I have never been there before, so I was thinking when I can go for at least one time.

GD: The ‘My Heaven’ MV was filmed in Japan too, I think the place we used for shooting that time was Odaiba, the scenery was gorgeous, I like it.

VI: 1 year ago, due to our concert tour, we have been to Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo for 1 round, and the scenery of Osaka and Nagoya was great too, and always give me this very peaceful feeling. The people over there are very nice, therefore I like Osaka and Nagoya.

— What is the aim for the upcoming music activities in Japan?

GD: Although whatever we have been doing until now is not because we are having any special aims, but I think it has been our hard works that give us the achievement as a return. Continuously making the music that without thinking about the future, hoping people around will understand about it, and listen to our music, this was our previous aim. So, as an overseas artist, local audiences are willing to listen and understand the music we make in Japan, is our aim now.

— Have you heard of the Japan ‘Red & White Song Battle’ that will be held in every year end?

Sol: I know that not only our senior DBSK has participated in Red & White, we ourselves also have watched the show for few times. We will also work hard in order to become the artist that can appear in that kind of show.

— In Japan, ‘龍のようなsmile’ is very popular, can you show us ‘Big Bang smile’? Show us the most brilliant smile please.

GD: (show his brilliant smile) One, Two, Three.

Every member: smile while saying ‘it’s embarrassing (laugh)’.

— Among the hit songs, what is the reason for choosing ‘My Heaven’ as the debut song in Japan?

Sol: We have released many songs in Korea, and some have been chosen and included into our Japanese album ‘Number 1’ (released on 22nd Oct, 2008). ‘Heaven’ received the best response among these songs, is not only us who like this song, there is good response from Japan too, therefore we choose this song as our debut song.

— Please deliver your message to the Japanese fans.

GD: To every Japanese fan that has been anticipating for us, we are really grateful and thankful. We have been promoting in Japan on and off in the past, from now on we will focus in Japan, and will promote for a longer period. Hence, compare to last time, we will have more time to carry out activities and be around with our fans. If you can accept our music happily after listening to it, that will be the happiest thing ever.

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Big Bang enters Japan market with TV drama program

Posted by diopatra on May 25, 2009

News source: Sports Seoul/ baidu bigbang
Translation: ming^ming@soompi (chi to eng)

Will the ‘Telecinema’ arouse Korean wave again?

Jang Yung Wu PD, the director of the drama ‘Big Hotel(?)’ that had received a great popularity in Japan where Hallyu artists like Bae Yong Jun had participated, has introduced his new short-act play ‘19’ recently.

Jang PD said “This time was participated by Big Bang’s TOP and Seung Ri, they gave me the same feeling as Bae Yong Jun did when I worked with him last time. I was surprised with their persistent, and I enjoyed the time when I was shooting with them, I’m looking forward to the final results.”

‘19’ is produced by the representative of a local television series production team Samhwa Networks, and it is one of the stories in the ‘Telecinema’ which is arranged by Japanese scriptwriter and is participated by both Korean and Japanese actors.

‘Telecinema’ is going to be aired on Korea SBS and Japan Asahi TV within this year.

The production team of ‘Telecinema’ is also composed of luxury Hallyu stars. There is Hero from DBSK, An Jae Ook and so on, and Big Bang will release the effect of synergy by the time they promote in Japan.

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