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Jay Chou’s first Australian concert wins fans’ hearts

Posted by diopatra on July 6, 2009

By Jiang Yaping and Mimi Chau

CANBERRA, July 3 (Xinhua) — More than 15,000 local and overseas fans flocked to Sydney Olympic Park Acer Arena on Friday night to see the Asian pop star, Jay Chou’s first live concert in Australia.

The attraction of Chou is his originality and creative work that embraces a unique mix of Chinese music and western influences.

He combines Chinese and Western music styles to produce songs that fuse R&B, rock and pop genres, covering issues such as domestic violence, war, and urbanization.

“I believe my music can speak to young generations from many countries as music is an international language that can help to break down the language barriers,” Chou said.

During the concert, Chou displayed his talents in playing piano, drum, guitar and guzheng that showed distinctive Chinese characteristics. His stage show was complemented by a top Taiwanese band, exotic dancers and state of the art visual effects.

He dedicated his sensational song “Dao Xiang” to the youngsters and encouraged them to have a positive attitude towards life.

“You got to be strong….don’t give up your dreams even when facing difficulties in life,” Chou said.

Ryan Shum, a young student who attended the concert, described it as an “awesome experience”.

The 19-year-old Shum said he was uplifted by Chou’s music and inspirational message.

“I was amazed by Chou’s talents in magic and Chinese martial art performance. I would like to see him perform again in Australia”, Shum said.


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Criticized for not attending the Golden Melody Awards, Jay Chou: Next year I will definitely go

Posted by diopatra on July 2, 2009

Source: UDN
Translation: Sarah @

Jay Chou received a lot of criticism for not attending this year’s Golden Melody Awards. Yesterday in Beijing, he expressed that he didn’t purposely not attend, but it was because he had already signed a contract for his concert, and he couldn’t break it. JVR issued a statement saying that when they found out about the date of the awards in April this year, they had already planned his schedule. Next year’s awards have been announced and will be held on the 26th of June, Jay promised that next year he will definitely attend!

Jay received criticism for not attending the awards, even Mayday’s Ashin expressed: “Towards awards, everyone loves it but is scared at the same time; people should give encouragement to those who give effort, don’t look at it as a strict standard, and ponder whether or not to attend.”

After achieving his dream of winning the ‘Best Male Singer’ award, Jay finds it very hard to believe: “I’ve never had much hope on winning that award, I have confidence in my music, but towards singing, I must still work hard.” He is thankful for the judge’s affirmation, and after being in the industry for 10 years, “I feel I am very lucky, able to get this award at 30.”

Jay previously said: “Golden Melody Awards is a game.” He expressed that in the past, he was very afraid of failure, and after countless times of being nominated for many awards, but not winning, he began to reflect on himself: “What is true winning?” He then realized that his family and fan’s affirmation is much more important than winning awards. Now, Jay is only missing ‘Best Lyricist’ in the Golden Melody Awards, and Jay expressed: “Vincent Fang is me, and I am Vincent Fang. It’s best if he wins it, I don’t expect to win this award, but if I do, then it’s also nice.”

Tonight, Jay will be performing in a concert at the Bird’s Nest with Song Zu Ying, Domingo and Lang Lang. He will be showing off piano and guzheng skills, collaborating with a 200-membered Symphony Orchestra.

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Winners at the 20th Golden Melody Awards

Posted by diopatra on June 28, 2009

TAIPEI, Taiwan – A list of winners in the major categories at the 20th Golden Melody Awards, Chinese pop’s equivalent of the Grammys, announced late Saturday in Taipei, Taiwan:

Song of the year: “The Fragrance of Wheat,” Jay Chou

Best album: “Don’t Want to Let Go,” Eason Chan

Best male singer: Jay Chou, “Magic Jay Station”

Best female singer: Sandee Chan, “If There’s One Thing That’s Important”

Best producer: Purdur, “Nanwang Sisters”

Best band: Mayday, “Poems of Post-Adolescence”

Best newcomer: Crowd Lu, “100 Types of Lives”

Best music video: “Mr. Magic,” director Jay Chou

Best composer: Crowd Lu, “100 Types of Lives”

Best lyricist: Wu Yu-hsuan, “Inside the Tram”

Best arranger: Martin Tan, “As Love Beings to Mend” from “Start from Here”

Best album (musical performance): Suchi Wu, “Reflection”

Best producer (musical performance): Suchi Wu, “Reflection”

source: yahoo news

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Jay Chou says Jacky Wu won’t keep his word

Posted by diopatra on June 26, 2009

Source: cqwb
Translated by:

After a year away heavenly king Jay Chou is coming again! Yesterday, writing sensation Jay Chou appeared at Chongqing to promote a certain brand of beverage, he was also there to meet “up close” with 3000 fans at the Jiangnan stadium.

Even though beforehand the main organisers already clearly expressed that they used 200 tickets for the fans meeting in exchange for the promise the fans not to come to the airport to welcome him, but at the airport, reporters still saw some fans “breaking the promise” and coming to the airport. At 4:30pm Jay Chou finally appeared at the airport passage, he had a batman t-shirt matched with a black hat and jeans, it made the heavenly king Chou look casual. Within a minute of showing his face, Jay Chou was bundled into a car amongst cheers and drove away.

Afterwards, Jay Chou went back to the hotel to rest and then went to the venue for the fans meeting, Jiangnan Stadium. Jay Chou appeared onstage with the cheering from the 3000 fans. He wore a white chequered shirt with a white suit, it made him look handsome. Jay Chou promised fans, “I really like Chongqing, I will come back to Chongqing to hold a concert!” Afterwards, he sang “Where’s The Promised Happiness?” with the fans, the scene was warm and touching, some fans even started crying.

Jay Chou didn’t forget to support the younger generation, when he was singing “Fragrance of Rice”, he suddenly suggested singing a duet with the winner of “Sprite 09 School Music Competition”, making the big guy who was already a Jay fan moved, he happily ran onstage and led the audience to a high point with Jay Chou.

After the performance, Jay Chou held a press conference at the venue. Towards the news that Jacky Wu is retiring from the entertainment circle at the end of June, but suddenly announcing he was releasing a new album a few days ago and with the main song being composed by Jay Chou and lyrics written by Vincent Fang. Jay Chou expressed: “I only found out he was retiring from reading the paper, but he’s always been someone who doesn’t keep his word, Vincent and I helped him write a song because of his support of our friendship back then, as to whether he will really retire, it is up to him.”

Jay Chou also expressed, his aim this year for his 30th is to dash towards the gold songs. At the same time he also revealed his new album will be coming out in August to September of this year.

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Ethan Ruan replaces Jay Chou as triad member in new film

Posted by diopatra on May 13, 2009

Source: Yahoonews
Taiwanese pop idol Ethan Ruan will be replacing Jay Chou to play a triad member in a new action movie Monga.

Set in the 80s in the Taipei Wanhua district, the movie, directed by Doze Niu, will commence shooting in August after a delay of four years. Ruan said he was hoping to be in the movie but never dreamt that he would be the male lead.

With a fee that has escalated more than three times, Ruan told Director Niu forthrightly, “I’m willing to be cast in this movie for any amount!” On hearing that, the producer of the film joked, “I think I have to relook at the price then!”

Though the usually sunshiny boy will be taking on the role as a triad member for the first time – a character very different from his actual self and previous characters – Director Niu has absolute confidence in him. The latter has also planned for Ruan to take on action training and hook him up with a real triad leader to observe their behaviour and speech after they return from the Cannes Film Festival’s Taiwan Night.

The film, which was originally planned for collaboration with Jay Chou five years ago, is targeted for screening for Chinese New Year next year. It will go head on with Chou’s new movie Ci Ling, which may be awkward for Niu.

Niu thanked Chou for his support back then, but since Monga is the only Taiwanese film to be screened during the festive season in recent years, Niu has decided to go up against Chou at the box office, regardless of the result.

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