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[LYRICS] T-max Kim Joon – 준비 O.K (Jun Be O.K)

Posted by diopatra on July 15, 2009


들릴 듯 들릴 듯 알 수 없는 너의 말
보일 듯 말 듯한 감춰진 너의 맘
어떻게 너를 마주볼 수가 없단 걸 (믿을 수가 없는걸)

더는 참지 못해 내 사랑이 이것밖에 못해 너를 잡지 못해 이젠 달라지길 원해
사랑한단 말을 원해 끝이 없이 되길 바래 떠난 나를 보면서 너도 한번(눈물 흘리기를 바래) 오!

왜 그런지 말을 해봐 Tell me why 어떻게 해야 넌 내 맘 Don`t know why 그만
그만 그만 이제 난 그만

잡힐 듯 잡히지 않는 너의 맘 혼자서만 애가 타는 나의 맘 떠나
떠나 떠나 난 너를 떠나

꽃은 피고 피고 또 지고 해는 뜨고 뜨고 또 지고
내 사랑도 점점 천천히 져 널 보면 나도 좀 뻔뻔해져

태연한 척 나를 달래 돌아서 반복되는 거짓말에
가슴이 아파도 아무리 버텨도 (견딜 수가 없는걸)


deullil deut deullil deut al su eomneun neoui mal
boil deut mal deutan gamchwojin neoui mam
eotteoke neoreul majubol suga eopdan geol (mideul suga eomneungeol)

deoneun chamji motae nae sarangi igeotbakke motae
neoreul japji motae ijen dallajigil wonhae
saranghandan mareul wonhae kkeuchi eobsi doegil barae
tteonan nareul bomyeonseo neodo hanbeon(nunmul heulligireul barae) o!

wae geureonji mareul haebwa Tell me why
eotteoke haeya neon nae mam Don’t know why geuman
geuman geuman ije nan geuman

japhil deut japhiji annneun neoui mam
honjaseoman aega taneun naui mam tteona
tteona tteona nan neoreul tteona

kkocheun pigo pigo tto jigo haeneun tteugo tteugo tto jigo
nae sarangdo jeomjeom cheoncheonhi jyeo neol bomyeon nado jom ppeonppeonhaejyeo

taeyeonhan cheok nareul dallae doraseo banbokdoeneun geojitmare
gaseumi apado amuri beotyeodo (gyeondil suga eomneungeol)


your words that i can’t seem to understand or hear
your hidden heart that seems to blink in and out of view
how do I face you (I can’t believe)

I can’t wait more, my love is only this much, I can’t catch you, I want it to be different
I want to hear that you love me even once, from you who left me, I hope that it will last forever (I hope you shed tears) oh!

tell me why, Tell me why, what should I do to make you mine Don`t know why stop
stop stop I’m going to stop now

your heart that feels within reach but is not, my lonely heart that is in pain, leave now
leave leave, I leave you

the flower blooms, blooms and the sun sets, rises, rises and sets again
my love too, is slowly when I see you, I become a bit arrogant

pretending to calm, you comfort me but behind my back, the repeated lies
even if it hurts, even if I withstand it (I can’t stand it anymore)

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[MV] T-Max Kim Joon ft Kim Hyun Joong – 준비 O.K (Jun Be O.K)

Posted by diopatra on July 14, 2009

kim joon dont have strong vocals, but the song is real catchy and not bad at all.

i know most of us wish that hyun joong’s part be a bit longer, but let’s not forget that the limelight is on Kim Joon this time.

anyweiz, i wish him luck and his group on their new album

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