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Kim Bum on “The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry”

Posted by diopatra on January 27, 2010

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source: soompi

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Kim Bum on Instyle

Posted by diopatra on January 27, 2010

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[CF] RC Cola – Kim Bum & Maja Salvador

Posted by diopatra on October 18, 2009

i know its a bit late, but really cant believe i missed this news.

i didnt know he came here. seen all his tv appearance here in philippines through YT. and seriously he’s so cute.

i love this new CF.

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Kim Beom, “Don’t feel betrayed F4 fans!”,

Posted by diopatra on July 23, 2009

F4 Kim Beom will be acting in a totally different character for his next piece. Kim Beom will be in a new SBS drama, “Dream – Drama” as the character Lee Jang-seok.

Being an actor involves in changing images and transformations into a new person for every piece of work. So, this time Kim will be taking on a new role and hopes that the fans from “Boys over Flowers” will not feel betrayed or disappointed in a different image of Kim through this new drama.

Kim will take a more masculine and tough character because his character is a skilled pickpocket as a teen and a kickboxing athelete as a young man.

This Korean-Japanese drama shows the world of sports business through different characters’ ambitions, despairs, love, and maturity.

The drama will be aired this 27th.

Han Cinema

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Kim Bum & Kim Soeun seemingly in a relationship; matching rings are being questioned by netizens

Posted by diopatra on July 2, 2009

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According to Korean reports, a picture titled “Evidence that talents Kim Bum and Kim Soeun are currently dating” is now circulating widely amongst the Korean Internet community. Their respective management agencies have now stepped out to deny that this rumour is true.

It had started on the 26th of June, when a thread named “Evidence of Kim Bum and Kim Soeun’s relationship” had appeared in one of many Korean forums on the Internet. The starter of the thread had posted a picture of both Kim Bum and Kim Soeun wearing the same rings, and stated that the design is very much like that of a certain brand’s couple rings line, therefore concluding that they could be in a relationship.

This thread then caught the attention of many Korean netizens, and this piece of information then began to spread like wildfire, posted on both personal blogs and forums alike. Some netizens even claim that they had started dating during the filming of , and that they were a famous couple in school.

Although there was some positive response to this sudden rumour, many netizens still are wary. Also, both of their management agencies have clarified that this is just purely a rumour: both Kim Bum and Kim Soeun are just merely classmates.

Kim Bum’s manager also claimed that Kim Bum himself hardly has the habit of wearing a ring, and this is only for filming purposes, since this ring was sponsored. Kim Soeun’s manager added on by saying that it was basically impossible for the two of them to meet up at all because of their busy schedules.

Although she has seen the rumours circulating around on the Internet, but because it is just a rumour and not true at all, she does not mind too much about this whole issue.

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