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SS501 to close their Asia Tour with Encore Concert in Seoul

Posted by diopatra on January 27, 2010

Top boygroup SS501 will wrap up their Asia Tour as the boys will execute their last concert performance through their Encore concert in Seoul in the upcoming Feb 27th and Feb 28th at Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul.
Their Asia Tour was opened last August in Seoul, and continued to other location in overseas such as : Tokyo, Shanghai, Taipei and Hong Kong giving spectacular performances for their fans.

Leader Kim HyunJoong was getting everyone’s attention as he always gives sexy performance in his solo stage whilst other member Park Jungmin gave another fan service by singing local famous song in their language.

It is shared by their agency DSP Media that this encore concert will be different from the previous concerts as the boys will give their fans new shows line up.

Meanwhile, before throwing their encore concert , this coming Feb 13, SS501 will held their concert in Bangkok-Thailand.

Tickets for the SS501 – Seoul Encore Concert can be purchased in Interpark starting Jan 27th,2010 at 7 pm local time.

s:bntnews + kbites

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[MV] SS501 Collection Part 2

Posted by diopatra on July 14, 2009

i dont get it, the video description says ss501 collection part 2 but the first vid was the vid release few weeks ago. is it just me, even though jungmin’s character is tough but in some angles he is still too soft for the character.

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[MV] T-Max Kim Joon ft Kim Hyun Joong – 준비 O.K (Jun Be O.K)

Posted by diopatra on July 14, 2009

kim joon dont have strong vocals, but the song is real catchy and not bad at all.

i know most of us wish that hyun joong’s part be a bit longer, but let’s not forget that the limelight is on Kim Joon this time.

anyweiz, i wish him luck and his group on their new album

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SS501 Taiwan Magazine COLOR Interview

Posted by diopatra on July 14, 2009

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Credits : Color Magazine July issue (pic credit on pic itself) + (English Translation) xiaochu @

SS501 Exclusive Interview, Confession of Secrets!
Exclusive Q&A!
Love’s Discussion – What type of girls would attract them?

Q: Among the members, who is the most shy and introverted? Who is the most active and extroverted? Who likes playing jokes? Who cries the most? Who loves looking into the mirror?
They were all talking at the same time, but they came to an agreement: YoungSaeng, he’d become shy when he knows that the camera is shooting him and he doesn’t know what he has to say.
(YoungSaeng: I don’t know why but I would become nervous! Once I’m nervous, I will become expressionless! Hah!)
KyuJong, HyunJoong: Most active and extroverted must be JungMin, and the person who likes to joke around is also him!
HyungJoon: As for the person who cries the most, I have to confess that it is me. Sometimes when I receive an unexpected gift, for example cards which fans made themselves, I would be so touched that I would cry.
Everyone: Who loves looking into the mirror? (Everyone points to YoungSaeng)
YoungSaeng: Is that so? I don’t think so myself!

Q: If god gives you a chance to exchange your identity with one of the 4 members for one day, who would you choose? Why?
(In the end, JungMin received the most number of votes! JungMin is so happy that he stood up and wave!)
Everyone: Why JungMin? Because he is eloquent, not shy with strangers, quick witted, he possess characteristics which are so different from the other members, which makes us felt that if we were him, we would be able to make a lot of good friends, getting our way wherever we may be!
(JungMin: Haha! Thank you everyone. After listening to them, I think I should continue to be myself!)

Q: What is the thing that all 5 of you want to do in the future?
Everyone: We thought of this before, we want to act in a movie together! Because we acted as killers in one of our music video previously. We spent a week to film the 20-minute long music video. In the music video, we acted as a ruthless killer for the first time, we felt very excited about it. (HyunJoong: JungMin and I pointed guns at each other to get back our lover. We also have another exciting fighting scene with KyuJong.) Such a collaboration is really fun so we hope to film a movie together in the future!

Q: Since SS501 debut, when is it that you felt that you’ve achieved the biggest achievement?
HyunJoong: When we won the best newcomer award, we were really very touched at that moment!

Q: What type of girls would attract you at first sight?
Everyone: It’s hard to say! (Then which type of dressing style?) We prefer decent dressing, we are not used to girls who dress too sexy, we would feel weird (about it), we prefer girls who dress more decently.

Q: In the next 5 years, what is the target that SS501 wish to achieve the most?
They began to discuss enthusiastically, and finally came to a conclusion: We hope to get a DaeSang (the most prestigious music award) as a confirmation for ourselves!

Q: What does a girl does that will make you change your opinion of her?
They laughed after listening to the question, and started to discuss once again. Leader HyunJoong: Mostly are fine, except that all of us don’t like girls who use uncouthly speech and likes to scold people.

Q: If you have to put up an advertisement of “Notice to recruit a lover” for the other 4 members, what are the merits of that person would you put in?
JungMin: HyunJoong is very MAN (masculine), he is very responsible as a leader, so he would be very sensitive towards his girlfriend.
KyuJong: JungMin has a strong touch of humanity, he is very warm at heart.
HyunJoong: KyuJong is very kind and easy-going.
YoungSaeng: HyungJoon is very lively, you will not feel bored with him around.
HyungJoon: YoungSaeng has loyalty and is very responsible.

Q: What are the differences between Taiwanese girls and Korean girls that you felt?
Everyone: Taiwanese girls are more enthusiastic which makes us very touched. (I heard you are amazed by the fact that most Taiwanese girls can drive a motorbike?) Yes, because there are not many Korean girls who know how to drive a motorbike.
HyunJoong: Actually, I would love to go around Taiwan on a motorbike! Personally, I love motorbike, so I think it would be very interesting to visit attractions and night markets on a motorbike!

Q: Has everyone seen ‘Boys Over Flowers’? What do you think?
HyungJoon: This drama is already very popular around Asia. Leader is as handsome as per normal, I think it is a good drama.
KyuJong: I watched the Japanese version of ‘Boys Over Flowers’ too. I think the Korean version is a little different and has its own individuality.

Q: If you can take a part in F4, who would you like to be?
HyungJoon: I want to be Goo JoonPyo. Ah~ Sorry! Is it weird?
YoungSaeng: So YiJung! He is similar to me? Right?
JungMin: If I can take a role, that would be Yoon JiHoo (laughs)!
KyuJong cannot decide and was being make fun that he wanted to take the role of the Chinese friend in Macau who is secretly in love with Yoon JiHoo. He even said the dialogue lines of this role in Korean, making everyone laugh!

Very Close Up! Off-screen Directly at the Hotel!

Additional! Stalking SS501 in Taiwan
The moment SS501 arrives at Taiwan, fans’ enthusiasm created a human traffic jam in the airport ! And for their first dinner in Taiwan, 6 trays of xiaolongbao were finished up the moment it reaches the table! After they finished their fan meeting, they also held a commemoration press conference!

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SS501 HK Interview on CEN

Posted by diopatra on July 8, 2009

just a short interview, but gawd the boys are so HOT on cam.

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