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Posted by diopatra on April 3, 2010

one the reason why i dont patronize entertainment news shows or tabloids here in philippines. the so called critics/writers do their JOB for the sake of just having the job done. just for the sake of earning a living. they dont care anymore what they write or say even if its pure SHIT as long as they get the attention of the public.

DJ MO is known for his outrageous remarks against celebrities and the latest target is U-KISS, a kpop group who recently visited the country. this not just a disrespect to the artist but disrespect to the culture of the artist representing. the fact that DJ MO is part of GMA-7 one of promoters of U-KISS, this is totally unacceptable. is this how you treat your visitors?

if the others see this just one of DJ MO’s way to get people talk about him, well you have your wish, because kpop fans wont let this matter rest until we hear a public apology from him.

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KPOP on Twitter

Posted by diopatra on February 1, 2010

Kpop fans are really amazing.

people may tagged us as having the craziest fans but cant deny the dedication supporting our fave artist is par the best of all fandom in the world.

non kpop fans are more aware of our world and some of them are joining us because of social networking sites like twitter.

kpop fans find a way of showing support through the trending topics of twitter. funny thing is, every time a kpop related hash tag on trending topic, fans and non fans joined the trending.

to know more about what im saying visit this site KPOPTREND

Trending Schedule for February 2010

#evilmagnaekyu at 6PM KST (Celebration of Kyuhyun ‘Super Junior’ 22nd Birthday) by @twelfs
#onlyUkiss at 8PM KST – 10PM KST (To celebrate the release of U-Kiss’ first full-length album) by @rocketboxx
Feb 06: #happybdayyoonho at 8PM KST (Celebrating Yunho ‘DBSK’ Birthday) by @OneTVXQForum
Feb 07: #happybdayleejoon at 6PM KST by MelodicBLAQ & twAPLUS
Feb 09: #beijingfriedrice at 6PM KST (Celebration of Hankyung’s ‘Super Junior’ 26th Birthday) @twelfs
Feb 10:

* Choi Siwon at 6PM KST (Celebration of Siwon ‘Super Junior’ 23rd Birthday -based on his birth certificate-) @twelfs
* #happybdaysooyoung 7PM – 10PM KST (SooYoung ‘SNSD’ Birthday) by
* Electric Love 12PM KST (Big Bang’s 1st Major Concert Tour in Japan starts) by @mizz_julie

Feb 25: Rock n Go at 6PM KST (Celebration of SJ-T’s 3rd Anniversary) @twelfs

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Battle of “numbered” girl Group for the Rookie of the Year: 2NE1 vs 4minute

Posted by diopatra on June 16, 2009

anyone agrees with me?

the boys didnt do much so i think one of the girl groups will take the rookie award.

2ne1 have debut with all the hype as the female big and catchy songs, they doing okay, though in my opinion they didnt live up with the tagged “female bigbang”

4minute debut stage will be on MCD this thursday. though they initially tagged as hyun a’s group, which is i dont exactly know what to expect from them. recently they release online their debut song and top the chart on the first day. im beginning to like the song, and looking forward for debut stage.

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[POLL] Wonder Girls for ELITE Ms Twitter World

Posted by diopatra on June 2, 2009

ELITE Ms. Twitter World

This is one way of promoting them to non-asians. twitter is an international site. if the girls gaining votes then others will be curious enough to google them.

what do you think?

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KARA’s MetaFriends first episode on May 26, Picnic, Styling, MT, Open Concert

Posted by diopatra on May 21, 2009

thanks to mae@KARAholic
translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic

The fans have waited long for this. Girl group KARA who have been garnering much love and attention due to and will have their friend finding project show MetaFriends which will air its first episode on May 26, 4pm on MTV. 5 lucky fans will be chosen by the end of the show, who will have the privilege of being called KARA’s friends.

The first episode entitled “I’m meeting friends..” will be aired on Tuesday, May 26, where the members will meet the fans who tried out for the program.

120 fans have gathered for this first episode where they will show off their individual talents to be able to win the hearts of the girls, who will then have to pick 15 people to move on. The talents ranged from lifting 30 kg weights to tarot card reading, showing the unique abilities of the fans.

Who is an ideal friend for KARA?
When asked about the qualities they look for in a friend, member Seungyeon answered “I may seem bright and cheerful, but actually, I’m really a quiet person so I’d like someone sincere and serious as a friend.” while Nicole said “Someone who will be on my side even though I make mistakes”. Hara and Gyuri added “Someone who has a happy face, like they’re smiling all the time.”

Picnics, Stylings, MT, and also, KARA’s first open concert
The lucky 15 will spend 5 weeks with KARA, embarking on different missions together, until only 5 remain.

They will go on a picnic in an amusement park, the fans get to style clothes for the girls, practice lines together for a CF, and also go on an overnight MT trip.

On the last episode, KARA will hold their first ever open-concert, where the 5 winners will be introduced on stage as the members’ friends. Binggrae, MTV and Metacone will be preparing for these events until the 24th.

The producers behind the program says “Because of their busy schedule, the members of KARA do not have enough time to meet up with friends, so this is a great time for them to make friends and spend time with them. And the fans who are together with them will be able to see a different side to KARA which they won’t usually be able to see on TV. Also, KARA will hold their first ever open concert, and so the members also invested a lot of time and effort in the program.”

KARA’s MetaFriends will be shown every Tuesdays on music entertainment channel MTV at 4pm and will be composed of 6 episodes in total.

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