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KPOP on Twitter

Posted by diopatra on February 1, 2010

Kpop fans are really amazing.

people may tagged us as having the craziest fans but cant deny the dedication supporting our fave artist is par the best of all fandom in the world.

non kpop fans are more aware of our world and some of them are joining us because of social networking sites like twitter.

kpop fans find a way of showing support through the trending topics of twitter. funny thing is, every time a kpop related hash tag on trending topic, fans and non fans joined the trending.

to know more about what im saying visit this site KPOPTREND

Trending Schedule for February 2010

#evilmagnaekyu at 6PM KST (Celebration of Kyuhyun ‘Super Junior’ 22nd Birthday) by @twelfs
#onlyUkiss at 8PM KST – 10PM KST (To celebrate the release of U-Kiss’ first full-length album) by @rocketboxx
Feb 06: #happybdayyoonho at 8PM KST (Celebrating Yunho ‘DBSK’ Birthday) by @OneTVXQForum
Feb 07: #happybdayleejoon at 6PM KST by MelodicBLAQ & twAPLUS
Feb 09: #beijingfriedrice at 6PM KST (Celebration of Hankyung’s ‘Super Junior’ 26th Birthday) @twelfs
Feb 10:

* Choi Siwon at 6PM KST (Celebration of Siwon ‘Super Junior’ 23rd Birthday -based on his birth certificate-) @twelfs
* #happybdaysooyoung 7PM – 10PM KST (SooYoung ‘SNSD’ Birthday) by
* Electric Love 12PM KST (Big Bang’s 1st Major Concert Tour in Japan starts) by @mizz_julie

Feb 25: Rock n Go at 6PM KST (Celebration of SJ-T’s 3rd Anniversary) @twelfs

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SJ’s Beijing concert draws crowd, showing off the aspects of an Asian star

Posted by diopatra on January 26, 2010

With the song that seize the world, ‘Sorry Sorry’, Super Junior held concerts in Seoul, Hong Kong Shanghai, Bangkok, Nanjing and now, Beijing’s ‘Super Show 2’ finished, it has once again showed the overwhelming power this Asian Star group possess.

On the 23, at around 7:30pm (Beijing time), at China Beijing’s Wu Ke Song Basketball Court, for Super Junior’s The 2nd Asia Tour Super Show 2’ in Beijing, Super Junior gave their first concert in Beijing, with the fans screams and shouts filling the whole place.

Super Junior performed ‘U’, ‘Don’t Don’ and ‘Sorry Sorry’, and others like Super Junior- K.R.Y, Super Junior- T, Super Junior-M, as well as members also performed their solo acts. Super Junior rocked the stage, and with 35 songs, the whole place was simply bursting with excitement.

KyuHyun also gave the Chinese fans a surprise, by singing Jam Xiao’s原谅我 (Forgive Me), gaining positive feedbacks from the Chinese fans. All of the members also communicated with the audiences in Chinese, and with such acts, it is not surprising that ‘Super Show 2’ is garnering a lot of interest.

The Chinese fans lighted the whole stadium with pearl blue glow sticks, and when each member had their solo stage, their own fan signs would light up as well, all made with LED lights and gorgeous banners, catching the members’ attention.

Meanwhile, Super Junior will be holding their Super Show 2 in Taiwan on the 20, 21 of February at the Super Dome.

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Super Junior Sings ‘The Partner’ OST

Posted by diopatra on June 29, 2009

The idol boy band Super Junior wrapped up a third round of album activities this past weekend and has begun to prepare for their next album. However, we can still hear their voice in the new KBS2 drama “The Partner.”

“Sorry Sorry,” the title song of their third album, as well as “It’s You” have been big hits. Super Junior has now sung “Hero,” the theme song of “The Partner.” The rhythmic song with lyrics of hope sung by SJ members Yesung, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun is expected to be a hit melody.

Rock band Rumble Fish, which is set to release their fourth regular album in July, also took part in the drama’s OST. Their song “Love To Me” is a bright number about a dreamy love to come one day.

Super Junior and Rumble Fish are known to have enjoyed the recording, the songs being bright and jovial. The music director of “The Partner,” Lee Pil-ho, said, “It is a court drama but not a heavy, dark story so I tried to write songs that way and cast young, fresh singers as well.” After the recording, SJ members said, “The song is great and we have a good feeling about the drama cast and story also. It may be a blast. We’ll also watch the drama,” as they conveyed their confidence and affection about the drama to the producers.

The new Wednesday-Thursday series on KBS2 is a court drama with no guns and swords but featuring a battle of words by the lawyers. The series, combining the genres of romance, thriller and mystery with stories to amuse and touch viewers’ hearts, aired its first episode on June 24.

source: kbs

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[LYRICS] Super Junior K.R.Y – Dream of Being a Hero

Posted by diopatra on June 25, 2009


내가 어딜향해 가고 있는지
무얼 위해서 사는건지
길을 잃은채 나혼자 바보처럼
헤매어온 지난 날
강한척 괜찮은척 웃고 있어도
가슴은 언제나 텅빈 사막
세상도 사람도 믿지 않았었지
깊은 상처 때문에
나는 내삶의 히어로
다시 한번 일어설꺼야
보석 처럼 빛나는 꿈들이
나를 불러
나는 꿈꾸는 히어로
저 끝까지 달려갈꺼야
이젠 두렵지 않아
내 곁에 이렇게 니가 있으니까

자신의 가려있을 거짓속에서
아무도 모르는 나의 상처
그렇게 마음을 닫은채 살았어
못난 겁쟁이 처럼
나는 내삶의 히어로
다시 한 번 일어설꺼야
보석처럼 빛나는 꿈들이
나를 불러
나는 꿈꾸는 히어로
저끝까지 달려갈꺼야
이젠 두렵지 않아
내 곁에 이렇게 니가 있으니까
너의 따스한 마음에 나의 모든 슬픔 녹듯이
내가 너의 아픔 아물게 해줄께
나는 내일의 히어로
다시 한 번 힘을 낼꺼야
햇살처럼 눈부신 희망이 나를 비춰
나는 꿈꾸는 히어로
험한 세상 이겨낼꺼야
그래 할 수 있는걸 언제나 이렇게
너와 함께 라면


Naega eodilhyanghae gago issneunji
Mueol wihaeseo saneungeonji
Gireul irheunchae nahonja babocheoreom
Hemaeeoon jinan nal
Kanghancheok gwaenchanheuncheok usgo isseodo
Gaseumein eonjena teongbeon samak
Sesangdo saramdo midji anhasseossji
Gipeun sangcheo ddaemune
Naneun naesalmui hieoro

Dashi hanbeon ireoseolggeoya
Boseok cheoreom bijnaneun kkumdeuli
Nareul bulreo
Naneun kkumkkuneun hieoro
Jeo kkeutkkaji dalryeogalggeoya
Ijen duryeopji anha
Nae gyeote ireoghe niha isseunikka

Jashinui garyeoisseul geojitsokeseo
Amudo moreuneun naui sangcheo
Geureohge maeumi dadeunchae sarasseo
Motnan geopjaengi cheoreom
Naneun naesalmui hieoro

Dashi hanbeon ireoseolggeoya
Boseokcheoreom bijnaneun kkumdeuli
Nareul bulreo
Naneun kkumkkuneun hieoro
Jeokkeutkkaji dalryeogalggeoya
Ijen duryeopji anha
Nae gyeote ireoghe niga isseunikka
Naui ddaseuhan maeumi naui modeun seulpeun nokdeushi
Naega neoio apeum amulge haejulkke
Naeneun naeilio hieoro

Dashi hanbeon himeul naelkkeoya
Haessalcheoreom nunbushin huimangi nareul bichweo
Naneun kkumkkuneun hieoro
Heophan sesang igyeonaelkkeoya
Geurae hal su issneungeol eonjena ireoghe
Neowa hamkke ramyeon


I don’t know where to go from here
or what to live for anymore.
Like a fool, lost in a road all alone.
The other day, I was wandering
strongly laughing like everything is alright.
My heart is like an empty desert.
People, and the world don’t believe.
Because of a deep wound,
I (became) the hero of my life.

I will rise up once again,
shining like a jewel in a dream.
Call me,
I am a dreamy hero.
Until the end, I will run through,
(because) now I am not afraid
with you here right by my side.

Self-confidence is nothing but a lie,
no one knows about what my wounds are.
So I have lived (my life) shut out,
(lived) like a foolish coward.
I (became) my life’s hero.

I will rise up once again,
shining like a jewel in a dream.
Call me,
I am a dreamy hero.
Until the end, I will run through,
(because) now I am not afraid
with you here right by my side.

All the sorrow I’ve had from you has left my heart rusted. (?)
But I shall heal your pain.
I am the hero for tomorrow.

Once again, power will pay off (?)
holding my like a blinding light of hope.
I am a dreamy hero.
It is a rough world.
But it is all bearable
when you are with me.

Credits: suma + Elly (translations & romanizations) +

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Way Back into Love – Kyuhyun, Donghae, Jessica, Taeyeon

Posted by diopatra on June 25, 2009

yay, i really love kyuhyun’s voice

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