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Posted by diopatra on January 27, 2010

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Both Andy Lau and Barbie Hsu are the mass dream lover, they collaborate in a new film Future X-cops and appeared on the cover for February’s Marie Claire magazine, of course other than taking photographs, they also accepted interviews about love. With different backgrounds, full of experiences in love, with regards to love, what are their experience?

In 2009, since his marriage with Carol Zhu Liqian was exposed, other than posting two posts to explain the matter on his website, Andy Lau had not talked about it, he exclaimed: “To explain, only to one person, I’ve done that.” Although the readers and audience has the rights to know, very interested to know the truth, but when two persons decided when to get married, their life after marriage does not need to tell everyone. Therefore I did not continue asking, if I anger a person and resulting him to say some unhappy words. Then, on the Internet everything is being revealed, the most exciting part is the person reply: “Don’t ask me again.” Everybody made different choice with regards to love, what others are saying will be decided between the two of them. After months of holiday, Andy will make a fresh start in the new year, walking into his 29th year in showbiz. To him, the road ahead is still unknown. He said: “In my life, there is no festive day or view on festive. Never felt that there is any special about Valentine Day. With regards to birthday, I only celebrate my birthday after I entered showbiz, before entering showbiz I can’t remember how I celebrate each birthday.”

On the last day of 2009, Andy was busy promoting his soon-to-be-screened film Future X-cops, that day Andy attended many activities, did many interviews until past midnight, he collaborate with Barbie Hsu for the photograph taking of Marie Claire February Valentine Day cover.

Having his hair cut short and wearing a checker shirt, Andy walked into the studio carrying a haversack, having a “local kind person won’t got bully” image, his charisma is not lost and still full of smiles. After he sat down, with the assistance of the hair stylist, he carefully combed his hair and accepted the interview by Marie Claire.

Q: “In 2009, how do you think of the year?”

Andy was smiling and blowing his hair, looking at the mirror, he gave a thought and said: “Many people would thought that it’s a shocking year, I feel that 2009 is the year that allow me to quiet down and restart myself.”

He said that if he could return to the past. He also won’t go back to that is in the most critical decision (which include the decision to get married) to remind myself of certain period. “I feel that it’s useless, this is not fun, I don’t even believe in fortune telling.” How is he uninterested in his future? He answered: “Knowing too much would not be fun. What to expect is not what I wanted.”

Dream of becoming a director and sports fan wish

Andy is a sports fan, other than his beloved bowling, he love all sports. In the next 10 years, he had 30 big plans, one of them is to get close to sportsmen. “I love sports as I watch all sports programs, even some that I don’t understand, I will still watch them. In the next 10 years, I hope that I can become a film director, direct a musical, the dream that I most wanted to fulfill, that is following Mr. Timothy Fok Tsun-Ting, promoting Hong Kong sportsmen.”

He feel that the career of sportsmen are limited, need someone to plan their future, allow the new generation to feel that being a sportsman has future and hope, take Lee Lin for example, after finishing his sportsman career and still have other areas to develop. With regards to becoming a director, I sow the seeds when I’m still studying in Ke Li Secondary School. “Since secondary three, I have started writing stories, when I was in secondary four, Tok Wok Wai is my class form teacher, he taught geography, he form a drama club in the school, I have more interest in scripting than acting. Being a director is far worst than being an actor, to become a director is because I want to have my own production.”

To do well own bit rather than excel

People think that Andy Lau had done everything, how to be refreshing? With regards to this question, he also thought for a long time: “I also wanted to know what else can Andy Lau do? Therefore I’ll tell the director that I’m a flexible actor, you have to tell what you wanted me to do, I will go and study, if I feel that I’ve confidence, I will do it for you, take for example wanting me to be a muscleman, fatso, elderly, I don’t think that in Hong Kong showbiz have any artist that could withstand that kind of hardship.”

He exclaimed that it doesn’t matter to what character he’s given, if it’s the current trend, he will do it and willing to try and does not force to make a breakthrough: “Only to do well your own bit. I believe that time create hero rather than hero create time, the time is yours will be yours, if not it belongs to others. Every period of time, a hero is created, is it only him could do that? Not so, but only him waited for this time. I think that everyone is well prepared, I feel that there won’t be chance that is given to someone that is not prepared. For every successful person, not one depended on sheer luck.”

In the year 2011 is Andy’s 30th year in showbiz, he exclaimed that no matter it’s singing or acting, if one is to enjoy his own creation space, one would not be tired and continue. “I don’t like to count how many years I’m in showbiz, how long in showbiz does not have any representation, what’s important is what I’ve done during this time, what hard work had I put in for my career.”

Do you feel that everyday is like going to battle? “I don’t think so.” But work had taken up most of his time, he gave a thought and answers: “Do you love your job? Johnnie To once told me: “There is no wrapped up time for movies.” If you love your job, you will naturally fall into it, nobody will force you, it’s of your own will. Going battle is fighting with others, but I never fight with anybody. I also won’t fight with myself, when I know that I did my best today, even though it’s not as good as yesterday, I won’t be disappointed.”

“Romantic is a feeling not a method, only two person feel that it’s romantic then it’s romantic…. living together! Allowing the other party to feel that we would age together, this is most romantic.”

Romantic is lover aging together

Having sang numerous romantic love songs, acted numerous love horn characters, it’s hard to believe that there is no Valentine Day and festive view for Andy. “In my life, there is no festive day or view on festive. Never felt that there is any special about Valentine Day. With regards to birthday, I only celebrate my birthday after I entered showbiz, before entering showbiz I can’t remember how I celebrate each birthday. After entering showbiz, it became more exciting.”

Even it’s feeling the existence of Valentine Day, it’s also work related

“In 1995, I shot a commercial for To You chocolate in Korea, it’s a limited edition chocolate for Valentine Day, black and white chocolate, it’s top selling in Korea. Many male and female in Korea love this chocolate, when one gave you a black chocolate, if you’re interested in the other person, you will gave him a white chocolate in return, that’s a very good campaign, the first one was shot by Chow Yun Fat, followed by Leslie Cheung, then me. That’s the first time I feel the existence of Valentine Day.”

He self exclaimed that he does not celebrate Valentine Day, but never fixed romantic in love, because in font of love, everyone is equal, no matter rich or poor, everyone can enjoy romantic. “Bringing her to the beach for a stroll at night is also romantic, sometimes one chocolate is enough.”

The acting experience all these years gave him another kind of romantic experience

“When you understand the requirement of the other party, getting along together would be easier and feel what is romantic. So what is romantic, every person would have different definition and requirement, some would feel candle light dinner, gave flowers as romantic, to me they are just pattern. Romantic is a feeling and not pattern, romantic does not require too many things, when two person feel that it’s romantic then it will be romantic. Maybe two person sitting on the sofa watching TV would also be romantic, there is not specify definition for romantic.”

What’s the most romantic moment for Andy?

He answer this question faster than any other question: “Living together! Allowing the other party to feel that you will age together, I feel that this is most romantic.”

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Yoon Sang-hyun discusses his sudden popularity in Marie Claire

Posted by diopatra on May 19, 2009

source: OSEN
translations: dramabeans

A photo spread of Yoon is featured in the June issue of Marie Claire magazine, which also contains an interview wherein the actor talks about his sudden fame and his latest role.

Of his current status as the endearing Tae-bong character Yoon says, “Popularity? I’d like to be an actor with a long career, but this popularity came so suddenly… Phew.”

Of acting: “It wasn’t that I wanted to act from the very start, and I’ve never really learned. I just fell into it at the beginning, and did as the director told me.”

Of his earlier career: “At first I was just imitating acting, so how could I be any good? When doing Winter Bird, I learned a lot from Park Won-sook. It was from doing Winter Bird and Secret of Keke Island that I came to enjoy playing in front of the camera. I understood that in order for the viewers to feel, I had to feel.”

He expounds on that in another interview with Segye Sports World: “In my debut project, To Marry a Millionaire, I was just imitating acting. I realized at the time of Winter Bird that an actor has to prepare many other things outside of the script, and that even if the character is appealing, if the acting is bad, you can fall to the very bottom. That’s when I learned how to create a character, and that’s how I created Tae-bong as well.”

He had quite the rough time filming To Marry a Millionaire, as he describes crying in the bathroom one day: “I felt a heavy mental burden, and memorized the script, but when I went on set, my head would darken… Something that should take 20 to 30 minutes took 2 to 3 hours because of me. After doing that for three episodes, I thought that there was no way I could be an actor. I even talked to my agency, and thought to myself that I would just hang in there until my contract was up, and then leave. I changed my mind while doing Winter Bird.”

With his current fame in Queen of Housewives: “This is the first time in my life I’ve received such an outpouring of love, and it’s a really remarkable feeling. I’m most happy as an actor. This is the first time I’ve had ratings go past 20%, the first time I’ve received comments of praise in 37 years. Before Winter Bird, that was because of my acting, and afterward, even though I heard I was acting well, because my character was unlikable, I didn’t hear many positive things. It feels like a dream that I could come into such popularity now.”

Future plans? “I’d like to work more, so I want to marry later. I want to be an actor who acts well rather than being good-looking, someone who considers the inside more important than the exterior. I’d like to become an actor like Song Kang-ho sunbae in the future, and I really want to take on the challenge of acting as a coold-blooded character, too.”

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